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Description : It takes a village, and this song certainly did. Here are the Looperman producers whose loops I fashioned into this 60BPM ballad about opening up to a new love again after a breakup: Strings by Soleil & Lune, DJ Nocturnax and DJ As Is, Percussion by Silence Kills, Piano by Ron McClenny, Swells by Mykahc and BeyodPeace and 8-Bit FX by Eli426. Thanks, fellows!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.39 MB | Featured

Description : The music was produced by Mproblmz

The opening poem was taken from Darkness by Lord Byron

The poem after the hook is called Real Dreams by Zoey from www . inspirational-poems. net in the dreams tab.

This song is about me living with bipolar 1 and living in a waking dream.

I plan to record a better version but I did this as a rough cut. Any help in mastering my vocals or polishing them would be helpful because that is not my strong suit.

Tags : | House | 4.22 MB | Colab Request

Description : Ok, so I have made this Curbi/Oliver Heldens style demo here, and I have no clue how to continue/add to it. SO, for all of you skilled and talented people of Looperman, I am opening a little contest. If you can impress me with adding to what is already here, or extending the mix with other styles OR KEEPING THE SAME ONE, I will release the track with you WITH a cool audio reaction video. If you are interested, send me submissions at OR link me your version in the comments! Good luck!

Tags : | Ambient | 1.50 MB

Description : Do you know that feeling when the sun shines on you, and you close your eyes for a while?

Can you imagine opening your eyes after a while, and seeing everything in a light green tint?

Try it.

Tags : | Classical | 6.97 MB

Description : The opening movement to a symphonic project I have been working on. Funny thing: My choir vst is okay, but it's just vowel sounds- I can't make it sing lyrics. So, the choral parts at the end are done completely by my own voice. Anyway, hope it is enjoyed.

Tags : | Trap | 8.98 MB | Adult Content

Description : This is a story telling Beat i put up from VARIOUS sample packs.
It was inspired by the events following the Shimla Riot at the University of the Free State were student protests were at their most rife.
This Beat is the voice of the oppressed and is highly emotional for those
who have lived through it,and still dealing with the repercussions-like me,facing charges and have been wrongfully imprisoned.
Features Quotes from notable Students and the Hook features a very eye opening statement from the Vice Chancellor of University of the Free State Mr Jonathan Jansen.

Description : One of my tracks from the movie Gunstar (in the works). Great thanks to the Kyoto munks for the opening sections.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.36 MB

Description : This is the opening track to my "Allure" EP (My first EP Ever!!) Love some feedback on this one. On this track I tried a new method to modulating the synth in the drop, and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. If you want to listen to the EP, just look for 7venthSense on SoundCloud and you can download the full EP!

Tags : | Folk | 4.71 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : My Dad found his old 8-track recorder. I think he was going to ask me if I was interested, but I was already half way to my room with it and a new song forming in my head.
This track is more of a straight-forward folk song. The opening is completely recorded on the 8-track, so it's a bit more lo-fi. Then the track kind of opens up into a cleaner chorus. I hope you enjoy my little experiment.

Tags : | Industrial | 4.19 MB

Description : Cecil The Lion reigned for years with an iron fist. The other lions hated him and his tendency to leave a trail of dead in his wake. Then one day the God known as "Man" answered their prayers and deposed the dictator, opening the pride up for a softer ruler and the possibility of democracy.

Tags : | Trap | 1.57 MB

Description : I decided to remix the opening theme song to "Attack On Titan" Somebody on youtube has already done this, and their version is much better. I just wanted to give it a go!


Description : I hope senpai notices me.
Original by Beethoven.
Performed by beavers opening doors.
Idea conceived by bashing my face on my keyboard.
I really hope senpai notices me.
Because my next project will most likely involve a knife orchestra.
Lyrics by cinnamontoastken.
Refer to this thread

Description : Modern Warfare - Opening Credits - Remake by Mücahit Nas

Let me know what you think , cheers

Tags : | Rock | 7.50 MB

Description : This is the first track for a Pink Floyd inspired album this song is in three parts and will be dispersed over the album I have uploaded it because i cant decide if the opening spoken bit works your help would be much appreciated thanks for listening Lee

Description : EDIT: you can download the full album for free ....... I decided to put some of my songs together in an album (just for myself).
Since most of the inspiration came from this wonderful site, I will post all of them here.
I am more or less done with the mix, I need to master the track and even if this is just for myself, I would like to get the best possible sounding record.
So ... I am all ears! Expecting for your precious inputs (as usual).

