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Tags : | Rock | 6.00 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : This track is part of my "Introduction EP" that I made back in 2017 and I decided to show it off to you guys. The whole EP has been uploaded to my soundcloud but is private until I fully recover all my stuff for my software. Anyways, I present to you: Greyscale By ProPAIN. Enjoy!

Description : Old school 90's style freestyle. All my music is for the OG's who crave that real street old school sound. This is for the 30+ age bracket!

Description : afro-tribal house music

Tags : | Trap | 4.67 MB

Description : Introduction EP Coming Soon

Tags : | Trap | 7.09 MB

Description : Trap style song with mixed components of EDM. Thanks to everyone apart of the Looperman Community for the contribution of your loops!

Tags : | Chill Out | 1.21 MB

Description : can be used as an introduction ...
120 bpm

Description : This is the music (first part, introduction) music from the historical film documentary prepared by the National Television and referred to a great and heroic period of the Greek revolution of 1821 and played in the heroic town of Missolonghi in 1826, where after from long long siege by Ottoman troops and some victories on the part of the Greek fighters attempted to large "EXODUS" exit, after she had not left longer anything to feed, living eating, mice and dogs, losses were huge and it was written blood even a page for the struggle of the liberation from the Turks who were in Greece already 400 years occupation.
Composition: ChrisK

Tags : | Ambient | 5.02 MB

Description : So far this is the only "scary" song I've made. I used the first half as an ambient introduction, which includes granulated samples, and variations of the piano melody that is played at the pay off. Despite it being one of my earlier things, I think it holds up quite well.

Tags : | Glitch | 3.10 MB | Logic Pro

Description : This is the introduction for 'Fast Forward'.

Tags : | Rock | 7.65 MB

Description : I recently acquired a lap-steel guitar, and this track is it's wobbly-legged introduction to the world. Intro is all lap-steel, with two later lap-steel leads. All real acoustic/electric/bass guitars. I recorded my new frog guiros as well. One in the intro as a woodblock, and both played traditionally later in a bridge. Drums are seven programmed MIDI kits and a loop or two. Chorus has the heaviest guitars I've done. Random percussion and echoing delays galore. Your honest opinion is appreciated, and gets you a coupon for 8 free deep-tissue nipple-rubs, and a full internal body waxing. Act fast!

Description : "Trips that never did", the title of our new work, starting from an inner impulse, a desire, a desire, and a regret for trips that we wanted to do and never did. Exotic places, seas and mountains, islands and valleys, cities and villages in different parts of the world. When we took the boats to leave the ports for unknown destinations, we imagined in our minds the places they travel ..
Here, music is the means to do then, with our mind these trips. The music creates images on each site, as it has each of us "form" in mind, each Party included in our cd.
In the first piece, "39 parallel deggres" sea travel in southeastern Asia. Scenery lazy, with fog in the morning and the boats to cross it slowly, with the sun burning and no wind, immense quietness and murky rivers of Indochina with the boats sailing quietly being discharged into the sea, so slowly and tired. Good listening my friends.

The members of the project:
Concept & arangement: Chris Krikelis
Guitar: Awful Singer
Bass: Chris Krikelis
Synth & Fx: Dimitris krik
Back vocals: Olga B.
Drums & percussion: Chris Krikelis
Sax & Winds: Stefano Montag (Italy)
Many thanks to his beloved friend and virtouosa traditional instrument Gu Zeng, from China, Kuen Li-Ming to great introduction to traditional Chinese music, that gave us and allowed us to add to our work.
I should mention the considerable help of the beloved childhood friend Silvano from Italy, famous sound engineer, who encouraged me to start this project, and dedicated by the scarce and precious time to improve our work in the amazing studio recording.
Mix & mastering: Chris Krikelis, Stefano Montag (The BeatJazz ensemble), Silvano Rizzolli
Bologna Italy) Sound Lab 2015 - Greece, Italy

Tags : | Trap | 2.18 MB

Description : This is a laid back but daunting and aggressive hard hitting beat. An introduction to a new beginning type of track.

Description : Impulse.
The introduction of a dance album that brew entitled Impulse.
A pop dance tracks with female vocals. The song's title, wants to show the power that music gives people. Power for dancing, for energy, for love, for creation, for association and friendship.
This is the impulse of music.

Tags : | Breakbeat | 2.45 MB | Featured

Description : Short break hectic beat track I made for the introduction page of an e-zine called Banananas.

It's my musical interpretation of this era's global "road rage", people going totally bananas in traffic over stupid stuff

The voice in use is my own.

Maybe somewhat hard to "enjoy", though the same goes for road rage I guess

Put together in a retarded version of Garageband.

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.74 MB

Description : Well, that's part of a story we're working on some friends and part of a larger project. This is music to the play Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and is aimed at children.
This is the first scene (or introduction) which is where the plane crash suffered in the desert.
:) I like that forever and I listened comment

Description : This song has an indie pop/pop rock introduction which then soon turns to a deep house chorus with dubstep elements. Voila!

Hope you enjoy.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.02 MB | Featured

Description : This is a song I made in about 5 hours. I don't know. I just needed an introduction song to my EP; which my friend suggested I create, even though I never finish anything!!!...
Ahh. Well I got the vocals from ade1980, on Fantastic website, and fantastic user, check him out.
The whole song was created on FL Studio 11. I guess I did some audio editing in Audacity. I don't really remember.

The bottom line is, enjoy the song. Don't hate, I just started electronic music not too long ago :(

:O Haters, haters EVERYWHERE!
What am I saying.
Listen to the song. Thanks :)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.90 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Introduction track to my mixtape. Guitar by Minor2Go.

Tags : | RnB | 9.13 MB

Description : Me and my gf decided to start our new cd together we call our self "2 Sik" This is official introduction song together DREAM SIDE . It's a hard deep emotional from Rnb to hip- hop not really sure of what kind of music this is!

Description : Original guitar rift with an especially edited & fantastic intro on the track and the entire track will further become the initial introduction to Andrew Cottle's upcoming untitled album.

Tags : | Trance | 9.43 MB

Description : My new track after not having been here for a while, i don't now maybe with some vocals in the introduction, anyway i will try another kind of sounds next time, hope you like it.

Description : Beat: Made By Pahreena Used (Introduction)
Vocals with FX: Lendy Len
Mixing and editing:

Lyrics start around 1 minute

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.20 MB

Description : This is an un-masterd version. Here is a taste of my work which will be broken down to individual sounds for you to use in your own creations within 48 hours of upload.

Don't forget to comment and keep your eyes out for more free sounds by MikeAlpha.

Tags : | Pop | 6.53 MB | Pro Tools

Description : It gives me GREAT pleasure to present COLOURS OF ME, produced by the great Richie Winn.

There are 14 tracks co-written by Richie and I featuring some rnb, religious, blues, pop, soul, rock, yep something for everyone. It also includes a seventeen (yes 17) page digital booklet, with it that includes an introduction from the very special Planetjazzbass. Thanks Dave! And a VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO SHAN AND ALL MY LOOPER FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

Description : Just a lil diddy that I came up with on the spot. Nothin' special haha

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