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Tags : | Dance | 4.52 MB | Featured

Description : Vocals by Epise

My first track with vocals so guys be kind:P

Was aiming for a more pop sound rather than hard core club track..hope it works?

Tags : | Rock | 3.70 MB | Featured

Description : fly beat,rock or power pop,real nice tho ,i love the rock and metal stuff holla,made this one for my upcoming album One Million Milligramz,all guitars ran thru the ik fender vst,the drums are fly also

Tags : | Rap | 1.32 MB

Description : foolin around and made this

Tags : | Rock | 5.75 MB | Featured

Description : Corny pop-rock-orchestral theme I wrote for my wife's new orange squeezer. This piece would work as title music for the kind of family-oriented TV shows I never watch. I tried it over DeGrassi and 7th Heaven and felt that the producers should hire me immediately. It also works great over Folgers coffee commercials. Hope you like wind instruments. There's a surf influence in there for those who can hear it amidst all the orchestration.

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.14 MB

Description : This piece is a mix of pop and dramatic beats.

stars, crash, theory, drums, piano.

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.58 MB

Description : produced by Butcher_Spanked and used by me, a jumping 2-step bass, a organ lost in trance, a old-fashioned choir, dummie male vocals, a single 70's dancefloor pattern, a pretentious 80' pop guitar and a downtempo funk FX. The seductive saxophon in the middle part is played by SLAPJOHNSON.
Done with garageband and mastered with a touch of old vinyl.

Tags : | Ska | 3.54 MB

Description : Ok! I know this is more pop than ska but it's the way the song developed. It does however have a nice off beat rhythm and good time feel, so I'm still classing it as a ska track.. Anyway this is the second track I have finished for this years RPM challenge. Hard rhymes is a song of hope, you know the saying "You have to laugh or else you will cry" ,well that's the idea behind this song..
I have taken a lot of time on this one (just as I did on Ska Skank), so if you feel something needs a tweak please let me know. All instruments and vocals Slap, drums and percussion Sonic foundry...
I hope you enjoy this bouncy little number!

Cheers Slap...

Tags : | Electro | 6.10 MB

Description : Music is Life

Tags : | Crunk | 7.26 MB | Featured

Description : A pop song from my album, which is popular, all over USA and soon to be Eroupe. One of my faviorites! you'll love it!

Tags : | Electronic | 3.53 MB

Description : Electro pop created with a vast array of samples from ejay to sequel.
This was the last track written for Cloud Dancing.
I try to write electro-pop/dance music with feelings and emotion..I hope it come's across.
I want people to feel the music.It's my passion..and I want to share it with you.

Tags : | Trance | 2.41 MB | Featured

Description : Aqui tiene un exito de mi disco Remixes-Trance-Pop, mi cuarto disco.

Here you've got a hit of my record Remixes-Trance-Pop, my fourth record.

www.musictrancepopenglish.es.tl, very soon: http://musictrancepop.iespana.es

Tags : | Electronic | 1.85 MB | Featured

Description : Something I'm working on right now..... I got some new software and this would be the first all-original project for me. All loops and vocals are mine this time around. I was going for a trance-club deal, again with elements of 80's pop, maybe even a tiny bit of industrial. This is far from finished, there is about a minute of tunage here..... the rest of my stuff cant be posted here because of the rules, so here's a link to my reverbnation page, it has a couple remixes that i've done... http://www.reverbnation.com/tangoxray5

Tags : | Electronic | 4.00 MB | Featured

Description : One of my earliest projects, I was aiming for something spartan, minimal but with a good kick to it. I take much inspiration from 80's pop too, and I think it shows here. This was made using only samples I've dl'd from various sites so if you see something that you made and you want to be credited by all means let me know.

Tags : | Ambient | 669.43 KB

Description : Lounge

Tags : | Dance | 2.34 MB

Description : kinda dance sounding but alright for pop or r&b . 100 bpm let me know what you think of it

Tags : | Rock | 6.01 MB

Description : The irony of the subject matter of this track, is as relevant today (maybe even more so) as to when I originally wrote
this dark tune back in '94. While conceptualizing the vocals for this track, I was trying to go for a cross between "Iggy Pop" and "David Bowie".
Most who've reviewed this track thus far, say that it sounds like a song for a movie, you decide.

Much thanks to my good friend "Art Miller" for his time and talent. I sing all vocal parts, play bass & organ. Art plays acoustic, rhythm & rock guitars. Hope you dig it, peace. D

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.28 MB

Description : pop mixed wit hip hop and sum techno..all the sounds were stricktly from here...definately not done yet...but I wanna get some feedback and reviews...please comment

Tags : | Weird | 3.17 MB | Featured

Description : A ROck ish pop hip hop beat!!! BY PRETTYBOYBEATS

Tags : | Dance | 4.85 MB | Featured

Description : little bit of hard dance

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.61 MB | Featured

Description : Made in Apple GarageBand, used apple loops, laid the beat myself in hydrogen free drumkit. I thought it had a kinda alternative hip hop sound or like a pop type britney spears sound.

Tags : | Dance | 4.28 MB

Description : I love to write dark songs, but this track isn't dark at all, it's happy!!! and it's pop, pure pop ..... for some reasons people seem to fear to write pop songs, well, I don't ..... everything is me this time, no loops .... the song is pretty simple, and (I don't say that very often) it's flawless (from my point of view) ....... listen and be happy!!! ..... peace, rei

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.89 MB

Description : This is a rough beat to it, but im diggin this song.
Tell me what yall think.

Tags : | RnB | 4.77 MB

Description : This Song is special to write, so many songs about children are written, so it took me 3 MTH to write the Lyrics
i wanted to stay Original, it took me longer to create the sound and Beats, but it match this song so good, i do play must of the sound on all my Tracks, it can be RnB or Pop
my style has difrend sounds Jazzy Hip Hop RnB Soul EoruTec, so don`t know what ctegory to put my style so i call it RnB

Tags : | Breakbeat | 6.28 MB

Description : 140 BPM Breakbeat / Pop tune. Originally I created a breakbeat, then created the piano chorus, created a bassline to match the piano. Laid out most of the track and never thought it would have vocals until I found the "Pop male vocals" sitting in my library, credit for those goes to Breakbeat Paradise. Some tweaking of the elements to fit and added strings and an organ style melody to finish it off, with mastering applied after.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.60 MB | Featured

Description : Hi, this track was created using Sony Music Studio 7.0. I began with a loop, broke it down, recreated my own version of some of the sounds and added my two cents all over the place. I'm especially proud of it, but open to all criticisms. I'd like to know what you think about the overall project... concept, marketability, production, the whole nine. Whatever hits you, hit me with it. Thanks for your time! There's more to come, so feel free to stop back. Triii C

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