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Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.64 MB | Featured

Description : another instrumental track from Nuclear Instrumentals, coming out on Tuesday, August 11, 2009.

please review

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.44 MB | Featured

Description : fresh beat, from my album "Nuclear Instrumentals"

please review.

full instrumental album coming soon.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.15 MB | Featured

Description : This is a hip hop kind of song.
I used the MIDI part of Sony Acid Music Studio 7 to make instrumentals and Magix Music Maker 11 to make the beat.
Only person who worked on this song.
No loops are used. All custom made.
Please review! :)

Tags : | Fusion | 2.19 MB

Description : Project Jump4Joy2010 Summary. By E-mail me your Cv and explain how you can and want to contribute to this project. This is a Global Project for a collaborative effort to put together a theme song for the 2010 world cup soccer in South Africa. The basic idea is to take the song and translate it to the official languages for every country who has ever played a final in the WC series. These include English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Swedish, Hungarian, Czech. These songs will then be made available for free to South African Media during the 2010 world cup. Other distribution rights will remain in the group of artists.
The current status is: lyrics(English) and chords/melody fixed (could be changed if really needed), but for the rest everything needs to be added. We have access to studio facilities, but have not yet allocated this to a specific person. We prefer not to have a studio involved until the project has a bit of momentum, but are open to change this if required. Current status of music: a very simple basic demo (Nothing final) of the song to get some input from contributors on the web – need drums, keyboard/synth, guitar and vocals – song should start out small but intense, one voice or children’ s choir (will be decided in final mix)– and grow in second part, and must create a crowd/stadium sound – such as fans singing in the final chorus part, i.e. build up to a mass choir in the last repeated stanza. Maybe have a woman s voice to start off, but the final chorus will be male dominated, vibrant and powerful. Instrumentalists, feel free to be creative with the instrumentals, but keep the previous in mind please. This is a great opportunity for the instrumentalists in the song, since the project vision is that there will be only one official backtrack to the 10 different language versions. The project requires Songwriter and Vocal talent Managers for each of the 10 languages . (if your official language is not on the list, and you are willing to manage that part, please contact us as well.) The musical team will comprise of maximum 8 contributors who will contribute their time free ( if profits are generated, a percentage is paid per contributor). Possible instruments to be included: guitar, keyboard/synth, drums/percussion and vocals/lead/supporting. This is the only project as far as we know, and the only song that the media will have available in virtually every official language of top participating countries.

4/4 time 120bpm
Rei4real -guitar
ngSSB - drums
Spacebric -melody/synth and vocals

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.30 MB

Description : a nice instrumental that i class as alternative hip hop could accompany many styles im sure if you like big band you may just like this one to. its taken from my instrumentals album - into the unknown

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.60 MB

Description : I think this may be one of the best, most versatile instrumentals that I have ever produced. I has 3 different strings, a piano, bells, and a hardcore bass and drum track. I hope you enjoy and as always comments are appreciated. Made with Acid 7.0


Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.38 MB

Description : a little track i created based as the title suggests around piano melody

its on my into the unknown instrumentals album ive released enjoy peoples and be sure to leave a review please

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.80 MB | Featured

Description : One of the few hip-hop instrumentals that i make. Hope you guys like it! ;)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.20 MB | Featured

Description : I worked on this by myself. I used Logic Pro my axiom 25 keyboard. I played all the parts of it on my keyboard except for the sample which was from the garageband samples. For other instrumentals go on my myspace

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.76 MB

Description : Another N18th and B.O.L.O. classic. Ive tried other instrumentals with these lyrics (song i wrote for my girl a while back). it just didn't seem sound good enough. Then along comes this beat "abstract", as soon as it began to play i was re-visited by the lyrics. It just seemed "right". Take a minute (5 actually) to listen to this 1. Drop a review if u will. let me know if there is anything u think should be tweaked or changed. i think this 1 might make it to radio. thanks


Description : Let me tell u what it's like to be B.O.L.O. this is an N18th beat so u already know is gonna b hot on that end. I pretty much just sat back and listened to the beat a few times then hit record. i think it could use something? i appreciate all reviews i can get on this 1. thanks all. check N18th's instrumentals.


Tags : | Dance | 4.99 MB | Featured

Description : Wrote this trak june08 using nuendo/reason.
Used a combination of softsynths (preditor/v-station/albino/octapussy) for the instrumentals,

Started off by tapping around on the keyboard with different instruments till i came up with what i was looking for.
programmed into MIDI trak.
Selected another instrument till i found wot complimented it and so on, till i built up the sound scape which i could bring in and out different instruments along the trak.

32 bar loop... practiced bringing traks in and out, transposing some traks up+down octaves and worked on building momentum.
Tried out a few fx and automation.

Wanting a drive behind the instruments is where my choice of drums came from with the kick+bass(audio 1shots nuendo), with the hats skipping it along(reason).

Laid down intro+2nd section(drums/bass).

Instruments eased them in from intro to 2nd section.
built up trak more bought in more instruments,

3rd section harder kicks+bass, instruments all come into play and progress over time till the next lull.

Built back up again using breaks+instruments fadin in/out.

4th section gets more hectic added some new instruments.different breakdowns and builds using instruments coming in+out drops in the main beat+bass.

Then after laying the trak out, added fx, made up some drum rolls/drops put in vox samples.

Tweaked the trak around a bit.

Bounced it down.

In hindsight there was probaly to many breakdowns and not enuf momentum in the trak to stoppy starty and not enuf variation in the drums, but the instrumentation gave the variation maybe will redo the trak a few times see which forula is right... any suggestions???

Tags : | Electronic | 5.78 MB

Description : After finishing my first album "Neon Electric" I've begun working on a new album entitled "Filter"

Now, my last album really wasn't that great. It was inconsistent and most of the tracks had meaningless lyrics. I'm glad to say that "Filter" will be a much more matured album with great tracks, catchy tunes and lyrics that people can relate to

I've completed the instrumentals for all 14 tracks, all it needs now are lyrics/vocals. As a preview for the album, due to be released Early 2009, I've compiled a megamix of the kinds of sounds my album will have.

Tags : | Dance | 4.97 MB | Featured

Description : I MAKE BEATS

615 545 0703


Tags : | Rock | 4.64 MB

Description : Go to to pre-order album.
(P)(C) 2008 Hollywood Records, Inc.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.85 MB | Featured

Description : These beats are free for internet use only but if you want to buy or lease one of these beats hit me on my contact infomation. We've been making rap beats for a long time. when it comes to radio ready beats WE GOT YOU! We've worked with a lot of underground and commercial rappers .We make dirty south beats, east coast beats, west coast beats, commercial beats, and underground beats. We are providing the unsigned rappers and signed rappers with quality instrumentals.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.37 MB

Description : Its a smoothie Beat again! Just a piano, two string melodies and the drumz! I dont use a bass in this Track so its very orchestral but still HipHop! I produce this Beat like all my other Instrumentals wIth MagixMusikMaker2007!
Hope you like it! Was one of my first beats ever!!!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.99 MB

Description : Hardcore Underground Beat!

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