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Tags : | Electronic | 5.77 MB

Description : sounds electronic sort of, but i was just chillin and this is what was made

Tags : | Electronic | 3.17 MB

Description : My first track! took me 3 weeks to complete it.Did this for my school EMP assignment and had good reviews from my lecturer and friends.I also did this to dedicate it to my friend who is from Hanoi,Vietnam.The track is a mixture of electronic n traditional Vietnamese music.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.45 MB

Description : This is from my Trip-Hop project WeBlackSheep...Only the second time I ever wrote any thing electronic. All programming, sampling, mixing, and musical composition were done yours truely. Vocals and Lyrics courtesy of MorbidMac

Tags : | Electronic | 4.28 MB | Featured

Description : Spent a little over a month trying to get this thing finished. Has an electronic sound that combines a traditional piano with electronic instruments. If you have any suggestions let me know.
Apparently the previous version I submitted was unmastered. I put the song on a CD and listened to it in my car and the sound levels were all over the place. So now, it has been mastered! (I hope)

Tags : | Electronic | 6.07 MB

Description : In the very beginning You can hear a sample from the looperman "sub droplet" and my distorted electronic sample with lower frequency. Beside I used percussion sample "bra_sin_beats". Any other sounds (including main "cut and paste" melody) was made by my self. Enjoy.

Tags : | Electronic | 1.58 MB | Featured

Description : i made it while being fevered, at firt I wanted to do a something inspired by the electronic tracks in the movie Requiem for a dream, it explain the first 15 seconds. but i prefered to do something disonant but that i please myself to listen to.oh, I'm using FL. good headphones are required

Tags : | Ambient | 3.83 MB

Description : Now I've been heading up the development one of my bands called MOUTH. We are kind of an ambient doom metal type extension of Panic Attack (my electronic group) and one half of my Doom/southern Sludge Metal band Electric Ritual. This track that I'm uploading is basically only HALF of the song, because it spans for about 12 minutes, and its too big for Looperman. The thing is, we are very dedicated to the build up of songs, starting with seemingly nothing, and then adding, layer after layer, so some of the power is lost.

Anyway, some of this was done with Fruity Loops, other with Acid, some with good ol' wholesome real instruments and keys.

Let me know what you think, the MOUTH ep, which we haven't decided on a name yet, will be out very very soon.

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.08 MB | Featured

Description : The track includes intro and the main track. You can find here my own electronic samples, samples from the internet, and one DM saple. JazztidireanimationC is my favorite own track. Enjoy it.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.40 MB

Description : Electronic/World/Downtempo/SpokenWord

I have posted this instrumental track already, thoughI have smoothed some things out and added to the ending. As well, I have fused in some of my spoken word splices. I need to work on the vocal samples a bit, but I like where it is going.

Let me know what you think.

(All loops and my own recorded voice samples used with ACID. The piece is called 'Herbal Remedy' and was a stream of conscious poem that erupted out one day a couple years ago.)

Tags : | Dance | 3.31 MB

Description : this was made by my fiance it is her first track ever. it is made up from samples. some credit should go to gameboix because a couple of the samples we made on the colab that didnt go as planned. hope you like it coz its proper bangin!

Tags : | Electronic | 5.72 MB

Description : This track is psychodelic electronic music.
For this song i used a lot of thime to create the background sounds. I made the main structure of the song in reason, but for the special FX and for compressing the beats i used appelton live.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.62 MB

Description : I had a really goodtime putting this one together. My goal was to fuse an organic sound, with a very contrasting Electronic Feel. It is mostly percussive. I feel I accomplished my goal of the fusion. There are element of many different styles; acoustic, ethnic, Hip Hop, Techno, Glitch, Industrial. Let me know what you think. I had fun with this one...

