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Tags : | House | 8.79 MB

Description : SikNoiz - Fight (Khiflee Remix)

Fight By SikNoiz Remix Competition

Tags : | Dubstep | 4.93 MB

Description : Found a remix contest on this site and decided to join in for a chance to win a spot on his EP

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.77 MB | Featured

Description : Hello ,
I'm new here ,
tried so hard for making this and playing those lead guitars ,just respectfully not going to take your time for comment . what could be told about such short piece .

thanks for listening .

Description : some guy was talking rudely towards my girlfriend so i got in his messages and challenged him to a fight. he backed out so i made this songto hang over his head for the rest of his life.

Tags : | Dubstep | 7.07 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This is another take on my original song, Fight.

I replaced the kicks and snares with better ones and released that as a loop.

The drop has also been completely redone. I've released that as a loop too.

You can listen to the original here:

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.00 MB | Featured

Description : Nothing

Tags : | Rap | 2.94 MB | Colab Request

Description : Fight

Description : Action/Fight music

Description : Don't let anyone tell you , You Can't. Fight back with the power of hard ass work. Then you can say "& One! Bitchs."

Tags : | Electro | 5.19 MB

Description : I use showdown and fight way too much in my titles.

Tags : | Orchestral | 9.09 MB

Description : It is in the middle, in the center, in the heart of the battle where there is men of honor, men who fight for liberty and hope or their king, for their kingdom.

Sometimes, when you are inspired by something, when your imagination falls on a plowed ground, when music is more important than life that you create a piece like this.
Epic style is very rooted inside of me for long years. It is a style that I love because it gives you power and taste for continue in a adventure that you began in front of your keyboard or software. Your heart accelerates, ideas fuse and orchestral becomes very loud and dull.

Don't forget to subscibe to my YouTube channel, to share, post a comment or give a "like". I always enjoy it a lot.

For reason of rights, please, don't use any of my tracks for your own project. Keep me informed for information.

Tags : | Dubstep | 9.06 MB

Description : Previously titled Nuclear, Fight has been in production for almost half a year.
Because of that, it is my most intricate song and has the most effort put into it of any of my work.
Free download for my Looperman friends!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.26 MB | Featured

Description : Hip hop with some rock added to it..This beat is for sale comment let me know what you think of it!!..I'll be doing free beats on here so keep an eye out for those!!

Tags : | Dance | 4.55 MB

Description : Remix Competition for this song. Go to my recent forum post for more details.

Description : Short clip of loops that I made. It's been a while since I mixed. Long overdue!

Description : After a long hiatus, I'm back with a jungle style song with deep house elements. Hope you guys like my comeback song!

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 5.55 MB

Description : This was an early morning adventure. I had to ask myself why I haven't made any DnB tracks for years, so I combined a ton of different genres into this. I had the idea of like a boss fight in mind, which is why there's not as many buildups as I usually go with. Overall, it's not very polished, not very finished, but I had a lot of fun with it. Hope you enjoy!

Description : Hip Hop Base, free use!
Let me know what you think

Description : Do you ever wake up and feel like you need a morning song to wake you up? Maybe this is for you! I composed this and had my friend Did the vocals for me, I hope you enjoy, and feel free to download and comment!

Description : Hey guys , i tried to make a cinematic track which fits for an action-fight-war scene. I just want to know what you think. Thanks!

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.38 MB

Description : So a new track for everyone. Im pretty impressed by this one, and would even place it higher than one of my best tracks, Angel And A Demon. However, I'm trying to decide whether or not I should put vocals to it. I have some in mjnd, but idk if itd be better to leave as is and keep it instrumental or not. Take a listen and let me know! Also, let me know if anything is too loud, still working on my mastering.

Description : This is my very first 8bit music in Fl11.I know it sucks but it's for one of my games so the track is pretty fitting!

Tags : | Cinematic | 7.56 MB

Description : This is a boss battle for a sci-fi medieval video game or movie.
The real fight start at 1:29 minutes
This music is for my friend Andrew hoard
Demonic teemo 3000 is a siege robot who the player need to stop him before the total destruction of the player natal citadel!
any comment are welcome and the main melodies will be as loop in this cool website. n.b Demonic Teemo 3001 is the same as Demonic Teemo 3000 but with some upgrade.

Tags : | Cinematic | 1.78 MB

Description : Epic last fight. Let me know if u want use it.

Tags : | Trap | 1.88 MB | Colab Request

Description : unfinished Track

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