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Description : My beats. Trip Hop Lounge.
Description : Chill out or Lounge
Tags : | Cinematic | 8.97 MB | Featured
Description : Enjoy the tour. please comment your opinion
Tags : | Chill Out | 11.28 MB
Description : Lounge
Tags : | Electronic | 15.23 MB
Description : Want to submit your new project AstranariuM . Music styles Electronic , ChillOut , Lounge.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.05 MB
Description : loop mesh, sample, trillian, groove agent one (anno domini beats), lounge lizard......if u download leave a comment, please
Description : Lounge Groove Sound
Description : Daniele - What goes around come around Genre / Lounge-Chill Out Freeware plug-in Vst interface Magazine ! http://www.interface.nl/nieuws/content.php?id=12509&;cat=58&title=interface-172-lezerstrack
Tags : | Chill Out | 5.31 MB
Description : Where Italo Disco meets my brand of Chill/Lounge - I hope?
Tags : | Fusion | 7.14 MB
Description : Taking on OLHM's challenge this one starts out with some charm and sneezes into Big band a la 40's style, but then we break it down in the casino and go 40's lounge which then morphs into 70's funk and then 70's house style disco and ending with a real broadcast from 1940's radio. please enjoy and share your opinions.
Description : Anyone interested in colabing on a complete musical level please reach out my musical abilities crosses many lanes. Please only serious and progressive thinking artists or composers respond. You can also scope the range at Daddy Dawk Brick City USA / Q-Lounge Originals on Soundcloud
Tags : | Rock | 2.31 MB
Description : I spend most of my time dabbling into lounge,ambient, chill etc - so for a brief moment I went back to my 70's roots - its just some fun hope you have a laugh at least.
Tags : | Jazz | 7.70 MB
Description : Here is the second of the jazzier tracks. I hope everyone finds this to be as relaxing as I do.
Description : reggae smooth easy lounge vibe. contact for collaboration.
Tags : | Jazz | 9.22 MB | Colab Request
Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. This one is especially sweet to me - i hope you will enjoy to listen it as much as me while making it. :) UPDATE 2015.10.24.: improved audio quality - lower lows, higher highs. Now in 256kbps! Applied loops (fully or partially): FERRYTERRY: 0747210-0054759 (90 bpm spacetrip single guitar), 0747210-0054758 (90 bpm spacetrip double guitar), 0747210-0055660 (120 swing drum 2), MIDISPARKS: 0479957-0059406 (bonang groove), 0479957-0047347 (sunrise percussion), 0479957-0047312 (sunrise riders), PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0005564 (Fat Fusion 120), 0071878-0002790 (Fusion 01), THEDREAMMERCHANT: 0431343-0040289 (Creepy Groan), 0431343-0040290 (Creepy Laugh), ELASTROTOM: 0878928-0059665 (ElastronicallyYours Bass), QWERTY12: 0460559-0058073 (101 Spacey Studio Kit), NIGHTINGALE: 0207475-0035862 (Doll Tears), VANTAGE: 0468737-0037624 (Vantage - Snow Drop Piano), DANB10: 1137042-0069663 (Wasser rauschen), THEPANTHERLAB: 0430930-0049010 (solo hats delay 2 - 100 bpm), NGSBB: 0094137-0047984 (Cmin9 Bossa Nova Nylon Guitar 120 bpm), SONICLEARNINGS: 0518158-0045674 (Above the sadness), TEXARCANA: 0434810-0053253 (A 21st Century IPCRESS sound), TONYRAY: 0481887-0039714 (Acrili choral over piano), ACRYLIC: 0170043-0009506 (Swingshift 3), SCOTTSIMS1970: 0867406-0057508 (Jazz Guitar), TRANCEFER: 0052497-0001017 (Rhodes Lounge), MEGAPAUL: 0448131-0065256 (Gorgonzola Burgers 80bpm Gm), CRAIGBLACKMOORE: 0593331-0057231 (ambient-drums-80bpm), - (unavaiable loop?)
Tags : | Chill Out | 856.93 KB
Description : Lounge?
Description : Hello People, hows it goin? Well here I am with my new cover and yes, you read it right... its 'THING CALLED LOVE' by one of my favourite EDM artists Above & Beyond. Its a fusion of Lounge, Ambient & Indian Ethnic elements and some experimental sounds too. I just hope you like my rendition. And yes, There is a thing called Share that we all forget, So if you genuinely like my cover, Please share! Cheers! :D
Description : This minimalist acoustic chillout track contains only loops from Looperman artists. Peace! UPDATE 2015.10.24.: improved audio quality - lower lows, higher highs. Now in 256kbps! Applied loops (fully or partially) : MIOTS: 0181980-0010316 (Acoustic Guitar - Bridge), 0181980-0010311 (Acoustic Guitar - Verse 1), 0181980-0010313 (Acoustic Guitar - Chorus 1), 0181980-0010318 (Acoustic Guitar - Ending), DANKE: 0671112-0077214 (Dreamy piano), 0671112-0077853 (Underwater drums), 0671112-0078026 (Glimmer of the West), IMPROVEWITHERROR: 0189474-0058173 (Downed), 0189474-0058172 (Acoustic pick), ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0044036 (Eshar 88), 0158799-0044319 (Audiation Effect 182), GAMEBOIX: 0089446-0003591 (200 Bpm Reverb Piano), 0089446-0003799 (Chill Out Keys 02), ABLAZE7: 0287077-0036734 (Story Teller Guitar Loop 1), ANCORAL: 0039735-0043882 (acp - Bells Attack 03), SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0007086 (Skyrider Chiller in the lounge alto sax solo 2), VIRIS: 0070681-0002758 (Blü Chill), PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0004000 (Chill Out Drums 135), MHYST: 0203623-0017218 (Soft Vib Flute And Piano Combo Part 1), SPIVKURL: 0186161-0050712 (Counter Epic Electro Drums), DEVODALE: 0134239-0006523 (Devodale Piano Lead Loop 01), DJERC7: 0251397-0017170 (Raining in London ELECTRIC GUITAR).
Tags : | Jazz | 4.61 MB
Description : my version of Otto's Daughter, Outta Control, smoky retro 60's jazz club vibe, lounge feel, very laid back and trippy.
Tags : | Funk | 5.13 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : It's new, It's Hot, I like it so far.
Tags : | Chill Out | 8.02 MB
Description : Lounge tune made in the middle of november when the temperature dropped quickly :-) Trumpet is (as always) the Yamaha EX5 VL-instrument ;-)
Tags : | House | 8.00 MB
Description : I really don't know, what's name i can give to this track. It's not finished yet, so, i just want to listen your opinion about that. I wanna to make it like smthng between ambient\house\club\lounge, and at one moment, i thought, that this would be right to know, what do you thinking about it. P.S. Sorry for the quality, file size limit of 10 mbs :(
Tags : | Chill Out | 9.97 MB
Description : Last week I finished a new kinda lounge track in which I used the beautiful vocals of Patricia Edwards again. The quality of her recordings makes it very easy to use them. I also used a few wood wind solo's by Ferry Terry. Thanks a million to the both af you!
Description : a mix of lounge/pop/blues and humor.
Description : Lounge mix of 'But, Love' from the Japanese animated classic 'Onegai Teacher'. LOOKING FOR ACOUSTIC GUITARIST FOR VERSES
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