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Tags : | Electro | 6.13 MB | FL Studio

Description : gebaut 2016 have fun

Description : - This track is for UNcommercial use ONLY -

This is a Bluface type of beat called: ''Baby''
If you want to rap on this beat, make sure you have a prod. by Jay-R in the title, so your track will not get copyrighted.

Have fun!

- Jay-R

Description : Just Having fun trying new things

Sample Link
https://www. looperman .com/loops/detail/174306/baloney-140bpm-trap-bells-loop

Tags : | Cinematic | 9.44 MB | FL Studio

Description : [90 BPM] [A# MIN]
Damn, this has been fun to make. Sorry if it gets repetitive; I'm still used to EDM-style stuff. Also, the .wav wouldn't fit, so I had to use the slightly lower-quality .mp3 version. Sorry.

Description : Just a bit of summer fun

Description : Just a teenage kid trying have fun and make music. Welcome to any and all feedback.

Description : One of my favourite tracks, had fun making it cos it just seemed to flow when doing it. Tried to keep it minimal only using 4 elements at most at any one time. If anyone would like to contribute more to tune, msg me in comments

Tags : | Rock | 5.05 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Just something I made for fun, no intention to post this outside of Looperman. First track i've made that uses some Looperman samples/vocals (all listed bellow).

Vocals by Junior Paes (@djoctx) "Surrender" acapella
"Heavy Rock Guitar" loop by @noahfeazell (originally 120bpm)
"Hard E Minor Punk Music 2" bass loop by @fuzz666 (barely audible, used for sub elements, originally 140bpm).
"Paralyzed Spacey Guitar Riff" by @itsrighter (originally 72bpm)

Made in Maschine 2.0 (DAW not listed).

Description : have fun with this

Description : had fun with this one, hope yall like

Description : Sorry for being inactive coz I've been working on this alot. Let me guys know what you think, have fun listening Im out.

Drop loop is from FreaX thanks to that guy.

Tags : | Country | 3.28 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : The number one hit in 1973 from the populair Band Fleetwood Mac.
We played this in a Jamming sesion....and tuning our instruments in Country Style. It gives a so relaxing sound that we recorded it.......The sound of the sea....the cymbals mimic the sound of the waves. The heavy low bass meaning 'slow rocking boat in open water'. And of course the Albatross....the 'free' almost sleeping bird flying in the beautiful sky.... Just for fun Jamming........

Description : Starts at 20 secs. A small cover recorded in a noisy trailer with a terrible microphone setup. I'm rusty. But it's fun to sing and harmonize. Nothing serious.

Tags : | Techno | 12.07 MB | Featured

Description : Hi Guys,
I found in my archives some boxes from Disk that I recorded twenty years ago.
It's time to bring her back to music.
Super Disk 3.5 will be a new series.
Have fun with it.
DJ Phantom 7

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.93 MB | FL Studio

Description : hope you enjoy and have fun! All I ask is that you put the link in the comments to what fire you created!

Tags : | Electronic | 10.70 MB | Cubase

Description : I discovered these beautifully edited vocals here on Looperman. Thanks to Steelyvibe for this source of inspiration. It was a lot of fun to knit a song out of it.

Description : Had fun doing this today, Let me know what you think

Thankyou to Joe Funktastic for his fantastic loop (inspired me lots, hope I said your name right )

accapella in accapela section

Tags : | Trance | 9.70 MB

Description : My new song is New Age Trance House Party. Have fun, people.

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.58 MB | Mixcraft

Description : just a bad azz beat using some brotech beats an some of my own lyrics just a really cool fun mix to make who knows whats next

Description : Disco Margarita For The People a Summer Funk Dance Song, very catchy. Started out as a fun funk song now I'm starting thinking serious collab. Used Apple's vocal samples plus others from Freesound to create an 80's funk breakdance kinda mix. Great for locking or popping. Unlike my other material there's no real message to this song other than have fun. Comment to download.

Tags : | RnB | 8.47 MB | Reason

Description : This song was so fun to work on because of the sample we started with.

Tags : | Chill Out | 11.35 MB

Description : Chill out summer vibe, after a long night out in the fun! Your feedback is welcome...

Alien Original


Tags : | Funk | 6.95 MB | Reason

Description : between electro and funk music :) have fun all feedbacks are welcome!

Description : All of the samples involve in this track are from Looperman. I just made a few tweaks here and there. I dedicate this track to this awesome community. I cant post links here cause of the exceeding characters length sorry about that. Anyways have fun listening,Im out.

Description : here's another track I've been working on, I've been making more uptempo beats lately which has been a fun change to what I typically do.

Let me know what you think and what changes could be done to the mix!

Tracks 26 - 50 of 2539
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