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Tags : | Ambient | 2.85 MB | Featured

Description : People either hate this or love it...it's the first track I ever composed. Acid...Imagination is grand.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.68 MB | Featured

Description : has a india sound mixed with snare and bassy kick. basic but good i think. 60 bpm tell me what you think.

Tags : | Ethnic | 4.47 MB

Description : I still have a trip for making - India!
this is only one musical trip...

Tags : | Weird | 2.69 MB | Featured

Description : We wrote this on our return from India, where we were taught Transcendental Meditation by the members of latin boy band Menudo. After achieving such inner peace, we spent many days frolicicing in the funky forests with our animal friends. Then we wrote this crazy mama-jammer!!! Enjoy!!!!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.02 MB

Description : used cake walk le and and samples i made used ,a magix 10 to put it all togther keys and drum pads and my magic touch

Tags : | Ethnic | 1.48 MB

Description : all my tracks have breakbeats, i love to beat match, so my songs are very basic and short but this song is the longest one i have, it has flutes, indian vocals, violins, strings, congos..etc.

Tracks 51 - 56 of 56
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