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Description : I need to get out more. I started working on this song before I ever heard of it. I thought it was an original by someone from looperman. Anyway, I heard a lot of Beatles and Eagles in it so I put a little something together. Anyway, early end to a fun project. Original lyrics by Robbie Williams. Performed by
robinz. Music, I guess my own twist to a song I never heard before.

Description : I'm looking for a vocalist to bring this track to life a little more, drop me a message if you're interested and i can send over the instrumental.
Have fun and stay creative!

Description : just havin some fun...u can add stuff if you want i'll probably be adding more vocals.

This vocal is on my acapella page

Description : i make beats for fun and would like to do it professionaly later, lmk what yall think of this. Thanks to minor2go for the amazing sample, also this guy that posts robotsamples on looperman, i forgot his name if someone knows his name lmk so i can give him some credits.

if anyone can rap on this lmk

Description : A chill music that i made for a friend who is making a fangame (it's a french fangame pokemon) check it if you want : Pokemon Artefacte !
Anyway have fun with this one !

Description : hi,

have fun

Tags : | Techno | 6.62 MB | FL Studio

Description : at 2:00 minutes maybe is more fun. some people like it...

Tags : | House | 9.15 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Feat with female vocalist Daragma to come. Interms of production (other than volume) I think it's there. It was planned as a fun euro-vision hard house entry. I found out Spain don't singing in English. So here it is. Vocals should be layed in the near future.

Tags : | Acid | 4.85 MB | Has Lyrics | Soundtrap

Description : lot of fun

Description : Made this for fun :)

Description : fun little guitar oriented track i have made :)

let me know what I can do to spice things up

Description : I made this for fun, a parody for nowadays, common meaningless rap songs. NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE, THIS IS A JOKE

Description : Instrumental, mix of some Creepy Trap and Latino Reaggeaton.
Please, tell me what you think about this short song !
If you use it, like always, just write that i made the prod, something like (Prod by DDreamer) or ft DDreamer.
Have fun with it !!!

Description : JDB does it again. Just a fun track

Description : Just a simple song I made up about iMessage sexting.

I'm currently looking for more experienced producers/audio engineers to collaborate with to take songs I've already mapped out/composed to the next level. If anyone is interested in making fun/fast/poppy dance music, just let me know.

Description : Retro Melodic Fun Sounding
Purity Vibes
Video Game Inspired
No Samples
Alt Ending
Bpm 160
Drop any songs you make to it in the comments

Description : //////////

Tags : | Trap | 7.51 MB | FL Studio

Description : Since the feedback on my first tribute beat to the amazing artist "xxxtentacion" was quiet amazing, I did another one and think it even turned out better :)

Leave your thoughts and/or tracks in the comments - have fun :)

greets ~ RIQ

Tags : | Rap | 4.27 MB | FL Studio

Description : A little freestyle, i had fun making this music and then i found this good acapella !
I used only half of it... i don't think i'll continue this project but want your opinions !

Description : For those working the night shift. It's been a while since I put a track together and as usual it's uploaded when the sun is just coming up !

I hope you enjoy it, comments always welcome. Some Guitar A-minor fusion for fun ! - Bilbozo

I wish you love, happiness and successful music to you !

Tags : | Electro | 7.94 MB | FL Studio

Description : just for fun

Tags : | Fusion | 8.03 MB

Description : Just a fun piece.

Description : this was really fun to do i might do more

Description : Lyrics taken from ade1980 "Karma Forgave"
Was fun to do it an hope you enjoy it!
thx in advance for your feedback

Description : Made a beat from a loop by MINOR2GO called Piano Quality - Love me tomorrow & searching for someone who can add some vocals. Have fun!

Tracks 76 - 100 of 2538
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