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Description : Metal/Deathcore ...Guitar Rig 5 ,3rd Bass vst Floor Fish gate,Noise reduction PreFET Ignite ,Deathcore stlye drum track. Every thing is played on my 8 string .Plus some synths.

Description : Needs lots of work, but a solid start. More lyrics need to be written. Everything is Synth except the Dark lead vocal. Yes, the Chorus vocal is Sampletank 4. Drums: AD 2 Sampletank 4 and guitars are Shreddage. I don't know, is the transition too weird? Metal to trippy psychedelic? Update 9-2-19: Added a Sub Bass and brought the guitars up in the mix. Also deleted a Vocal section to make room for a future Guitar Solo.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.75 MB | Cubase

Description : nice track for practice, love this band.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.99 MB | Cubase

Description : it's a cover of Ukrainian band "Hate"

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.80 MB | Cubase

Description : bpm 80, standart B tuning

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.90 MB | Cubase

Description : You can support me on patreon: yan_87
Standart B tuning, bpm 120
ive made it pretty fast just for fun

Description : Groove Metal.. Had noise gate problems .If any body wants to add lyrics and vocals let me know in the comments

Description : Some new classic metal song . Special Thanks to Metaled , you best brother !!!

Description : Available on Youtube and SoundCloud : Prod. Plasma

Description : Black / Death Metal. Was messing around.Has some mess ups in it. Ask if you want to put lyrics to it and sing. Already have one of my tracks gone MIA

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 13.10 MB

Description : Metal Baby

Description : passion only the best of the best

Description : a classic metal song of mine, is already 6 years on my youtube channel. was created at the same time as Runaway
I have more on youtube. DJMars1985

Description : passion

Description : if you want to download the loops separately send me a message on my facebook page, Sir. Adrian Lancelot

Description : This is one of my latest tracks for my black metal project called Ravensson: Kingdom of Old. I'm considering to redo the drums and guitars, but would like you opinion on this version. What do you like and what do you think could be different?

Tags : | Rock | 6.30 MB | Cubase

Description : rock/metal song

Tags : | Rock | 7.09 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : you can support me on patreon: yan_87
Standart B tuning, bpm 100
let me know if you wanna collaborate with me.

Description : instrumental Groove Metal

Description : groove metal

Description : NOWHERE TO RUN

[Prod. @KazanIsDead]

SoundCloud: @kazan_is_dead_and_gone

Business Email: kazanvulpin@gmail

Instagram: @kazan_is_dead

#experimental #trapmetal #trap #beat #metal #holyfuckwhatdidido #screamo

Description : symphonic metal

Description : Eletronic guitar and metal fusion

Description : Heavy metal thank you to minor2go for the electric sample

Description : electronic metal instrumental salute serum for versatility everything bar drum set my mod serum presets :)

Tracks 1 - 25 of 923
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