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Description : Saludos gentes de Looperman. I am happy to share this track with you. I feel it has good energy. Come, sit. Relax. Close your eyes and soar with me above the beautiful, crytal clear playa under el sol. Que dios los bendingas a todos.

Cara De Sol

Description : #hip hop #rap
Old school hip hop flavour. darkness meets light
Sit back Relax and be Transported to an over spill of hip hop coolness

Another one drops Listen up Different style

Description : This is a track I did a while back. This could do with a remaster I think listening to it again now, but I'll probably never get around to doing that. Thanks to Miper for the acapella.

Tags : | Trap | 5.04 MB | Soundtrap

Description : a summer vibe type beat
relax type beat
bounce type beat

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.69 MB | Reason

Description : Part 1..

Planet earth received a mysterious message from outer space.. they call themselves the Oxydex.

Their mothership is on route to our planet oh no! what will we do! their mothership will land in 3 days..


Cinematic - Hip-Hop - Meditation music - Apache indian style..

Enjoy and relax.

Comments appreciated but not necessary. Unless you want to download it.. :)

Made in Reason 5.

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 5.32 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : new beat guysss, another Lofi Now.

Relax and Play it. THANKS

!MUST CREDIT (Prod. Titogarciask)!

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.39 MB | FL Studio

Description : Here is something to relax in. I want to finish the song soon.

Tags : | Hardcore | 8.00 MB | FL Studio

Description : Fresh track and I'm quite happy for how this came to be. Exept the fact that this took way too long to make.
This song has been over a month in a making, got delayed because my crap laptop reseting my progress, I wasn't in a zone to try again but finally it's done after many, many attempts.

Loops used: Cinematic sad choir by TimiBeats
Techno siren by Rogue Ai
What is anger audio by Family TLC

Sit back, relax and enjoy these wonderful and soothing beats.

Description : jeśli ci się podobało to polecam zajrzeć na mój kanał na yt : Kuba 1.2.5

Tags : | Pop | 8.24 MB | FL Studio

Description : Let's relax a little. I look forward to good times and spring.

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 3.14 MB | Featured | Garageband

Description : Nice chill relax beat to showcase my guitar loops

Tags : | Classical | 5.06 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Pardon Field Music Ambience Background Music for Work Relax Study Work

Description : Once I was really angry and needed to relax...and this sound was born... What are your thoughts on it?

Description : traccia di assoluto relax

Tags : | Dancehall | 15.96 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Track for a movie or just to relax.

Description : !Leave A Comment It Definitely Helps!

(May Take Some Time To Respond XD)

!!!If You Haves My Style Loops Hmu!!!

*** Testing New Vibes ***

???Unfortunately No Looper Man Loops Were Used???

!!!!Just Relax!!!!!

@Looperman Keep It Up and Much Appreciated XD

Description : !Vox Rough Mix!

!!Waiting On UAD Satellite To Arrive To Finish Vox!!

Switching Things Up

!Leave A Comment It Definitely Helps!

(May Take Some Time To Respond XD)

!!!If You Haves My Style Loops Hmu!!!

*** Testing New Vibes ***

???Unfortunately No Looper Man Loops Were Used???

!!!!Just Relax!!!!!

@Looperman Keep It Up and Much Appreciated XD

Description : Acapellas: ThaSuspect Little things you do
Acapellas: PALLASO wine and wind

Music By Gmandrummer

On this song i have two acapellas
that i added to my music,
sit back, relax, leave a comment

Description : “Waiting For Your Call (XXXX Remix) by AAP Featuring Jungle Leez
Music by { geemandrummer } Check out video on youtube

1 Pleas leave comment it helps me to chop and change and grow .
2 Post link back here at Looperman if use My music on
other sites. Sit Back and Relax and Enjoy

Description : Made with love from me on holiday in costa rica. Sit back, relax, and take it all in.

Tags : | Rap | 3.57 MB | FL Studio

Description : Instrumental Hip Hop - Rap Beat
Cartaghetto Beatmaker

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 2.64 MB | FL Studio

Description : Chill ambient music just for free use and relax.
Follow in my social medias if you like it.

Description : ----------------

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 5.70 MB | Soundtrap

Description : Like or feel free to listen

Description : Live free is song made to make you fell relax and enjoy the beats of the sound. Just forget everything and enjoy with the beat's... ONE LIFE FOR ONE TIME

Tracks 1 - 25 of 296
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