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Tags : | RnB | 3.29 MB | Featured

Description : Its to late for me and now girl its to to late for but i still love you but bout time you try to come back it be to late

Tags : | Spoken Word | 864.23 KB

Description : Close your eyes girl, imagine me by your side.

I'll hold you tight, even though I'm not really there.

And when you hear my voice saying I love you.

Just remember girl that what I say is always true.

Your soul is like a window pane I see right though it.

Your touch is like a gentle breeze that blows onto me.

I want to see you in my mind girl forever

Never let you go, no no no, not ever.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.90 MB

Description :

Tags : | RnB | 4.36 MB

Description : Another song about loving someone who doesn't love you.

Tags : | Garage | 5.17 MB

Description : Bassline it is sort of like the old skool garage but sped up and a lot more bass init

Tags : | House | 5.21 MB | Featured

Description : hey guys i made this track with a nice house beats & with some per + some electro tunes & i name it i love you coz i feel it like that & hope all can feel it like me :)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.53 MB

Description : i know you are all wating for me to drop some more shit. this is some old shit. i have always liked it. im working on new stuff, but i only produce. I NEED RAPPERS!!!! so enjoy. i will put some of my sax stuff on when i feel more comfortable. i love you guys on looper. it's the shit

Tags : | House | 5.74 MB

Description : another house rock mixture i got a little carried away with the lead guitar but at the time it was working for me used reasons for the beats laid it all down with digital performer and as always the guitars are live

Tags : | Ambient | 6.87 MB | Featured

Description : A song I made for joo. I love you. But really, this song was inspired by my friend Marina. I mixed some piano playing and then took a pulse noise and added some weird fx to it. I think it sounds kind of like a radio or an electronic object placed in a microwave.

Tags : | House | 5.60 MB | Featured

Description : I've tried to create GOA. I've lost all my GOA music and don't know the rules about GOA Trance, but still tried. This track sounds to me too much like Dub or House or something. I finished it off with pads partly of the "I love you acapella" by DJAerith. Thanks Aerith :-)

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.24 MB

Description : Acoustic electric guitar mic and direct, vocal recorded with neauman mic. Performed and tracked as it happened.
Ballad Based on a True Story.
There you have it.

Broken Man

A Northwest winter wind swept through night
and it chilled John Lee to his very bones
He walks alone in the frozen moonlight
His shadow chasing him home
Down a lonely path through an unlocked door
He wanders in
A faded picture on a dusty shelf looks back at him

Thirteen years a go he took a wife
An angel by the name of Cheryl Ann
Just three years later a drunk driver took her life
It left John Lee a Broken Man

Sometimes at night he hears her voice call his name
He holds her in his heart but it's not the same

Haunted by the memory of Cheryl Ann
John Lee he cries the tears of a Broken Man

Tonight John Lee's decided he's had enough
The heartache hurts too much "I can't go on"
He puts on a record of Cheryl Ann's favorite song
And he loads a shell in his twelve gauge shotgun

in a darkened room he sits alone as the music plays
He turns the gun on himself and he starts to pray
Dear God in heaven forgive me
I Love You Cheryl Ann
John Lee he cries a Prayer of a Broken Man

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.05 MB | Featured

Description : "It's all about you baby! I love you Rita!"

Tags : | Electro | 4.93 MB

Description : this one is for my girl....love you

crazy chick! xoxo

Tags : | Religious | 3.68 MB

Description : Did this song to prove to my wife that everything I do isn't country. Jazzy blues feel. One of my faster peices. Getting better with my software to. In stereo. Rythem and vocals on 1 track. Lead on another. Back up vocals on 3rd track.
I'm really happy how this turned out for me recording it. Please let me know what you think.
God bless,

Tags : | Hip Hop | 702.75 KB | Featured

You were old then and I was young/I'm all grown up now, I'm your daughters' son/ sittin on your lap things were ok, never had a care about another day/ I miss the wings on your shirt, outside playin' in the dirt, checkers, goin to church, walkin the dogs and holdin your hand/ You were my example of a man, so what I was too young, I didn't understand/ If I could I'd reach out and grab your hand and pull you right back from the promised land.
The Promised Land-For My Grandfather
My Grandfather died when I was 11 (back in '81). It left an indelible mark on my soul. My Grandfather and Grandmother always gave me a dime everytime I called them Grandfather and Grandmother, they hated grandpa and grandma. My Grandfather was an airline pilot and I will always remember the wings on his shirt.
I love you Grandfather, see you in heaven.......

