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Description : This track I believe would work best with a rapper, particularly someone from the grime scene but it don't mean that you still can't try for it. You never know you may be just what I'm looking for.

50/50 royalty after fees are recouped.

Tags : | Grime | 1.87 MB

Description : This is my second U.K. based Grime track, i'm getting some good feedback from it as well!

Description : I couldn't have done this without Holly's beutyfull acapella, once I managed to bend the grime and add a reverse of the same grime I knew this would be big, and Holly's voice makes it even bigger.

Tags : | Dubstep | 1.86 MB


Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.98 MB

Description : A little beat that I was really feeling today.
Used "less Mental Bass Rises" Sample from Ceejamesbeat. Thanks Man!

Old school Hip hop Beat Twisted
Now with 57% more Grime!!

Tags : | Grime | 6.94 MB | Featured

Description : Made this as a remix for a Grime acapella and preferred it without the vocal so here it is. Contact me with some examples of your work if you wish to vocal it.

Tags : | House | 4.45 MB

Description : A track i made itching for some Vocals, My vision was female vocals like katy b style with some grime rap in places or the other way round. hope this will have a use for some one, let me know what you come up with. please contact if want to use for profit

Tags : | Fusion | 4.37 MB

Description : This track started off completely different from it's finish state...I had a completely different sound before I create synths that had the wrong set of notes...but I actually like the mistaken synth better so I re-built the track. I put this up as a fusion track. It has hip-hop instrumentation with some trance, piano, violin synths infused...The main synth also doubles as the bassline...which sounds kinda like a mix between dub-step & grime. I've been working on this for a few months and think i'm finally done.

I used the following VST's for my synths: Edirol Orchestral, Superwave-8, Sawer & Morphine.

Give the whole track a listen and let me know what you like/dislike and what could be improved...comments & critiques always appreciated, thanks for listening!!


Tags : | Grime | 1.05 MB

Description : this is a track i made under my other guise, but i want to try and make grime after hearin a few certain tracks in the grime arena on here.

Description : simple grime loop featuring piano loop from Minor2Go (looperman user)

big thanks to Minor2Go for the piano loop

Tags : | Grime | 6.38 MB | Adult Content

Description : its jus a little grime track i cooked up i dnt normaly do grime but there u have it feel free to download an share

Tags : | Grime | 3.79 MB

Description : Grime tune made on FL Studio, I made the beat around the acapella by Mr Payne. All loops are by me and the basslines are generated by NI Massive.

Tags : | Grime | 3.82 MB

Description : A long awaited track by myself, havn't been around here latley had some life changes, but thought id share the love and hit up a new track for you all.. any crit welcome, its not exactly grime as we know it but the beat speaks grime to me so i thought id put it under this genre.. take a listen and soon to get some vocals on it.. synth work all me no sample used.. some nice strings.. and a heavy beat to getcha noddin..

Tags : | Grime | 2.98 MB

Description : A little hip hop a little grime.
Sample cut from one of my tracks.

Tags : | Grime | 4.27 MB

Description : Another random beat i recently made, i quite like the feel of this one. but i'd like to know what you guys think!.I_SO_LATE

Tags : | Grime | 6.93 MB | Featured

Description : This Grimey track was made with Fruity Loops 9 and Native Instruments Massive. There's a lot of bass all around so watch out for that! A lot of help from my PR Jennifer B for helpin me get my stuff out there and coming up with names for my crazy tracks! I really appreciate getting reviews on my songs so let me know what you think. Go ahead, download it! It's Free!

Tags : | Grime | 3.01 MB

Description : for the OdotZed grime comp

dont watch the levels there shocking lol

Tags : | Grime | 3.49 MB

Description : My music has taken a very weird turn...not sure if this really is Grime but someone mentioned something about 140 bpm? Fast enough I think

Tags : | Grime | 4.03 MB

Description : this is my entry for o.zed's grime competition.
I used MCHN bassloop, O.ZED'S drumloop and DEXTDEE's bellsloop. All the rest is made with sylenth and nexus
If you want 2 use this one let me now
Pz from belgium

Tags : | Grime | 4.08 MB

Description : ok so folks this is my entry into Odotzed's Grime instrumental comp..

On this one I kinda was in a rush because I'm on my hols for a week with the Family and I'm gonna be miles and miles from my beloved computer... ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

so if I hadn't got it in today I would have missed the deadline.,... so anyway fingers crossed...

this track I made in Ableton 8 with the help of a great bass Vst that I got free with my computer mag called alpha I think and some great bass samples I found not sure where they came from... I wanna say loopermasters but I'm not definite

the drum track I based on a sort of southern hip hop style but the bass is all about the UK....and I let it do all the talking

I encoded it to mp3 in audacity....

as always comments welcome

Tags : | Grime | 5.55 MB | Adult Content

Description : ****first edit****************************************************
I've made the vocals louder and hopefully sorted out the timing issue with the first verse....I have to be honest and say that Rosh did tell about doing this but for some reason or another It didn't happen....

ok so folks this is my first trip down the grime avenue so be nice...

I was gonna attempt some kinda grime talk ...ya get me? I thinking about it ....I don't think its wise...


a while a go I did a track and OdotZed reviewed it and said it had a grime edge to it... so I though HHHHHHHhhhhhmmmm.... maybe I should try an out and out grime track so I did... well sort of grime with my twist to it anyway......

the track I wrote in ableton 8 and then sent it to ROSH... he took a really good run at it and after a while wrote this awesome vocal to go over the top....

check out rosh's profile here

anyway comments welcome as always.... especially if your name is OdotZed.. ha ha ha...

Tags : | Grime | 4.82 MB

Description : Dubstep'isch/Grime, I guess? =P
Or electro with a wobble bass?

Tags : | Grime | 3.04 MB

Description : First grime track and first rap track featuring Mr. Payne from Britain.

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.00 MB | Featured

Description : A dubstep/grime crossover by Caliber. I am currently looking for an MC to use over the top of this. Its got a good rhythm, with plenty of bass as usual. Please review, this isnt the final version and I need some critique. Enjoy! :)

Tags : | Grime | 1.37 MB | Featured

Description : my first attempt at grime would love for some constructive criticism and this isnt finished yet btw.

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