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Tags : | Psychedelic | 1.27 MB

Description : Art-rock with a new wave dance beat.
End of the night so it's short. Drink up.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.53 MB

Description : Sampled Janet Jackson
Hard 808s
New Wave
Definitely can hear rich the kid on this
Who Yall Hear On This?
All Social @ v3rsitile

Tags : | Ambient | 3.57 MB

Description : Melodic, Fun sounding, New Wave Trap
Who Ya'll hear on this one?

Smoke Purp even

All Social at v3rsitile

Tags : | Trap | 2.63 MB | Colab Request

Description : New Wave Trap Shit, Super Producer, Hit me up if you wanna collab

Description : New Wave Trap Shit, Looking to collab

Tags : | Fusion | 3.49 MB

Description : Fusion of funk rock and new wave

Tags : | Pop | 2.53 MB

Description : Ersatz new wave funk - inspired by Eno/Talking Heads.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.73 MB

Description : New Wave Trap , Melodic , Hard Hitting 808s , Spacey
Something Lil Uzi Or Carti Would sound good on
Follow me on everything @v3rsitile

Description : That new wave sound. No samples just Purity
A Snippet of the whole beat.

Tags : | Electro | 7.78 MB

Description : 120 bpm, Electro new wave track, bass line inspired from "charlotte sometimes" (the cure)

Edit: re shaped on october 26th

Tags : | Electro | 2.25 MB

Description : New Wave/Electro-Pop.

Description : With the winter solstice comes a new album from Spivkurl, as well as this new song from the album. Kind of a new-new-wave sort of track. We all like it around here.

Tags : | Rock | 8.97 MB

Description : My first track mixed only with loops.

Credits goes to: ShAiDawn (vocal), alividlife (bass) and 3rdNippleMusic (guitar). Drums i had on loops from SFXsource and Michael Bacich.

Genre: New Wave / Indie Rock

Description : Many years ago I started playing Punk Music( 1980) and then changing to,new wave,new romantic.......but always i have admirated the disco and funk music!!! Now I play in my home studio I hope you enjoy my music!!!

Tags : | Rock | 3.23 MB | Adult Content

Description : This is the second Acapella I downloaded off looperman from username Kyle Monroe. It was titled Six Feet Under so of course I kept it. When I heard it, I was thinking kind of punk, new wave, green day and god knows what else warped visions and sounds I heard from this acapella. It was fun to do as always. I'm listening to everyones material on here and seeing if I can add or even contribute to it. I'm not some hot shot just someone that loves helping anyway I can. Enjoy it! Give some love to Kyle Monroe for this one.

Description : After a major uphill battle completing this song and turning it into what it is now, I feel some amount of satisfaction. It was like reality wanted me to give up or something. It's done... phew... Have updated this almost completely, from repatching the modular bass, playing some guitar parts, adding electric piano and synth lead, redoing and tuning the DW-6000 synth, of course adding my vocals, and mixing and mastering. It really has become pretty new wave, like much of my stuff does recently. Have added the lyrics as well. I am proud and happy with it, and I hope you all enjoy listening! UPDATE... woohoo just broke 1000 plays on this track here at looperman!
***original description***
Hey finally here with a new track! I'm not sure what to call this other than electronic, due to the high tempo. This is the first song finished using my interface which allows direct MIDI control of my modular synthesizer. The mid frequency bass part is all from that patch. There are tracks designed with my Zoom RT-123 drum machine, the microkorg, and the circuit bent KORG DW-6000. Other than that it is just a kick and snare drum sample, and a a quick vocal snippet. So I guess it's fairly minimal in that respect. Would like to hear the Looperman community's thoughts on this song! Thank you for listening

Tags : | Electronic | 3.96 MB

Description : Synth pop or new wave or whatever, more like Kavinsky dunno. Was Christmas and my mother played some vinyls from the 80`s so got pretty much inspiration from it. Not the exact sound like the 80`s more like modern 80`s. Sorry about the waveform I think Loopermans player is too sensitive. Cheers!

Tags : | Electro | 5.10 MB

Description : Electro-house with a little 80`s new wave style (no there is not reverbed snare!). Please forgive me to not allowing to download, but I sent it to a label, because why not. If they won`t answer I will put to download! Cheers!

Description : dubstep/industrial with new wave vocals...most loops were downloaded from looperman and I`d like to thank the following kind loopers:
thesavage,flyingswine, spivkurl,dextdee,dustix,ozoneofficial

let me know if u like it...

Description : I'm trying to finally get this song right. I spent the day redoing pt 1 and jazzing up the interlude. If you like this tune and would like to add you talents, I'd much appreciate. Needs are obvious. Singer, better drum programming, better bassline, better production, maybe a keyboard line.

The New Wave Group is a project open to all artists interesting in collaborating. If you work on one of my projects, you are heretoforewith now and forever a member in good standing of The New Wave Group. Doesn't matter whether we have two or two thousand people in the band. If you contribute, whatever comes of it, you get your fair share. Once I've assembled a worthwhile collection of tunes solidly produced, I intend to diligently market them.

"it could be made into a monster if we all pull together as a team ..."




Description : Well, recently made a new track! I sang vocals on this one. It's kind of like techno or new wave or synth pop. The instrumentation is primarily hardware. The drums are from the Zoom RT-123, the basses are Zoom and Microkorg. The pads are from my Korg DW-6000. The keys are Casio HZ-600. The transition sounds are from the Eat Lead Copper modular synth. Just two virtual synths used on this one. I like how the last bridge vocals turned out. I think it turned out pretty good, but I'd like to hear your views! Thanks for listening! This track is included on the Spivkurl album "Labrynth Of Self".

Tags : | Rock | 5.99 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : The genre is new wave/post punk I think...This is a collab with Behnam Zandi who played the bass and guitar parts...I did all vocals using an English translation of an old poem by Nikola Vaptsarov.Let me know what u think...

Description : NEW WAVE, POP, SYNTH POP..

Tags : | Electronic | 5.44 MB

Description : Intense and percussion heavy. A friend described it as like early Depeche Mode and there is definitely a feeling of influence from New Wave Electronica.

Grateful thanks for the following loops:
Wadizzle5000 Synth Loop (
St3rl1ng Kiemws Drum Loop (
Ratty Subzonez Percussion Loop (
SilRamLin Percussion Loop (
Lionel422 Happy Synth Loop (
Gameboix Explosions FX Loop (

Description : my tunes featuring K19. hear and tell me what's your opinion and help me to detect my style. I guess it goes like new wave but not sure =

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