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Tags : | Dub | 1.58 MB

Description : This was done solely on a Playstation using the game 'Music creation by codemaster' in 1999. I recorded the finished track using an analog recorder directly off the Tele speakers...hence the poor audio...The samples were pretty basic and needed some editing.The bass was really synthetic and the guitar parts needed lots of reverb and delay...i also added waves and seagulls samples to add to the feel of where i imagine it to the coastal shores of Jamaica.....anyway......enjoy!

Tags : | Techno | 6.59 MB

Description : A snealky use of a long forgotten sample...BTW the loop is called "Scalectrix" after the racing track game

Tags : | Electronic | 4.50 MB

Description : Computer Game music

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.69 MB

Description : This is my little rendition of Canon..

Don't know if it belongs in here or not, but I've always liked it, makes me think of the holidays or the end of a video game...

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 3.26 MB

Description : Cool video game-esque beginning, cool bassing (hence the name) and tremolo chorus guitar. It's pretty cool. I made up the video game track. It's actually a bass loop, but the beginning is repeated so fast that it made it high-pitched. I can't explain it any better than that.

Tags : | Techno | 4.57 MB

Description : This doesn't really have a good name but it reminds me of a theme from a video game. most of the sounds came from this site. I would appreciate a reveiw!

Tracks 801 - 806 of 806
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