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Tags : | Trap | 1.95 MB | Colab Request

Description : COLLAB!!!

Description : send yours on my email ( nedermfarrej @ gmail . com )
song still in dev

Description : First draft on the track, I'm really enjoying this track and I want to make it a vocal track so I need a vocalist, I'll try and finish it as soon as I have a vocalist for it.

Description : Need vocals ; Track is still in dev
nedermfarrej @ gmail. com

Description : Need vocals !
i know the mixing/mastering is terrible
nedermfarrej @ gmail .com

Description : Track still in dev
contact me : nedermfarrej @ gmail . com

Description : this track is still in DEV, i'm gonna need vocals for it.
i'm still working on the drop too.
contact me : nedermfarrej @ gmail .com

Description : i need vocals this track!.

Description : Trip hop track (kind of). I feel like it really needs some vocals on it (Portishead way I think) The track is quite poor musically speaking for the moment as I would like to work with somebody and adapt things along the way. Email me if you're interested, peace.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.63 MB

Description : Atmosphere Metal Core. Used Airmax Pads .Need vocals and lyrics if any one is interested.

Description : Atmoshpere/DeathCore Used a Pad X Heaven sample. I'm not the greatest at mixing. Will work with collabs.. Need vocals.

Description : Instrumental Beat
Need vocals and a hook

Description : need vocals on this track. anybody down for a collab?

Description : I need some vocals (male or female singing only) on this to chop and pitch them up.
It won't be a collab, I simply need vocals in key to mess around with!

Description : Need vocals with any text for this track. Would be nice if you could send me a record.
Thanks guys

Description : I need vocals for this song, anyone interested let me know.

Description : This is the demo of the track I'm working on. If you want to make the vocals, contact me!

Tags : | Trap | 6.80 MB | Featured

Description : Need vocals. Send the finished prohect to .

Description : Drums I got online i did the guitars, just need vocals and bass to give it life.

Tags : | House | 6.85 MB | Colab Request

Description : Uplifting House/club

Description : I need a female Acapella Vocalist to add their FUNKY vocals to this song before August of this year. I am putting out an Album called "World-of-Wonder" and I need vocals for this song.

Description : Hey, I'm looking for some vocals to help me finish this track, it can be full lyrics or just some ahhs and oohs, as long as it fits the oriental feel! Anyone interested please feel free to just download the track and record something!! Be sure to send me the vocal track as this is only half the track! I'll credit you! Thanks in advance
Finished track can be found here, free download! Still looking for vocals!

Description : im uploading a part of a song i am in the making of would really enjoy getting some vocals in. if you are interested then message me and i can give you my email address. doesn't matter if your male or female just have a nice voice :D

Tags : | House | 2.30 MB | Colab Request

Description : title pretty much says it all :) send me ur ideas, and let's see if we can work out an entire track together :D

Description : i need vocals send me your vocal to:

Tracks 1 - 25 of 57
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