Tags : | RnB | 3.78 MB | Featured

Description : one of my first ever RnB tunes an would love to hear what you think of it as all my mates say its good but i dont know if they just saying that because they are my mates cheers

Tags : | Weird | 3.76 MB

Description : Hot like you:

when we kiss

i feel heaven escape your lips

my whole world turns black and white

and theres a total eclipse

you send chills all over my body
you make my heart beat fast
i love you so much my darling
that i need us to last

i give you all i have
i promise you my heart and soul
im happy your with me
your the only thing that makes me whole

girl you only got me seeing you
how did you get me this way

i knew it as soon as our eyes connected
you had me from the moment i saw you
now i got to go
take you around town
try my best to impress
but i know youve seen it all before

its gonna take more then a few jokes
drinks and a movie
to get you willing

but its all worth it

i never met a female
quite like you
hot like you

i smile
you smile
as long as im with you
the world means nothin

we can leave this town
pack up and never look back
we can go anywhere the world takes us
as long as your with me
this world will never compare

i never met a female
quite like you
hot like you

when im with you time stands still
ill never admit it
but your all that i need

so now that i got you
you got me

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.25 MB

Description : This is something that started as a joke, we wanted to like a hardcore rap for just to have something totally and completely different than our other stuff. its back when we were first learning the program so its horribly mixed but its an ok beat. feel free to rip it apart but i like it so pbth. jk i love you all.

the kick is a firework blast. ha ha.

Tags : | Industrial | 3.19 MB

Description : One of our only with vocals!! Its also kind of old -- we never have time to put words to everything we do. Kind of more rock/industrial but give me a listen! I love you!

comments plzzzzz

Tags : | RnB | 3.86 MB

Description : this is a song i made for my wife, who has 8 weeks of pregnancy so I asked hip hoprockstar a little help on the lyrics and the voice, so he is the one who sings this song, i think it was a good collab. Thanks HIPHOP ROCKSTAR

Tags : | Chill Out | 1.91 MB

Description : main sample I got from here (all_hip_harmonic) lovly tune. Mellow with some herb for this one.
Well I was walking through life
through the trails of strife
And through the moment of isolation
i eventually succumb to my desperation
the need is a drive down an endless road
they say life's a bitch or so I'm told
But it's to me life is made by the light you see
eventually decidedly you choose what you believe
whether I agree or disagree
I hope you live on and live in grace
if thats not out of place

Life's just a taste not a sip, you see
droplets from the everflowing life giving stream
whether or not life gets you down
there's more ahead, no limits, no ground

and you can choose how long, that you go on
or choose to finally, end your song
and the sound is never silienced
because we all remember you
miss you, and we hope to see you soon

There's never a need, no need to rush
and when times are too loud, just give it a hush
though silience can be torture
silience is will always be pure
never tour and get out of place
every run may be the last race

I truly hope, when we pass on
That there's a lord, who's kind and forgiving
Who wouldn't mind, taking the time
to sit back and reflect on my life
please don't curse me, for what I've done wrong
But see in my weakness, that I was strong
I always held true, and true to my heart
Life took some turns, but I never broke apart
My engine is runnning, and to this day beats on
The tempo keeps playing, peace out and I love you all

And just one more thing I must say
Sit on a suede sofa and let this play

Tags : | Breakbeat | 2.51 MB

Description : i actually really like this track. The main riff starts too late in this version of this tune. i will upload the modded version when im done with it. please leave a review so i know what im doing wrong/right e.t.c

Love you

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