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Tags : | Electronic | 4.13 MB

Description : its is pretty progressive but it could be alot better

Tags : | Breakbeat | 4.79 MB

Description : another funky fresh track......hope you enjoy this progressive break.... let me know what you think of it.
feel free to download this if you like..


Tags : | Rock | 3.48 MB

Description : therealneil's last track. this track is progressive, agressive and was influenced by some interstellar hitchikers i've had the pleasure of picking up along the way through looperville. you know who you are! my next track "the resurection" soon to be released! hope you enjoy!

Tags : | Techno | 5.61 MB | Featured

Description : Dec. 2008. Another signature techouse track done just on my Fantom with another long 81 measure intro for easy mixing. After the breakdown, it goes a bit hard and a bit dark,(like progressive). A good late-night tech track I suppose.

Tags : | Electronic | 7.03 MB | Featured

Description : Well This one has a little bit of the old style (sexy guitar solo) and the new stuff i am into at the moment chilling soundscapes progressive electro stuff. The guitar solo was a first take sort of thing but i think it sounds ok. Hope you enjoy.

Tags : | Trance | 5.79 MB

Description : This track is a futuristic train called Fastec train or bullet train. I was inspired by tiësto's suburban train. Bullet train is the fastest train in the world so I had to make it more progressive than I usually do...

Tags : | Electronic | 6.23 MB

Description : This one is Psygessive, also know as Progressive Dark!
I have enjoyed a lot making this song, becouse of it´s deepness, indian instruments timbres and darkness of cousre! This goes on in 130 bpm, and have some groovy parts!
100% FL 8! I hope you like it! Cheers from Brasil!

Tags : | Electronic | 6.64 MB

Description : This one is a Progressive Dark track. Preety slow, the BPM is 115, but still very groovy! This low tempo gives to it a deep and dense felling! Aslo featuring an acapella from our friend 'Moonslayer'! Thanks mate, it fits so good in this song. 100% FL Studio 8!
Thanks for listening, a brazilian hug for all looperman mates!

Tags : | House | 4.84 MB

Description : Ehm, a progressive or deep house track i dont know since i'm not familiar with em..Took a lot of effort on this, in the start it was just a lil project that i saved my extraordinary effects inside. Then pretty much this formed up.I'm in love with it especially the melody

And about the title..Mind revealing me with a name? please? I feel like no1 will ever listen to it cus of the name lol

I think of Sunrise/Sunset i have vision of someone walking towards the sun..

That's pretty much it if i don't change in the next couple of minutes

Tags : | Electronic | 5.24 MB

Description : Progressive! This is something that I always wanted to do: join together progressive and rasta reggae in a natural way! This one is a very melodic track with some solos and a huge reggae part! In the end, I add a "Notre" T 404 synth with some dissonant notes to give a little darkness to it! Made in FL8! Let me know what you think! Cheers from Brasil! Mar Schiavon

Tags : | Deep House | 6.98 MB | Featured

Description : I just found this on a cd, I made it back in 2001 with fruityloops 3.0, deep progressive house with a techy edge, samples one of the best speeches ever given, let me know what you think, cheers!!!

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.99 MB

Description : I made this track using my guitar and my little keyboard thing!! its pretty much a progressive track but the closest option was acoustic. anway everyone i showed this track to seemed to like it so i decided to put it up here!! tell me what you think please!!

Tags : | Electronic | 6.87 MB

Description : Another EBM Progressive Dark Track!
I enjoy a lot making this one... it´s a comemorative song, for the year of Eletric Storm in TZOLKIN (maya callendar), which begins in 26/07/08!
This one has a very groovy bass, some short shynts and different parts! The leads are missing, they will be there at LIVE performances....

Thanks for Listening!
Mar Schiavon, Lunar Storm!

Tempo: 120 Bpm
Key: Em for solos, bass in A

Tags : | House | 6.21 MB | Featured

Description : Hey Fellas! It's been a while since last time I uploaded something new. This is a trak I got stuck with it months ago but managed it to work it again last week. I have to decreased the quality to be able to upload it. is progressive. I used 6 synths with it and I used FL Studio as always. I'm still working on it, any comments/suggestions are welcome :) I hope you enjoy!

Tags : | Rock | 4.20 MB | Featured

Description : My third installment of progressive rock, in my Mr Rockman series. Thanks for all the comments in the other two songs..they helped shape this one. I have kept to the "live" feel and have employed catchy lead guitars wherever possible..peace..

Tags : | House | 7.09 MB | Featured

Description : Progressive, trance, tech and elektro fusion....with a great jazzy adlib.
Re-up, adjusted the vocals and remastered. I am afraid its a 160kbps mp3 so tostick to the 8000kb limit.

Tags : | Rock | 3.59 MB | Featured

Description : This is my attempt at Progressive Rock. if i misinterpreted the genre, then forgive me, cos I'm a hip hop guy at heart. This is not my usual style as most of you will know. But i had so much making this track. It's upbeat and rocks! Tell me what you think! Peace..

Tags : | Dub | 6.77 MB

Description : DJed; tracks I liked, this: Brooklyn-Urbanlex - 7165, Club Synd - Jay Berl - 7216, So realistic, so devine - Rubik Frequency, ...
Mixed some tracks. My you do that so well. Needs another cut to the Bassline.

Tags : | Electronic | 3.93 MB

Description : some kind of electro-progressive-house.I think this is a quite good track...but i need to do mixing and first of all to finish the track.
COMMENT this pls...i need the opinion about it.
Is this track worth of finishing.

Description : well this is a bit of a long progressive rock/metal track and probably the best (of mine) it has a trivium sample to open with and thats kinda like a chorus for the song, even though its instrumental, umm other guitar is just a mish mash of samples and some original stuff (bass) and all composed in acid pro 6.0.
reviews please! cheers.

Tags : | House | 3.99 MB

Description : Progressive House

Tags : | House | 3.69 MB

Description : Progressive House

Tags : | Trance | 4.82 MB

Description : Chuffed with the way this one has turned out. i tried to make a progressive trance track but it sort of ends up in electro house territory with a big room trance feel. as always your thoughts are greatly appreciated...cheers

Tags : | Ambient | 3.08 MB

Description : A darker progressive ambient song, with very little beat...It's mainly pad centralized but i think i get away with it ;)

Tags : | Trance | 5.37 MB

Description : This is really three tracks mashed together but i think the final product has come together quite nicely.
the track itself is a hard hitting trance bomb that borders on progressive. Any comments would be truly appreciated. cheers

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