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Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.41 MB | Featured
Description : Using most of the "The Night Before" loops from CallMeKing.
Tags : | Orchestral | 4.28 MB
Description : Background atmosphere from the night before. Made in FL Studio.
Description : Smooth Hip-Hop beat made with a sample of Paul Hardcastle - So Easy. Anyone is welcome to write to it.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.46 MB
Description : Be sure to leave a heart, folks
Tags : | Rock | 6.20 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : My take on the Swedish stoner rock band Truckfighters song off their Gravity X album. Heavy fuzz laden multi tracked guitar riffs, thumping distorted bass and ground pounding programmed drums. Heavily processed vocal track by me which underwent at least 20-25 revisions in an attempt to give some semblance to the original and add my own flavoring as well. The original thread of this was mistakenly deleted during a late night edit last week. Thanks to all who commented on it and of course I don't expect everyone to repost here. Just wanted to put it back up.
Tags : | Rock | 1.15 MB | Colab Request
Description : Last night i dreamed bout making a half-decent song hehe. Cool topic, got me in the mood ! A little spoken word experiment. I left the second half instrumental for someone to try stuff. Learning day by day to sound better, what do you guys think on the guitar sound ? For contact:
Description : Just made this last night in a few hours, it came together quick and sounded right. Definitely felt a Pretty Lights type vibe here, I have always loved this genre but never been able to recreate it. As always, feedback is much appreciated! Feel free to use this for non-commercial use, but I may be setting up an exclusive license with a songwriter so I can't give it out for non-commercial use.
Description : Beginning of a dark frightening night in down town LA inspired by Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive
Description : Instrumental program music. Oscar Night. The Big Enchilada. How will it go this year?
Tags : | Electro | 8.16 MB
Description : I hope that you like my music My Original track and better sound quality is on my soundcloud account Please follow me on soundcloud to hear all of my tracks:
Description : A thought under the rain -day- Will continue in a thought under the rain (night)
Description : Moody night time chillout track with elements of trap/soul
Tags : | Dance | 5.02 MB
Description : Valentine's Day Beat Contest
Description : I wrote this song this weekend and recorded it last night with Sunny War on vocals and guitar. (We've got a backload of 10 or so songs but I'm a shiny-object kind of guy.) We kept almost the entire loop orchestration and there are some great loops here. The whole thing is built on looperman-l-0208341-0068163-drmistersir-lonesome-freaky 80 which runs throughout. Mixed with that for the first half is the crazy choral looperman-l-0911223-0101152-silencekills-key-5-pad-81-fs-min across 3 octaves. The musical bridge before the outro is built on the great loop looperman-l-1264531-0079769-arixxonsc-sequence-old-school-escape. My instruction to Sunny was "Play the guitar like it's wrestling with that loop." Sunny plays bass but we also kept looperman-l-1059144-0070847-ebaby8119-the-move-808-bass to go with it. Then there are a couple great bell loops and a choral chant loop at the end, and then of course all the drums. One of the rare times we've kept most of the loops and just wove Sunny's guitar into the orchestration. We even kept one of the guitar loops, looperman-l-1059144-0068323-ebaby8119-the-question, because it's perfect for that moment. I think this song launched a 4th album to be called PATH. Any comments or reactions are greatly appreciated. You're the first folks to hear any of this stuff and this community is instrumental (literally) in making it happen.
Tags : | Ambient | 10.78 MB
Description : Chill out vibing to the LA night life
Tags : | Rock | 2.42 MB | Colab Request
Description : -Not a club song, but in my head i see a crowded disco dancing to this tune as the shy guy tries to make his way to the most dazzling girl.- Trying out my new gear ! As always, pure alternative rock from yours truly :) If anyone feel this song, feel free to lay the smack down on it ! For contact:
Tags : | Jazz | 5.15 MB
Description : Mellow Jazz Instrumental
Description : Produced by yours truly FredRodz. I hope you all enjoy, and please leave honest feedback for a download :) Collab?
Tags : | Electro | 6.84 MB
Description : I dont relly know what a genre this is chillout Electro or something. Starting all with the melody u can here trough the whole Track.Very Chaotic many repeats but still very smooth and chill. Comment what u think about. I want to know for what you downloading this Track Im just corious for what my Music is downloaded :)
Tags : | Chill Out | 6.85 MB | Featured
Description : freestyle singing. In my feelings on this starry night in February.
Tags : | Trap | 4.47 MB
Description : A track I made using the 'The Night Before' lead, pluck, and bassline loops uploaded by CallMeKing ( They're awesome. Upbeat, trappy feel to it. Hope you enjoy.
Description : Another sample from Looperman.. Great work. Credits to kedoonthetrack !
Description : Striking Daggers mixtape Vol.1 Prd by Shatner Verses by Shatner and myself Hook by lil Foxy Instrumentle by Amano
Tags : | Dubstep | 7.53 MB
Description : Khiflee - The Lion And The Frog (6ix Years) (Night Mix) from "The Lion And The Frog (6ix Years) - The Remixes" (2017.01.22)
Tags : | Pop | 5.29 MB
Description : Night Breed
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