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.42 MB

Description : This is a simple beat I made using FL Studio 7. It was one of those days when I felt like doing something different. Which some of you may think is everyday lol, but ofcourse that just makes things more interesting.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.52 MB

Description : EDIT: I fixed the track... if I'd realized it didn't work I would have redone it right away, but never thought to hit listen. It plays now. -had to reupload the mp3 again. I was stunned to find out about Trey's passing. I saw Mr Robot's dedication to him on Saturday and was gutted when I found out...I only knew him a short while but had a huge amount of respect for him both musically and personally. When he stopped emailing me I never dreamed it was because he was gone...it's a shame to see someone die so young. I had this song nagging at me for 2 days before that, and decided to take it as a sign I should record it. I was originally thinking doing it a la karaoke, but decided to be a bit more adventurous and do an electronic cover instead. I used all VSTIs and Acid Pro. Rest in peace Trey, you'll be missed. x

Tags : | Weird | 1.10 MB

Description : an electronic vision of what the ost of sur les rives du styx could had been - in the eponym album

Tags : | Electronic | 2.97 MB

Description : HI! IM JOE! i cant genger this song because im a rock producer,so im not acostum to play triger drums,and all that midi shit,so i did'int want it to be out of the midi j.o.b.sso i started to play some electronic rock i have heard some bands that have the electronic rock sound such as ministry,atari tenage riot but i have int hear something like this song...the specifications of the song are realy simple,midi sinth controller,ssimons drum module,korg 16 channel hard drive recoeder,and a old fender guitar with hippr fuzz distortion.

Tags : | Dance | 7.24 MB

Description : LOOPERMAN EXCLUSIVE!!! I wrote/produced this song using ONLY the finest Looperman files, and used ACID 4.0 for the compiling/editing/fine tuning. I tried to write an epic trance song, but like most of the songs I write, it got a little dark...
I describe this as an "Epic Trance Dark Breakbeat with Driving House" song. If you listen I think you'll know what I mean.

Tags : | Trance | 4.03 MB

Description : Another deep dream trance this time a little fast with a kind of electronic music......enjoy!

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.79 MB

Description : I played around for a couple of days with Magix Music Maker and this was my 4th attempt at making a track. Downloaded some loops here from looperman, a few other sites and used what came with the program. Honestly I've downloaded so many loops that I don't remember everyone I borrowed from but for now thanx be to Cystem and Ioppa Electronic. Thanks to you both and thank you to all the cool peeps on Lopperman. Hope you like.

Tags : | Industrial | 6.06 MB

Description : A more darker song of mine. Not the normal electronic type music I make but a more darker feel due to the circumstances pf the song.

About a person who spends so much time with dark people online.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 6.14 MB

Description : A dark ambient/drum n bass track. Two of my favourite factors when producing music are progression and atmosphere. I love the copious amounts this track has. Its kinda old but yeah, still very kool.
Samples used- beat samples cut up and manipulated. Everything else are instruments from a rude plugin named Absynth by NI. I recommend it to anyone who makes electronic/atmospheric music.

Tags : | House | 6.31 MB

Description : such a housy varied composition...lots of sounds, melodic lines, live guitar and bass, djembe percussion and more...one for happy groovy people :) ...from the time of my becoming familiar with electronic styles and sounds...

Tags : | Dirty | 6.33 MB

Description : Welllll, first song with actual loops in it. Made a "track" before, but it was just repeating samples. What I was going for was a feel of something really small, minute, unseen, like a virus (hence the title). used alot of loops from this website, cheers to Bug and P.C. for some great sounds :D

Used Sonic ACID Pro 4, Sony Sound Forge 7, and my Dark Star synth. I'm not into regular instruments, as it's purely electronic music only.

Tags : | Ambient | 1.94 MB

Description : just electronic beat

Tags : | Electronic | 2.93 MB

Description : Kept having problems uploading this file, but Finally overcome it. I think this track could have some more work done to it. I think it could use a better bass drum and something is missing when it kicks in, doesn't seem to have the effect I wanted it to. Nevertheless this it probably my best track so far. Don't no how I would class it, I think it is ambient electronic, but it has to drum kits, dub and glitch, I think they work well with the rest of the song though.

Tracks 1151 - 1175 of 1184
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