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Tags : | House | 5.98 MB | Colab Request

Description : I had a lot of fun when I was producing this track. It took me nearly a week but I am enjoying this track and I hope you do it aswell.

Tags : | Chill Out | 7.72 MB

Description : first step by Dj thanos d summer memories

Tags : | Dance | 4.48 MB

Description : work through day walk through the night either way time anticipates a moment to shake the body or groove the mind, and when mixed a little fun it sure to be a good time, throw a little drink of whatever suits the taste buds liquid fire or suds, lift the hands on the floor of dance and watch the air filled with proper dj spins twist the memories lost in the lanes of the awesome joys that once getttt up.....ha haa haas..for those that know the alternator returns with a little more gas up..chill!!

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.53 MB

Description : I tried something new with this one. Sit back and relax.
The end is a little sudden, I will try to work on that soon.
I would love a little feedback. :)

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 7.59 MB

Description : hmm first track ..that turn in this still...enjoy it memories..stories

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.94 MB

Description : Free to use, for non-commercial purposes.

Tags : | Jazz | 8.83 MB

Description : Soft jazz instrumental

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.96 MB

Description : industrial loops by DanceDemagogue, live keyboards. Sax, guitars, clavinet and funky bass are loops. Vocals by BabyGee (Memories) , backing vocals by JJWeekz (Random Effected Sounds).

Tags : | Classical | 2.27 MB

Description : Short piano piece composed by me. I made this in about 30 mins using Nexus2. I hope you'll enjoy it and tell me what you think :) You can use it in your Youtube videos, but please paste link here so I can see it too. :)

Description : A new late night endeavor, get your emotions flowing cause this ones bringing back memories!

Tags : | Pop | 4.71 MB | Featured

Description : "Alone Like Autumn Leaves" is one of my first Tracks that composed on the Lyrics of my best friend BEHNAM ZANDI for about 10 years ago.
It's part of my Memories.
It's part of my Life.
It's Instrumental Version of The Track.
It's Based on Piano, Synth Pads, Electric Guitar.
I Call it pop and somehow soft-rock or pop-rock.

Description : something to jog your memories

Tags : | 8Bit Chiptune | 6.93 MB

Description : Damn I soo love these Chiptune songs.Brings back the fun memories of old school games.The track is almost complete.So completed this track.Added some FXs and added some wetness to the track.
The melody's pretty catchy and on the happy side.
Hope y'all will love it.
Please comment and give me some hints and feedback.

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.33 MB

Description : A piece with a forlorn story set during the fall on a boardwalk in any northern shore town when all the fun ends and its time to say goodbye to the memories. final cut.

Description : This track contains only free loops from (some of them are by Minor2go?) and loops from looperman artists (listed below).
When i finished, i finds some similarity with Danke's track named "Dreamer" - this is not wilful, but looks like we found the same base loops and i always like to use loops from him - just right now. :)
As always, its free to use for a song, and any critics/response welcomed. UPDATE 2015.10.24.: improved audio quality - lower lows, higher highs. Now in 256kbps!

Applied loops :

DANKE : 0671112-0064488 (Broken hopes), 06711112-0067593 (Flowers), 0671112-0070575 (Tension 2), 0671112-0067197 (Gangsta whistler), 0671112-0067295 (On the floor),
MINOR2GO : 0159051-0032740 (I Love you forever - Bling Bling), 0159051-0056043 (Piano Memories - Its over 2),
ADAMMS : 0428102-0054776 (Scream from the other side), 0428102-0054775 (Boing),
ALXSIX : 0195097-0045883 (Drone hi pad),
LODDERUP : 0633575-0064433 (Bumble Bee - Strings),
MWRATRIDGE : 0631933-0052906 (House be home),
ESHAR : 0583767-0049599 (Y E PianoPad 49 3),
NIGHTINGALE : 0207475-0035873 (Kookai),
ENZOTIC : 0817298-0065160 (Creepy xylophone)

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.66 MB

Description : Some time ago i put this track in the drawer. And now I have finished it. Maybe someone has an idea how it could be even more better.

Tags : | Dance | 5.49 MB | Colab Request

Description : I'm looking for some posible collaboration on this track.

Description : beatz feat. F.E.R. -- Fire
Soundtrack: beatz - Memories
Singer: Jorge "beatz C-Y" Lozano, Fernanda "F.E.R" Paredes
Lyrics: Fernanda Paredes, Jorge Lozano.
Engineer: Jorge Lozano

Description : A session gone right

Tags : | Dance | 3.78 MB

Description : A combination of genres, but mostly Dance. It has an upbeat, fast moving melody. I'm happy how it came out. Hope you guys like it too.

Description : A smooth R&B track. Nice groove, smooth lyrics. Checkout the video on youtube at

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.36 MB

Description : Sounds somehow familiar? It should!! One of the most talented musicians on Looperman (not to mention how great person he is), well known as Tumbleweed, was kind enough to let me toy with his recent masterpiece "Memories And Ghosts" which I instantly fell in love with. The original track is basicaly intact...there was no editing of any kind. I only added a good portion of violins to the arrangement as well as some very discreet piano and synth sounds .If anyone would like to know how to ruin a masterpiece, here's the ultimate recipe!^^....All thanks to Ed! This should be called "With The Kind Permission Of" but that's already a title of some Jethro Tull track and I really wouldn't like to mess with Ian Anderson! According to what people say, he must be far less generous than Ed is!^^

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.29 MB

Description : A dark acid pop ballad (if there is such a thing) with some creative instrumentation. Additional credits go to: Artjanis - rhythm, guitar, West Tracks Music - Bass, Babygee - lead vocals, Taratoxic - background vocals, Styrmonix - horns.
Hope you like and will let us know what you think. Franco and Scott

Tags : | Ambient | 7.25 MB

Description : Very sad and personnal track, which I composed in the summer of 2010, on the darkest time of my life. About one month later, I attempted suicide two times in five weeks. Since then, I reclimbed the hill (if you know what I mean), but I'm still reluctant to listen it. Oh, I'm proud of my track and its emotional intensity, but more than three years later, the memories are still very strong and painful. Original title is in French: Face au vide.

Tags : | Electro | 9.35 MB

Description : This track is a mix of electro-house and hiphop. I wasn't really going for anything when I made it, but it sounds really cool

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