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Tags : | Dubstep | 4.58 MB | Featured

Description : Dubstep! A great genre. Heavy bass. Used some stuff i even got off this website! Hope you like it.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.86 MB | Featured

Description : this is the second mix of three mixes i have done of this track mostly created from reason then arranged and mastered in presonus studio one pro, a very different sound makes it hard to place but that is my main objective at the end of the day, it may sound along the lines of the orb if i had to make comparisons, hope you enjoy

Tags : | Rap | 1.87 MB

Description : A dirty, lo-fi sounding synth rap beat. Reminded me of the Cool Kids. Please Review.

Tags : | Punk | 3.27 MB

Description : Cover SHAM69 and RANCID

Tags : | Hip Hop | 833.19 KB

Description : STREET SAINT

I set the trend till I make the Kingdom of God look so fly
Sanctified street saint leads the generation to Heaven's gate
And navigates the Holy commandments - set the bar so high
Investigate evil tactics and saves kids from Satanic bait


Written 05 Jan 2011
Hip Hop Priesthood

Tags : | Punk | 4.82 MB | Featured

Description : And could you tell by the summer
There'd be chemicals and trouble
Some stay and bleed
Or run away to dream
Burning alive again
Inside the mind again
Who ain't a slave?

And could you tell that by Autumn
The past had finally caught em'
All the parents screaming quite
Cause now the kids can see
It's their life to win
It's their own life to lose.

so you watch watch watch while the chemicals burn
Just another night down with something to learn
This is my life
And I'll have my fun at your expense.

So you die die die while the chemicals burn
Just another night down with nothing to learn
This is my life
And I'll have my fun in the past tense.

Tags : | Ambient | 5.98 MB | Featured

Description : MAde this one in mixcraft 5...I play guitar..then added playin,pink floyd style..planes ..the oceans...well enjoy...peace

Tags : | Dance | 3.08 MB

Description : quickly made! Like little kids disko music! ;P

Tags : | Rap | 5.41 MB

Description : This is about the joy of my kids......

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.78 MB

Description : A song I wrote to John McCain. Thoughts, please?

Hey there, Mr. McCain and you’re entire crew
Just wanted to let you know how I despise of you
Not that you care, but how dare you think you cool
When really you’re gon’ be meeting the devil soon
Is that wrong of me, to say all these things?
You mad now, you shouldn’t be, you should just get the clue
Prop 8 is almost as stupid as you
Why don’t you do us all a favor and go back to pre-school
Give it up and get your panties out of your butt
Come on man, you getting stood up by the kids again
Now believe me, it’s definitely not just you
Half of the world, in fact, it’s sad but true
But it’s people like you who can change the truth
But you choose to believe in ignorant things
Come on, can you hear the world’s pain
Seriously, you cannot hear it’s screams

Why can’t you see, the tears they cry while they take their lives
Why can’t you see, their bleeding hearts, all of the scars
Why can’t you see, the tears they cry while they take their lives
Why can’t you see, their bleeding hearts, all of the scars

Hey there, Mr. McCain can I please explain
You think you all royal just because you’re famed
That’s just something I never really understood
How come all the dumb ones become heard
Well, I guess life just goes on right? Should I just ignore you while you rumble to your wife
Oh, so you know what’s better for our lives
If you did then those kid’s would’ve been alive right?
I bet you didn’t see that one coming
You’re a murderer in disguise yet people think you’re so right
Why is it hard to see people happy in your eyes
Is it because you wish you could have what they do
Do you want that twinkle in your eyes
That genuine smile that makes them feel alright
You’re hate truly infuriates
Come on, do better Mr. Murder man

Why can’t you see, the tears they cry while they take their lives
Why can’t you see, their bleeding hearts, all of the scars
Why can’t you see, the tears they cry while they take their lives
Why can’t you see, their bleeding hearts, all of the scars

Description : This was a weekend project that turned into something diff for me.
Started doing a track for these neighborhood skate kids and they decided to toss this one.....So after the work I decided to keep it and walla.

Description : This right here is a collaboration of sorts. I used Heisenbergs Oasis loops...Thanx by the way.... and my stepson spit some bars on it. I'm probably gonna update this soon. Please have a listen and let me know what needs to be fixed... I let my stepson do his own editing for his rap. The levels may be off a tad so please be song is my interpretation of whats going on with the kids today in our society...Peace and enjoy... This is more of a trip hop track than hip hop

Tags : | Trance | 5.32 MB

Description : this tune just came to me while kicking a ball with my kids in the park - the melody just sprung in the grey matter and out to my DJX - I would love to know what you think of this I ooomphed up the compressor a little on the kick - Its a small cut of Mhyst's vocals that fitted so well - so again thankyou to mhyst.....

