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Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.94 MB | Featured

Description : Description : This is a loosely connected part 2 to the previous song I posted. It's Valentines Day so I hope you get the vibe.

I posted a track at the beginning of last year and I mentioned I'm really working on sharpening up my delivery, vocals and melodies, please let me know how you think this one came out.

Lyric video is on YouTube.

Thank you.

Description : im looking for artists to work with i neeed VOCALS so if you like my sound and wanna work with me hmu on here or on instagram @loethrik

Description : Vocals by Cole the VII:
Username: themusicvii
Thanks for providing.

Tags : | Pop | 4.40 MB | Featured | Studio One

Description : So i thought id give it a shot at singing a song so i can start working with vocals and here we have it..

Description : Practicing mixing vocals. One day the practice will be used for something, I'm sure...

Special thanks to SaturnPaul for their "Filter" Loop featured in this demo track.

Description : Looking for Vocals to be added to this track, either a chilled rap of chilled vocal, nothing is concrete so can move everything around in the arrangement. thanks in advance

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.12 MB | Featured

Description : Strong Orchestral big beat track with piercing Female Vocals.
To watch the video on utube how I made this track search for NUraver Maschine sampling

I have no idea which musical category this song should go in so put it in here.

Description : Prod by me (mari)
Vocals by Noah styles( yes that styles)

A demo to a track on our mixtape! Let me know if you like the Vibe!

Always looking for collabs as well!

Tags : | Glitch | 9.68 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : Vocals by srob1234

Guitar by Dj4Real

Drums by saintkuz

Flute by Mixiz



Description : Another one off gems upcoming album if you would like to download any of my songs message me in comments the beat was done with samples off looperman in fl studio recorded vocals with studio one with waves plug ins and fab filters plugins

Description : So this is the situation I really like the track but this is from my day’s where I didn’t know how to fix cracking pre mix. And I don’t have any stems vocals or beat because I broke my computer does anyone know a post mix work around to fix minor cracking? Let me know what you think I can do or just how you feel about the track.thanks!! This was made on logic but now I use fl studio!

-also always looking to work with artist!

Tags : | Pop | 8.61 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Many thanks to Alex Pielka (@ looperman) for the vocals!

I have been going for a bit darker vibe.

Has been quite a while since my last upload.
Hope you like :)

Description : Well..i will continue the same serie, which consists of matching two productions in on looper to make a banger...

As a mix engineer, I pride myself to learn more about mixing..and get better.

The track has not been uploaded anywhere else but here...and I am not responsible for excessive use of Autotune..

Beat: By Svartz
Vocals: by Dalisson&Dennye

Description : VeryCherry & Breaktur - Languor Beat (feat. Antranita)

Variable tempo, curving bassline, heavy drums and vocals from Antranita, which perfectly matches the climate of the song and creates an explosive mix!

Description : Vocals by PrettyBoyBeats

Tags : | Funk | 7.50 MB | Colab Request

Description : This track is ready for final production. Add Vocals and some lead.....and there is a song. ALL that I ask, is that my Name be mentioned in any production credits. (Adam Bin Alwaleed)

Description : I posted a track at the beginning of last year and I mentioned I'm really working on sharpening up my delivery, vocals and melodies. This is like my 3rd track I've posted on here (but I did a few others as well), please let me know how you think this one came out. Thank you.

A video idea based off the songs name came to me, please check it out

Tags : | Trap | 4.16 MB | FL Studio

Description : I made this a while ago, but never uploaded it.

I hope you Enjoy :)

This track does not have any Vocals from the Original because i am not very good at it and i am still learning.

Description : Female vocals on a Funk, Hip Hop Electronic Massive Attack Eminem influenced fusion song. Thanks to Daragma an accomplished jazz standards singer for the collaboration and vocal melody composition. In two minutes hear the story of someone who was told they couldn't be but they just did it anyway. You can hear the original vocal melodies intro the outro that inspired the song. The song and its arrangement is from a single bass line repeated in all song sections. Comment, Share Enjoy

Tags : | Trip Hop | 2.91 MB | FL Studio

Description : well...I don't own the beat or the vocals..plz don't kill me...I just thought it will be cool to find two production here on mash them together...

Vocal by OG7even
beat by CAST

It has to be noted..this track has not been uploaded anywhere else but here

Description : feedback/thoughts? hit me up on ig if you would like to use this, i'm down to mix your vocals for free. - bobbyoddsock

Description : decided to try a little bit of bass house. let me know your thoughts and feedbacks please :)

bass patches made in Serum
Drums from some cymatics pack

Vocals: 21 Savage - Red Ops

BeatsByHash - lil yatchy melody

Description : Pop production - Lyrics and very smooth vocals by Emilyn - Music composed, arranged and produced by Rockman.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.79 MB | Reaper

Description : A track by Prod. Daniel Cruz called close your eyes, it's free to use for non-profit purposes, I just wanted to write and sing something to this awesome! track. All vocals by me. Needs more work, not perfect but it's all me and nothing can stop my love of writing/singing, Can't stop the music or this girl :P

Description : Just a quick track I made for my girlfriend. Vocals are a bit rough, I don't usually sing. Let me know what you think!

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