Big thanks to Mr Billy Dragon for this wonderful poem:

This was the first thing I downloaded and used from looperman. So of course it had to be my "opening track".

Tags : | Electronic | 6.00 MB

Description : This is one of my more musical tracks. The intro was inspired by the opening track of Dire Straits Debut album. The main body is a series of stuff I played and looped myself. Some midi loops and some audio loops. Over that is a bit of guitar and keys noodling. This one admittedly is pretty self indulgent but I like
Comments are valued and welcomed.

Tags : | Orchestral | 7.76 MB

Description : just a regular song :)
i made this for a gift to my friend
i hope it will cheer her up @___@
the opening poem is from fellow looper Janis71 :

Tags : | Rock | 3.57 MB | Adult Content

Description : A song about who really holds the power in this world and about us opening up our eyes and taking a stand!

Tags : | Dubstep | 7.80 MB

Description : Had a bash at making something, Gemini-style, and using lyrics. Drums are a dissected version of kenzo409's, the riser is TheOfficialKatechism's and the vocals, of course, belong to RomyHarmony. As per RH's terms of use: Acapella downloaded from Looperman, made by Go follow, because I have never found lyrics as good as those before. Feedback is always appreciated, especially if you're familiar with GarageBand, as long as its constructive.

Description : The idea to do something with the powerful voice of Delta blues musician Son House (1902-1988) came after I watched the documentary ‘It Might Get Loud’. Jack White (The White Stripes) played a record called ‘People grinning in your face’ by Son House. An a cappella song with handclapping; ’one man against the world’. You can find this magnificent fragment of the documentary on YouTube. Please watch it. Be awed. After that I listened to a lot of a cappella by Son House and was overwhelmed by ‘John the Revelator’. Even if you are not religious (like me) or familiar with the Bible (I am), this traditional gospel blues in a call and response-style is everything the blues is about. I realised it was almost ‘sacrilegious’ to put a drumbeat under this vocal track, but it gave me goosebumps the first time I tried it. So I composed a dramatic housetrack together with STAX (Hans Clevers) on sax. I took almost a month or two to split the original voicetrack in enough pieces to re-align them with the basic beat without losing the original feel. Where possible, I eliminated the handclapping because it was mostly out of sync. After I got the basetrack right, STAX played his solo. Afterward the grand piano, choirs and strings where added plus the noise-percussion. The project and mixing took approx. five months.
‘John The Revelator’ (this is from Wikipedia) has been called ‘one of the most powerful songs in all of pre-war acoustic music ... [which] has been hugely influential to blues performers’. The song's title refers to the Apostle John as the author of the Book of Revelation. A portion of that book focuses on the opening of seven seals and the resulting apocalyptic events. In its various versions, the song quotes several passages from the Bible in the tradition of American spirituals. Son House recorded several a cappella versions of this song in the 1960s. His lyrics for a 1965 recording explicitly reference three theologically important events: the Fall Of Man, The Passion of the Christ and Resurrection. This is the version used here.

Tags : | Reggae | 5.62 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A silly and funny song about love in general and all the crazy things we do when we are in love. My friend Marlin wrote the lyrics. It's only after we recorded this track that we realized that it would also be an homage to all our gay friends, male or female. Which explains the "opening closet" sound that we added on the opening in the final version. Original title is in French: Le reggae gai.

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.67 MB

Description : Makes you explore the unknown, opening up new horizons."scalpels far sharper than the finest steel. Blades thus become thin, almost molecular thinness, and a cleaner cut, which causes faster healing and less scarring.

Tags : | Ambient | 7.55 MB

Description : Ambient track for the opening scene of "The Navidson Record."

Description : How would I describe this track, a mixture of rap, nrb and trap.
Please dont ask me what the opening voiceover is from, I literally just found it on my computer and always thought it would make a nice intro for a song.
Also I could all the drum loops from some talented peeps on this site, sorry for not remembering who you are.
Anyway if you are a rapper that want to do this track, please hit me up. Peace out people

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.88 MB

Description : 134 BPM gminor. opening movement to my August 2013 Movies Mashup trailer -

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