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Description : When our ancient ancestors migrated out of Africa (which probably happened several times), it was likely driven by drought. I tried to imagine that in this piece, using the fantastic trap track, looperman-t-2047901-0201182-barley-grass-contender, unmodified, as the musical template.
The DAW I used is Audacity (not in the list).
It's fun to imagine history and I hope you enjoy this attempt.

Description : Hi guys another vocal from me, this time Matthias gave his blessing. It's to his beautiful return track chillout vibe. It's a tribute to my closest here on LM. My voice a few ways including, the balls to do a harmony channel too. There's 30+ shout outs, so listen up, you may here your name. It's community based and some of you play characters. Switch the fucking volume UP, it's a builder. Love the Stokesey and Cyber lines :))) Sorry girls it was a lads love in.

Tags : | Spoken Word | 3.55 MB

Description : It's true. I like Rezz.
The track that inspired this madness, unmanipulated by me, is looperman-t-3371465-0208993-ghoul.
It's great fun for me to overlay lyrics on fantastic tracks like this. I hope it's not too painful to listen to.
The DAW (not in the list) is Audacity. That's all I've ever used at home. (In studios it's always been ProTools.)

Description : have fun with this track greetings

Tags : | Rock | 9.45 MB | Samplitude

Description : Ein bluesiger geradlieniger langsamer Popsong mit einem tolle Saxsolo. Danke Mr. Douthit fuer das Saxsolo und Gynni fuer das Piano. Viel Spass damit

A bluesy straight slow pop song with a great sax solo. Thank you Mr. Douthit for the sax solo and Gynni for the piano. Have fun with it

Tags : | EDM | 7.12 MB | FL Studio

Description : Just a fun project :)

Tags : | Reggaeton | 4.53 MB | FL Studio

Description : Used a Guitar Sample from CYMATICS Orchid Sample Pack

Had a lot of fun doing this beat really like the vibe and i hope you like it as well

Hope you enjoy! :D

Tags : | EDM | 3.50 MB | FL Studio

Description : Latidos Mago - Mess Around is off the album ''Let's Go Clubbing Vol.1'' Set the mood right and don't take a thing too personal. Let's have some fun...

Description : Put this one together for some fun enjoy

Description : Boaty Blanco & How To Loot Brazil - Break Up Song (Off Da Chain Remix)2022
Just having fun with the music. Enjoy.

Tags : | Rock | 12.37 MB | Samplitude

Description : This is a new rockin' version of Lullaby. The song starts out soft and then gets louder and rockier. Have fun with it Manu

Description : Just for fun lol. A sick drop would be amazing

Tags : | Trap | 10.38 MB | Ableton Live

Description : have fun with this track greetings

Tags : | Jazz | 4.66 MB

Description : I was thinking about my old music days so I thought about the type of sounds I really tried to do. I'm sorry if this is no good but I couldn't help myself. The solos are always fun so tell me what you think about those. The final 30 seconds of the song are simply an appreciation to the 3 in charge. The guitarist. the drummer and the bassist. Thanks to those for a great lead and foundation.

Tags : | Reggaeton | 4.56 MB | FL Studio

Description : So much fun making this beat
probably one of the best i have ever made
hope you enjoy

Description : have fun with this track greetings

Tags : | House | 8.85 MB | Ableton Live

Description : have fun with this track greetings

Description : Just 4 fun :D

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.38 MB

Description : have fun

Tags : | Trap | 1.84 MB | FL Studio

Description : making for fun

Description : A fun track I created a while ago. Used Studio One. Track is a bit long, but if interested then feel free to DL. enjoy.

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Description : Remastered 2/21/2022 When Musk or Branson startup their intergalactic cruise ship lines and the M.T. Fusion band is invited for the maiden voyage. We would play this right here! It's fusion, it's jazz, it swings, it's a lot of fun! Let me know if you agree. So buckle up and join me for an out-of-this-world ride.

Description : Created in Studio One.
Having fun with some vocals.
Valentine is over.
Now back to the matter at hand.

Tags : | Dub | 4.43 MB | Garageband

Description : Just Fun Dynamic Song

Tags : | Trap | 6.21 MB | FL Studio

Description : Ferocious and rigorously motivated. Avoid them at all cost!

Man, I just have too much fun in my own world. Lol

Tracks 1 - 25 of 2758