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Description : Free track, just comment when used

Description : **Pre Mix**

?Collabs Anyone?

Please Leave A Comment It Definitely Helps!

This Is The First Of Many Stay Tuned!

***The Juice World Type Beat***

Favorite Loop This Week So Far @kaykayproducer

!!!!Simple and Sweet!!!!!

@kaykayproducer Keep It Up and Much Appreciated XD

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.04 MB | FL Studio

Description : Hey guys i'm back! Here's another emotional one for you. I wanted this track to have no central mood. The track switches from happy to sad from the beginning to the orchestral finish, "Blue" will send you on a journey through timeless memories dear to you, and stimulate your mind through the end.

I'm working on this year's album!!

Tags : | Trap | 4.02 MB | FL Studio

Description : allow me to quote my girlfriend for a second

"why does it sound so angry, you're not allowed to be angry"

she says it sounds angry, i agree so theres that

hope you enjoy it as always :)

thanks too: MINOR2GO :)

Tags : | Trap | 4.90 MB | FL Studio

Description : Rate this beat guys and check my Soundcloud!

Tags : | Trap | 9.16 MB | Cubase

Description : My first trap instrumental, I don't normally do this genre but I gave it a go.


Description : Memories, how they fade so fast..

Tags : | Breakbeat | 7.59 MB | FL Studio

Description : Track no.1 from "Beat Rocket Soundtrack" - You can download wav. version for free from my Bandcamp page.

Description : A song for my upcoming album!! I'm planning on uploading some loops of this song so you guys can play with these sounds! :D

Description : Music made with Fl studio 12. No Copyright.

Tags : | Trap | 6.97 MB | Ableton Live

Description : the memories

Tags : | Trap | 1.31 MB | Mixcraft

Description : sometimes i lie awake at night
when i think of you it keeps me up
when i remember it makes me sad
because i never tried to hurt you
but i ended up hurting myself

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.05 MB | Studio One

Description : Little something I did using BradoSanz's Broken Memories guitar,piano and cello loop pack.Used SD3,FTS Bass,Studio One 4.Took a southern rock vocal approach.

Tags : | Dance | 3.87 MB

Description : A bit of old school dance perhaps - I had fun doing this - hope you like it

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.14 MB

Description : I'm uploading this here before I upload on YouTube, I want to know your opinions, what I need to change, what sounds bad ect. Please be honest this is my first finished track.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.41 MB

Description : This beat I did not like at all and after having it for a while I decided to upload it here ...! If someone works with him, I'd love to hear it...! Keep on PLAY!

Tags : | Electronic | 6.67 MB

Description : HOPE YOU ENJOY

Tags : | Dance | 6.55 MB

Description : sometimes memories come back to us and we think about the past for which we often miss. Nostalgia is a normal thing, it was hard to get back in the past and smile for memories :)

Tags : | Chill Out | 7.70 MB

Description : This is the first tack I made in FL Studio, its going to take a while for me to get used to the new program but the quality of my tracks should be way better from now on. RIP X

Tags : | Trap | 6.63 MB

Description : This is my first Trap track in a year, i hope you enjoy it. 140 BPM.

Tags : | Trip Hop | 7.45 MB | Studio One

Description : A instrumental track that has mystic sound to it. a very dreamy sound.

Description : An orchestral movie/ game score I made.

The last tunnel:
Memories that has long been forgotten, resurfaces when light fades away...

Btw I love James Cameron and Hans Zimmer.

Tell me what you think, give me a download or like.

I really appreciate it!

Description : Looking for singers/rappers for this funky instrumental I made. The title isn't definitive or anything, but I'd love it if it were about summer, memories of summer, etc.

Hit me up if you're interested and even if not, I hope you enjoy it!

(PS: I have the lossless audio file, this is not the best quality but I had to convert it to mp3)

Tags : | Electronic | 4.18 MB

Description : The EP Called,"Ogou", is a metaphorical journey between various tribes from Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean. The EP derives from a distinctive blend of global dance and ethnic sounds drawn from nature, day of passing by rain dances,traditional music, voodoo ceremonies, and field recordings, with electronic elements of Hip Hop, Footwork, UK Bass and House. In this production, we see a range of ethnic sounds while the I stay true to my style and sound.

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.75 MB

Description : Makes ya think

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