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Tags : | Trap | 6.92 MB | FL Studio

Description : chopped and screwed style trap beat, if u dont like it , still give m a comment, for u like and dont like about the track fuck sakes u listen but dont leave a comment how am i to improve if u dont grind my gears ... please leave me fuckin message on what u think coud be better

Description : This is one of my new beatz
Enjoy and let hear your tunes..
Give the best fuck the rest.

Description : * * ARTIST CONTEST TO WIN $100 * *


I am having a contest to see who can take this track, and finish it off DOPE AS FUCK. I will be focusing on three elements.

1. Lyrical Content
2. Flow
3. Overall sound and voice.

Rules are simple. Record over any part in this track that does not already have vocals, and make it dope.


Description : Another synthwave/dark synth track that I've been working on for a project called Neon Skyline: Anarchist. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Description : This was recorded 5 mins after getting cautioned and fined by london police right outside of a public music studio, fuck pc pat

Prod. Maddera Music

join ceasah on his journey as a london based rapper singer/songwriter. instergh - __Ceasr_

Description : fuck with this track .. 98 percent. some small tweeks to fix but all Fire

Tags : | Weird | 4.08 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : soundcloud toby_kinuta

Description : this idea is pretty sound. i just cant get anything that sounds good and i dont want it to sound like i just threw shit in for the fuck of it.
this is going to be a collab request. if you want to download the project, click my picture and use the link on my profile and leave a comment so i can take a listen to it. thanks

Description : Fuck the haters. All Songs Produced By ME!!!

Description : sajmON - Fuck You!

Description : FTP

im looking for to people to collab hmu!
Find me on Spotify! 'Lil Hauki'

Tags : | Trap | 7.69 MB | FL Studio

Description : Sick wit it ....
this is mostly finished...mastering is 95 % just a few more tweaks.
We gonna fuck the world up with this one Ladies and Gentlemen...

as always keep listening and

Description : vibey phonk track

my soundcloud: s4ntzz

Description : tried tell bleep but my spelling so bad lyrics should be you spell lol ok here is meaning of song you smell ----- the guy smells somebody els on his woman -- and I will raise hell -- the guys getting pised off fuck off the guy is pissed off now and his woman is tainted music is taking led zepplin Kashmir and turning it upside down and inside out a play on led zeplin Kashmir but differnt telling this story few words needed as somethings best unsaid short but to the point enjoy

Description : I'm looking for new artists to collab on some new tracks cause i'm gonna be putting out a mixtape soon with this song featured in it ( HIT ME UP ON SOUNDCLOUD AND COMMENT ON HERE IF YOU LIKE THE TRACK) fuck a royal giant bitch it dont stress me

Description : (use headphones) theres a funny story about this music, i was watching WATCHMEN ULTIMATE CUT, and this scene really impressed me, so i thought it could fit in to my beat lo fi that i already had. Its actually my first song ever, so i hope you guys enjoy it

Description : phonk beat

Description : Dubstep

Tags : | Trap | 3.12 MB | FL Studio

Description : it didnt slap that but fuck it

Description : This track is produced by me (Allura) and the amazing voice is from Mulaoff. It's a chill R&B/Hip-Hop song.
Check my ig : @djallura
DM me for collabs or to give or opinion

Description : ehhhhhhh i dont know what the FUCK FL STUDIO DID TO MY SHIT but now its off beat and i cant delete this shit

Description : shit fye fye i dont want anybody claiming this as theres cause i really like this one

EDIT: infact fuck it u can claim it as hers

Tags : | Rap | 4.70 MB | FL Studio

Description : shit ass but my friend say he fuck wit it

Edit:and i forgot to put the secondary snares FUCKKKKKKKKKKK

Description : its not entirely exact but an affort was made. ignore the end part, im not really sure where it came from

Description : hip hop , brass , beat , trap , rap , rick ross , gucci , migos , redman , kendrick lamar , j cole

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