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Tags : | Dub | 6.26 MB

Description : [Final Draft 2.1]]
Inspired by both the ambient logbook thread and the dub logbook, this is an attempt to get several traditions together and make them dance and roll around in a new and interesting way. The accordion loop and live jam is inspired by the rhythmic accordion playing in Congo. The Punjabi Qawalli `pella comes from the Deep India sounds sample pack which I have purchased to make it official. The Egyptian bass drums and accordion(s) are from free SoundFonts, and turned into loops via MIDI. Also a live accordion MIDI track. Additional loops from DJ4Real, psychotropic circle, and sterixx - thanks gang!

Final draft went for bass enhancement, further dubbification of the mix and specific attention to the vocals. Changed the final accordion live composition as well.

Description : Wu Tang Fans will dig this.
This track took me back to growing up on staten Island as a Trinidadian native being thrown into Hip HiP crack cocain and young violent gang kids. It pulled from my experience there so its speaks to real life. Please comment cause I need the love from the people. Special Thanks to dmaybeatz.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.40 MB | Featured

Description : some kind of rick ross style. if u wanna use the untagged one just tell me

Tags : | Rap | 3.00 MB

Description : made in reason 4

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.05 MB | Featured

Description : starts with guitar continiues with piano. some kind of west style

Tags : | Rap | 2.31 MB

Description : just another beat nothing special. not so bad not so good. tried to make it simple

Tags : | Rap | 2.46 MB

Description : need a rapper(s) for this one. the best beat i made in this month. hit me for untagged version. if u have any idea to make it better, please tell me

Tags : | Rap | 2.84 MB

Description : new hard beat tell me what u think guys hope yall like it

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.88 MB

Description : lookin for a rapper to destroy this

Description : I fort the title the crazy gang suited the tune jus right,its not quiet finished yet as u can tell its only jus over 3 mins long but plz listen n leave a review

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.10 MB

Description : Here is What ive been working on this week, Thought i would put it on anyway. see what ya reckon?

Tags : | House | 5.62 MB

Description : This one, as usual, I've put together by myself, under the name of my project "BAMI GANG BANG" using garageband and blended a mix of (all authorised) samples and loops to what I watned to become a housy track which transforms in a dirty funky groovin' electro basher. One positive climax... One that makes your booty go paw!
Hope you can dig it!

Tags : | Ambient | 4.13 MB

Description : another simple session of me and the gang playing around, i know the reverb is a bit but like hell, i liked it....

Tags : | Ambient | 6.37 MB

Description : -As funny as it may sound, we made it a point to meet once a month since high school for breakfast,either in person or by the cell we sat and ate and talked about old times, when one of us died his spot was never filled.......they called us..."The Breakfast Gang"

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.62 MB | Featured

Description : Just the beat is hip hop, wanted to try something, think it's too long.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 980.92 KB

Description : Hey again People of the Loops (okay, very cheesey - hope it doesn't skew your expectations!) I thought i'd do justice on my previous Hiphop track with this new creatively titled "Soldier". Straight up, balls to the wall Hiphop - the track is short, 2m5s, so again, a quick download. I'd love to hear commentary on this. I downloaded an acapella from Looperman, mapped the BPM, made some cuts from the vocal line and put it together. Some crits from those that are into production must please leave commentary also! Thanks gang - keep it surreal!

Tracks 101 - 116 of 116
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