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Description : I try to make a House mix from the my Track (Goodbye)
Description : Track created by me , dont use it without contact me, if you want to put a voice on it contact me thats will be great copyrigths on my track comments will be accepted thanks
Description : I hope you like my track
Tags : | Dubstep | 5.79 MB
Description : ToneDubChoice is my Dubstep song. Is very energy track. Listen and download my track for free and enjoy. Bye! By ToneTheChoice
Tags : | Trap | 1.83 MB | Featured
Description : A preview of my track Friends! Listen to the full version on soundcloud!
Description : I hope you like my track!
Tags : | Cinematic | 9.62 MB
Description : I hope you like my track
Description : My latest track! I hope you enjoy, Inspired by Martin Jensen. I wanted to use vocals for this track, but I couldn't find any to fit the song. If you want, you can make some vocals for me and you'll get ft. on my track :) Please send them to !
Description : Some pad loops I never used but I think it came out ok. I would love to here someone do something with this. I make my track outs into stems wav files so it's easy to drop them in and chop of needed. It's 119bpm, If you like it or use it please let me know and credit Oryan55 thanks.
Tags : | Trap | 2.61 MB | Featured
Description : PLEASE READ BEFORE LISTENING!!! So what's up guys it's been a while and I want to explain why. I was shit at music. Like...shit. So I took many months away from posting to improve the quality of my track be it mastering or just learning how to produce better. I think I'm Getting there. That's why I'm posting this track. It's a remix of Open your heart by Axwell & Dirty South ft. Rudy. I don't like the vocals all that much but I like the sing so I said fuck it. I have all the way up to the build and I'm hung up on the drop. I was thinking I could make it like a hybrid trapstep kind of drop or a mellow bell drop. let me know your opinions and ideas please.
Description : Description : This song relates part of the story of one of the greatest men and warriors of Islam ever, Khalid ibn Walid (saif Allah), radiya Allahu anhu. He was one of the companions of the prophet, salla Allahu alaihi wa salam. Updated today 24/12/2016, it didn't want to update my track so I uploaded it again in a new track
Tags : | Cinematic | 10.11 MB
Description : I hope you like my track
Description : This is a Remake of my track "Rewind". Thanks to ALLiHave for feat. this track. Check out his Page @ Credits: Produced by Dennis Decker & ALLiHAVE Music by Dennis Decker Sampling & Arrangement by Dennis Decker Vocal by ALLiHAVE Copyright 2015 © dD Dennis Composition - Dennis Decker
Description : I did a collab track with a fellow Looperman member, and the title of his song was wanted, so this is the instrumental to this track. This is my track, all music written and composed by me. feel free to download and record some sweet vocals to this track..
Tags : | Dubstep | 4.55 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Full original version of my track.
Tags : | House | 8.01 MB | Featured
Description : Hi it's Rawed here :) This is my track Golden, I released this few months back. It's a nice uplifting progressive track :) Let me know your opinion!
Description : Inspired by the pianoloop @DesignedImpression. (Sub)Bassline made with Nord and Ableton. Source: I think thats all what the track needs. Maybe some (angry/depressive/political) spoken words for finishing. Soundcloud: Do not ask about the trackname, all my track-projects called by a random starnames.
Tags : | Trap | 4.24 MB
Description : The real deal! Initial release was delayed due to a corrupt file, and I had to restart by scratch! I hope you enjoy this my track, and please check out my soundcloud! (
Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.73 MB
Description : funky reggae/hip hop track.i'm lookinf for a singer to do the first and last bars on my track. it's totally upto yourself what you want to do but i'm working with a rapper from newyork who is currently up for the 16 bars in the middle.feel free to email me if your interested.thanks for looking. paul
Tags : | House | 4.10 MB | Adult Content
Description : Newest track I've made (pre-mastered version). Did my own vocals (male) and got the female vocal chops from Dinty! if your wanna hear master versions of my track check out my sound cloud. Just add bssmnt into the end of the soundcloud address.
Tags : | Trance | 3.69 MB
Description : here's my track
Description : Hello peeps! This is my first attempt at making a track using vocal chops. I have not completed it yet.... Please feel free to comment and would love to hear suggestions and tips on how i can improve my track. Thank you so much for listening!
Description : Hey I got the Idea to make just once something else, inspired by a barbeque. It's kind of minimal with my own influences. Guitar and piano were self-recorded and prepared and some samples you'll find on my track "Capture The Moment".
Description : Based upon the loops "Horizon Piano HD", "Remains Strings", "Energy Strings", "Planes Piano" and "Planes Piano Part 2" by jawadalbloshi (and maybe some others I can´t remember at the moment) It was the trial to find an instrumentalisation tom my track "Empty Rooms". I even did the song, but the other versions became better... so that´s the way it is, now.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.33 MB
Description : Hi ... Today is 18 july . What a beauty day . so , I quickly make a track . Its Demo ... I make it in Three hours . Ahhhh , Today is my Birthday and im so happy ... im excited so much . Plz Hear my track till the end and give me comments as Present ;) . Love U All ... Hope U like Persian Rhythm ... Its my edm Style
Tracks 1 - 25 of 388
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