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Tags : | Pop | 7.14 MB

Description : early version..will work it more

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.86 MB

Description : this is the song that ChrissG and Yeshintae made the beat for. Farisha hit it up with a very nice and smooth chorus. and CManhattan hit up the verse. let us know if it was worth your while! thanks again for all of your support. everyone that was involved in this one, you are very good people!

Tags : | Pop | 4.04 MB

Description : still under construction... 100% composition.. big ups to Farisha, she is amazing, and thanks for hooking me up with some top notch fresh vox ;)

can't wait till this track is fully finished...
reviews welcome... show some love

Tags : | Pop | 3.65 MB

Description : this is a reggae pop tune that i put together and didnt know what to do with, it wasnt an instrumental but i didnt have any words - that when i passed onto Farisha who came up with the lyrics and adaptions ending up with "Love Me".
the base consists of looperman members guitar jock and pianoman, i added a couple of old ejay loops and there you go - its a simple but catchy tune that would end itself to other uses but if you want to hear how it is as a song listen to the track on my listing "Love Me", would like to hear your comments on either, Thanks

Tags : | Pop | 2.81 MB

Description : Headphones, but i sang some versions instead of the rap by thenapoleoncomplex. which works better? its a debate. by myself djcufool, and farisha

Tags : | Pop | 2.82 MB

Description : myself, djcufool, thenapoleoncomplex, and farisha :) hope you enjoy!!!

Tags : | Electronic | 4.91 MB

Description : featuring the talents of Farisha Music

Tags : | Dance | 3.27 MB

Description : Music - Orso
Lyrics - Farisha (thanks for amazing acapellas i've ever heard)
bitrate 128
w/o mastering w/o fine sync

Farisha is awesome!

Tags : | Pop | 6.85 MB

Description : just put up an early version...

Tags : | RnB | 6.55 MB | Featured

Description : UK collaboration with the US..Great music !!!

Tags : | RnB | 6.02 MB

Description : this is a track i had bugging me for a couple of weeks, then i found Farisha and was totaly impressed with her talent, sent her the tune and asked if she had any thoughts on it - 24hrs later i got this !!! All credit to Farisha, she put the ethnic sound to it and all the lyrics , rerecorded it and sent it back, here it is untouched by me. I think its fantastic and definatley a chart sound, anyone disagree. (all the basic loops in the tune are from looperman members so credit to you all - another example of how much talent is on this site)

Tags : | RnB | 4.38 MB

Description : More mellow style tune to bring out the best in Farisha's voice, used her extended version and chopped it up a little to keep the flow of the song together, all other loops are from members, Big thanks to Pianoman his material is brill to work with, sort of sticks in your head, any comments appreciated. Thanks - and a very big thankyou to Farisha for some brilliant acapella's.

Tags : | Dance | 5.93 MB

Description : This peice came out absolutely gorgeous with the help of the beautiful and talented Farisha (FarishaMusic) here on Looperman. I'm sure she will upload the track as well, so be sure to review both if possible. Also check out some of my other tracks and Farisha's as well. enjoy fellow loopers!

Tags : | Rap | 3.46 MB

Description : I wrote it in my personal studio, I came across Farisha and used one of her samples in the song as the hook. I also produced the beat and the sound.

Tracks 301 - 314 of 314
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