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Description : I recently lost my dog of 13 years, "Lucy". I wrote this song as a tribute to her and to all of our family members with 4 legs and waggy tails. Doing this song has helped my heart to heal immensely. I hope you enjoy it.
I am performing all except for drums which I wrote in MIDI.

Tags : | Pop | 8.64 MB | FL Studio

Description : i made this for someone i used to know in wisconsin. i always wanted to sell it, but i lost a lot of the files, im aperfectioist, the new version i tried was,,,,anyway....enjoy.

Description : composed this week with Fl studio , kontakt ,nexus,addictive drums, just demo ,need work again

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.67 MB | FL Studio

Description : The main sample was sourced from here I don't remember their name but shout out to them.

Tags : | Classical | 4.53 MB | Soundtrap

Description : exactly 5 years ago, on October 18, 2014, I made the first version of this song. This is the final version.

Tags : | Pop | 4.27 MB | Has Lyrics | Sonar


Lost days
Album - Castle of Illusions
Music by Claudio Campacci, Matt Boulley, Psychotropic Circle, Dj Aid, Bawa Sushil

Tags : | Ambient | 6.21 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Ambient Atmosphere using basic synth Built for those who feel lonely Low lost trapped in any Illness, you are not alone

Description : TakinCharge Production

Description : search 'hreum' on SoundCloud and BeatStars!

Description : Jazz sample hip-hop instrumental.

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.67 MB | Cubase

Description : Output REV
Heavyocity Aeon rhythmic
Heaviocity NOVO
Spitfire Studio Strings
Spitfre Albion I

Description : Free Beat

Have Fun with it
Show me what you got :)


Description : I think this track would fit like the 21 Savage type of vibe, with eerie instrumental and a hard chorus(at least thats what i aimed for) any review or tips on mixing or w/e is apreciated, feel free to say what u think. looking for colab.also theres a flute lost somewhere in the song.

Tags : | Trap | 4.25 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Hey Guys this is my biggest work i hope y'all will enjoy it :)

Description : I've made this track using some loops from you guys !!

Hope you'll enjoy it !!


loops used:







Tags : | Fusion | 10.96 MB | Studio One

Description : Music and sounds you hear has you slowly drift into the Mars atmosphere. Are we all aliens on this planet we all call Earth? So put the headphones on and take a trip home to the red planet.

Description : devilman over my lost in time instrumental what do you all think will be able to download soon i know the devilman song is old but had to do it

Tags : | Trap | 4.40 MB | FL Studio

Description : Lyrics and Vocals 2nick8
Music by Itsallrisky..
Acapella is up

Description : Techno Trance (Original Mix)
135 Bpm

Enjoy! :P

Today I lost everything, my HD died :(
I lost everything. goddammit

Description : I made this with a loop I post here, hope you enjoy it (i'm open to all your advice)
You can use it if you want, just please give me credit

Description : Summer pop, gotta know the rules before you break them. If anyone wants to sing on the track let me know and I can send the backing (it's just vocal samples on the track now). And as always leave any thoughts on the track!

Description : Lo-Fi ambient to relax a moment.
Hope you like...
Name Ambient: How Does It Feel.
Name Lo-Fi: Lost In The Forest.

Acapella thanks Junior Paes

Description : another track for your assessment

Description : Just a tinker track. I'm actually Raw_Data, I lost access to my other account.

Description : You can check this song out on Soundcloud links are in my profile

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