Tags : | Rap | 4.39 MB | Featured

Description : fruity 8....I got my kids on the it out & leave me some it & bump it n the car...

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.77 MB

Description : South east style London Dubb

Tags : | Comedy | 6.76 MB

Description : Another parody from my group Concrete Kids. Enjoy.

Description : lendy going ballistic had the lyrics written up before hand, some cut me off with my kids in the car and i came home whipped up a quick beat and rage rapped for the first time , new sound
3 looperman loops used
rdb45-dirty brass
djmurdaU-murda dope clapping
dexD-spooky dook

Tags : | Trance | 6.89 MB

Description : A TRACK FOR ALL CHILDREN !!!
UPDATED !!! sometimes a dream will come true...i said last year that i would like to make some money for children with the track will be the first track on a charity album for kids...32 tracks will be on the album...over 40 mixposure artists are involved...all proceeds will go to UNICEF...the album will be up for sale late can find a special site for it on facebook (Music For The Kids) if you'd like to do a little for the kids...become a friend and buy this album later... ENJOY !!! and play loud :) cheers...JW...

Tags : | Rock | 1.38 MB

Description : 110 degrees in the hot sun among the plam trees,the smell of gun powder and oil.The ones you fear the most You cant even tell if there the enemy!Back home,they get a hold of these rilfes that can split a water mellon in four with one shot! They walk into schools and stores, yes , this is fear! This kind of fire power in the wrong hands! A very distribing image!

Tags : | Dirty | 3.67 MB | Adult Content

Description : Very dirty not for kids!! Mommilynn Majorgame and shifty

Tags : | Blues | 6.46 MB | Featured

Description : One for the kids

Tags : | Electronic | 2.71 MB

Description : lights out kids ha.ha.

Description : Wu Tang Fans will dig this.
This track took me back to growing up on staten Island as a Trinidadian native being thrown into Hip HiP crack cocain and young violent gang kids. It pulled from my experience there so its speaks to real life. Please comment cause I need the love from the people. Special Thanks to dmaybeatz.

Tags : | Punk | 2.14 MB

Description : Seagull seagull baba m Peaner Burr baba m
Dont feel guilty bout it we was just kids

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.05 MB

Description : This is something I did with my boy Solo Bass V. back in 2008. I dug it out just to see what you all think about it. I'm trying to get him to join looperman, but he wants me to upload the couple of tracks to see what kind of feedback he gets as a vocalist.
This track was more a social commentary on what solo was dealing with around him at the time, and his hopes on how things would change. The first verse is done from an omnipotent point of view, the second done from a dead gangbanger looking at the mistakes he and those around him made, and feeling the pain as he's cursed to stay forever on the streets until something gives way. We feel we accomplished this by adding in all the reverb at the begginning of the second verse.


Holly globe feeling with world with no ceiling
Holly globe feeling with world with no ceiling
Holly holly globe with world with no ceiling
Holly holly globe with the world with no ceiling


This the term of the sky, no limits to remind
Interrogate your life
I can't live to see
I can't live to change
Pass this world to me
On a light blue frame
And it has me thinkin
As the oxygen collapses
These mean streets glide so hard
That it sells your soul
Until your mind overloads
Not enough Chromosomes
No time to pray to the lord when your message is froze
Now wait, am I thinkin?
So set the tears and fear for being a thug nigga
Lost cure for good
So misunderstood
But still trying to get by to keep your kids alive



Welcome to the world of the holly globe feeling
Now listen
I'm just a man in my city
Owner of division, remember?
You just live here
This world's gone silly
Holly globe distance with catacombs missing
Mind disapperance
I see it in they faces
Crack education
Congress escalation
We outsourced our patience
Far from inflation
United we fall, new standard for all
So we need Obama, the mister Green Lantern
Let him handle it, fixing on the challenges
I found my fix
On the holly globe solution
Take two a day keep the haters away
Hoping I can hold my place in this hip hop race
Seeing artists saving lives
Living lies
Trying to keep the happy inside
Blown on this ecstacy and kids having babies
Now you realize that this world's gone crazy
This air is my storm and this globe is my home
It's a 711 flight
Still not my life
So I peep on my time
Keep the continueum in line
Really don't try to deny

Holly, holly holly, holly holly globe (X3)

Tracks 76 - 100 of 151
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