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Description : Let me know if you do anything with it. Leave a link and have fun.

Description : *THIS TRACK IS NOT DONE*
This is a track I've been working on. I used the same format from the previous song for the fun of it. Let me know what you think and please provide any possible adjustments or opinions you can. Thanks!

Tags : | Pop | 3.51 MB | Reason

Description : Just having some fun with these beautiful vocals. Testing out plugin performance in Reason's new update.

Tags : | Trap | 11.65 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : How to enter: Download the beat, Rap on it, leave a link in the comments. Also, just let me know what you think. This contest is just for fun. the winner gets respect.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.44 MB | Has Lyrics | Reason

Description : Just having fun with this Russin Rap Accapella I found on this site.

Tags : | Trap | 8.30 MB | FL Studio

Description : have fun :)

/// for uncommercial use only!

Description : Just a fun track i'm workin acapella is up as well.

Description : A fun song me and a couple friends made. Prod. By me, "Sebby" Hope you enjoy!

Description : for fun

Description : Good day looperpeeps!

Have a new one here. Looking for vocals as always. 120bpm

verseveara7 : indie dance
separateproductions : soft violin
danke : black-roses

Download and have fun!


Description : remix for fun

Description : Old recording I made when I first got my equipment and started to record myself. Honestly it isn't perfect by any means. Just putting it out there because I'm itching to start recording my new material once I return from overseas in a few months. It was fun when I was making it and I still like it when I listen to it so, here you go! Not really looking for critiques as it was made when I was inexperienced as stated before. Maybe someone will like it too. Peace, 4M@

Tags : | EDM | 5.32 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : for fun (always)

look in my acc profile and listen in my soundcloud page

Tags : | Pop | 8.76 MB | Featured | Reason

Description : Here is a song I made a year ago now that I decided to share with you. I had fun at home on one of my beats and that gave it!
For the first verse I used the acappella of Servilious (thanks to him for sharing).

Thank you for your opinion ! I'll apreciate them.
For those who speak French, I know, the lyrics are not exceptional but it's just for fun :)
Thanks à lot and good listening!

Tags : | Rock | 8.37 MB | Ableton Live

Description : I've been a fan of Jeff Lynne's music since I first heard ELO back in the 70's. His production style is unique and pretty awesome, to say the least. I tried doing this one because it's mostly guitar based and it's a fun song. I would like to thank ferryterry for his horn loops I used in the lead. Fender Strat Squire into a Fender Bronco for guitars. Lots of singing. Added some cello but sparingly. Changed my master track effects setup and worked more on gain staging, seems to have helped.

Description : original song by. sting - shape of my heart
but who cares in hiphop?!
This is a cover of juice wrld - lucid dreams
or sting - shape of my heart...what ever
enjoy it;) it was allot of fun!!!

Description : Weird track. Im looking to collab with someone.

It has a swedish sample in it where an "expert" says in swedish "they start smoking joints after that they are soon smoking hasch", I thought it was so dumb and fun

Description : I need to get out more. I started working on this song before I ever heard of it. I thought it was an original by someone from looperman. Anyway, I heard a lot of Beatles and Eagles in it so I put a little something together. Anyway, early end to a fun project. Original lyrics by Robbie Williams. Performed by
robinz. Music, I guess my own twist to a song I never heard before.

Description : I'm looking for a vocalist to bring this track to life a little more, drop me a message if you're interested and i can send over the instrumental.
Have fun and stay creative!

Description : just havin some fun...u can add stuff if you want i'll probably be adding more vocals.

This vocal is on my acapella page

Description : i make beats for fun and would like to do it professionaly later, lmk what yall think of this. Thanks to minor2go for the amazing sample, also this guy that posts robotsamples on looperman, i forgot his name if someone knows his name lmk so i can give him some credits.

if anyone can rap on this lmk

Tags : | Trap | 2.75 MB | FL Studio

Description : Me having random fun here. Take it if yall want.

Description : A chill music that i made for a friend who is making a fangame (it's a french fangame pokemon) check it if you want : Pokemon Artefacte !
Anyway have fun with this one !

Description : hi,

have fun

Description : Been super busy with work and family...

Had a fun time making this track, samples from my all time favorite RPG, Final Fantasy 7. Enjoy, let me hear what you come up with.


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