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Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.43 MB | Featured

Description : raw strings with kind of an old-school feel, i really like this track

Tags : | House | 4.21 MB | Featured

Description : as some of you may know i am off on my jollys to the white isle later this week. i wanted to make a track that summed up the anticipation i was feeling. It has sort of ended up a bit old school with the piano.
All original made in fl except the drum loop which i can't rememeber where i got it from.
hope you enjoy.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.73 MB

Description : i put this under hip hop because i used a hip hop and old school R&B beat the tempo is slow well for me it is . all instruments were played by me
recorded live on digital performer rewired the beat from REASON 3

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.41 MB

Description : For those of which who know who Electric Wizard are, then you'll spot the bass line right away... wow I'm blitzed.

Anyway, basically this track took me 35 minutes total to produced, all of which was fueled by my inner love of grungy dirty doom metal. I used very old school tube amps (non name brand either).

The samples I dug up from my old archives... and yes, that is me on the vocals... smoked out of my mind.

So anyway, hope you enjoy it, even though its HORRIBLE quality. I think when I'm clear minded I might rework it into a lisenable song!

Tags : | Techno | 3.12 MB

Description : A drum and bass, acid, techno mash up, old school chant.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.77 MB

Description : Old school vibe, REAL HARD!!!! PLEASE RATE!!!

Tags : | Blues | 5.78 MB | Featured

Description : This one I did many years ago,old school (band in a box) yea I
know more midi (~chimp~) .dedicated to a good friend of mine, Mr.B.Ricci Jr., who's keyboard talent left me scratching my head and picking my jaw off of the floor.The spoken word vocals, harmonica are me, the rest is band in a box, the keyboard synth lead was already in the mix, too cool to take out! The non dominate piano leads were actually done on the computer keyboard by me (a setting that actually let you play along )

Tags : | Blues | 5.46 MB | Featured

Description : old school mix, using band in a box. lead guitar,vocals,harps,all
mine. we all remember our 1st vehicle, the one that our parents
said we couldn't have! the one they were sure we were not ready for. kinda like kelso's van on that 70,s show.
(Dude is that freedom rock?, Turn it up man!)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.55 MB

Description : "chirp" bringing the old school vibes back with a new school twist. Made this beat using FL7 like all my beats. Very chilled mellow feel to this track. Spark it up Peace.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.72 MB

Description : I wanted this to be a experimental track with an old school hip hop drum style, so I put two and two together and somehow it worked :D

Tags : | Trance | 3.49 MB

Description : In 2003 I made my first attempt at recording a track. I recorded it using e-jay first edition which came free with a PC mag at the time. Slightly out of sync as I had to record each trach and the play on top of it each almost old old school. Anyway you get what I was trying to do at the time a mix of classical with trance/drum'n bass. Enjoy!

Tags : | Trance | 5.00 MB

Description : my first track. It's a cross between house and trance and you may recognise a riff taken from and old school tune called rave in the jungle. any feedback would be greatly appreciated. cheers

Tags : | Funk | 4.29 MB

Description : old school track remixed by~Guerillahead

check other beats and what nots out @ myspace!

Tags : | House | 3.24 MB

Description : old school house techno song, with nice synths, very simple nostalgic feel. almost depeche mode-ish...

Tracks 701 - 714 of 714
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