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Tags : | Cinematic | 3.45 MB | FL Studio

Description : I would be grateful if you would take some time to write a comment. What did you like and what could I have made better?

If you use this track, please give credits and send a link to the result!

You can check out my YouTube channel. Like, comment or even subscribe if you want to.

!!Drums by Joyce!!

Enjoy the music!

Tags : | Rock | 2.13 MB | FL Studio

Description : Drums by Danke! Thank you, Danke!

Description : I recently lost my dog of 13 years, "Lucy". I wrote this song as a tribute to her and to all of our family members with 4 legs and waggy tails. Doing this song has helped my heart to heal immensely. I hope you enjoy it.
I am performing all except for drums which I wrote in MIDI.

Tags : | House | 1.14 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : check out janimifsson for these vocals
learning how to do house
good vocal effects
terrible drums
couldnt find a melodic loop to fit the track
figured out the key
the harmony basically matches the melody
probably in some dorian scale or something so
have to learn about that
the drums are my weakest point
good at the start but awful after the beat drop
please comment any songs to listen to to learn drums in this style
any advice please comment

Tags : | RnB | 5.61 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Mashmix by m8 (packit on looperman)


"Don't Need Your Lovin'" - Michael Mayo (itsmichaelmayo on
"Shoulda Let You Go" - Keyshia Cole ft. Amina

All instruments in track from Looperman members
Drums-Cashiotta/LoFi Piano-Bkvr/
LoFi Piano #2-LilPeepee/
Tenor Sax-Thechockehold/Bass-packit/
Backing Chop Vocals-Renegadeonthebeat

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.97 MB | FL Studio

Description : put together some sample , created some drums and learning as i go. taking it back to where hip hop began

Tags : | Trap | 1.73 MB | Logic Pro

Description : This track is a 32bar-demo to get a quick idea how the loops from my kit #1 sound together. It also contains "Monster Drums" by cdonelson as drum track. You can find it here on looperman using the search.

Try to search for "tnkit1" in loops or go to the loopsection on my profilepage to find the loops from kit #1.

Have fun and let me know what you think about it :-)

Description : composed this week with Fl studio , kontakt ,nexus,addictive drums, just demo ,need work again

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.47 MB | Cubase

Description : I made this track specifically for a video I'm working on, been a while since I last posted. Made from scratch in cubase it features massive war drums, layered staccato strings and some choral voices. Leave a comment if you enjoy it. #staccatostringsareawesome

Tags : | Rock | 8.69 MB | Featured | Cubase

Description : A collaboration between Evisma (bass guitar), Valvedriver (synths+ guitar VST) and everyone's favourite Nomad (synths, programmed drums, electric cello, production, mixing, mastering). A heavy, groovy, electronic, mystical, Eastern track made by three guys who've known each other for years but never met in person. Interesting comments appreciated.

Description : Its HALLOWEEN!!! So we made a waltz, kinda...

Enjoy and let me know what you think about it!
Every instrument is performed and recorded live. Piano, double bass, drums, strings.

Instruments Used:
-"Fender Rhodes Stage" electric piano (MADE IN USA 1973)
-"LIRA" upright piano (MADE IN USSR in 1973)
-"KAY" upright bass (MADE IN GERMANY somwhere in 1950th)
-TAMA Imperial Star + Pearl OMAR HAKIM snare + Various Ziljian cymbals.

Description : A Christian rock song that I wrote in 2005 and just redid in my studio.
I am performing all except for drums which I wrote in MIDI.

Tags : | Psychedelic | 9.32 MB

Description : Minimalist Psychedelic Pop.
Shamoozey (Bike Riding Monk) acapella with an Yamaha DX synth filtered, lo-fi drums & bass samples.
Singer: Shamoozey
Music: Lo_Therapy
Release Date: 11/05/2017

Description : Wob And Drums Beat. Wobs Fight!

Description : i want guap like that

Soundcloud: HoBie1KeNoBi

Vocals: Y2K & bono$ - lalala

Let me know how i can improve

Bass synthesized in serum. Loops used for intro

Loops: Rileymichael - Tropical House Pan Flute Attempt In Harmor
Jamonloud - Another nice treat
Silencekills - Soundoff drums redux 140 gsharp minor
Rawxlimits - infinite

Description : I posted the background music and I finally sang over it. I renamed the song future to dream. Like I said the drums I found on looperman and I used the acid program to do the rest.

Tags : | Rock | 6.04 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : New Rock track. Guitars, Keyboard and vocals-Myself Sampletank 4 Addictive Drums 2 and trying out Nectar 3 on the vocals. So far I am impressed with it.

Description : Let me know what you guys think of this beat! I did not make the melodies for this song, LilTiddy created the two loops. I created the drums such as the 808, Kicks, Hi-Hates, Snares and claps. I also Mixed and Mastered the Instrumental.
Sad Post Malone X xxxtentacion loop Part 1 by LilTiddy

Sad Post Malone X xxxtentacion loop Part 2 by LilTiddy

Description : Little diddy I've been messing around with. Turned it into the cinematic style. Rough edit, still needs some mastering and some drums added in.

Tags : | Trap | 6.49 MB

Description : This is a dark yet sorta unsettling beat. The drums in this beat are hard.

Description : Electro Chill Minimalist.
Miper999 acapella with an Yamaha DX synth, lo-fi drums & bass samples.
Singer: Miper999
Music: Lo_Therapy
Release Date: 11/05/2017
Video Clip:

Description : Every instrument is performed and recorder live. Piano, double bass, drums, strings.

Two first singles of my upcoming horror jazz LP are out on the most of streaming platforms. Go give me couple of spins!

Vocal for this track needed, contact me (all of the contact info is in my profile).

Let me know what you think about this tune. Tnx.

Description : hello guys,after my old laptop is broken,this is my first beat with new laptop,i dont have much vsts or programs left to make beats with...thats why I kept it basic as much as I can,trap drums and piano melody
Ive tried to make something good out of what I got
hope u guys like it
(intro speech,son house interview)

Tags : | Rap | 3.27 MB | FL Studio

Description : They Mad by OG7even

Cordial Keys by silencekills

Unique Trap Drums by TheDigitalMafia

Hard Trap Melody by sanellix

Description : This is a song I'm trying to gain confidence in singing rarely do I upload stuff I sing in due to lack of confidence. I just happened to get a good mic for a week, I'm looking for bass, drums, guitar, sound person, anyone that wants to combine ideas and make masterpieces.

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