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Description : this song is not complete. the last versus is a freestyle. not by any means a finished song
BEAT BY: AjLowry

Tags : | Chill Out | 1.40 MB | FL Studio

Description : In depression,I made this bit,about the experience that close people can throw you

Tags : | Trance | 4.08 MB | Mixcraft

Description : This song is inspired by the engine of modern day oppression which has worn away the ambitions of billions of people as they work in the eternal servitude of one another amongst a system which favors the few. However I, like many, should fight the depression with a subtle arrogance to proclaim that we are the masters of our own universe.

Description : Depression is real, and many people feel they are alone but there not! I found a instrumental the other day on youtube and just started singing to it.

Tags : | Blues | 7.26 MB

Description : My first upload for a while, I've been busy with a new job and not had too much time to put anything together, it's a track about someone with depression that's having a rare good day, hope you like it, all comments welcomed



Tags : | Chill Out | 5.43 MB | Featured

Description : I decided to rework a track by Danny Fern and sliced it to make a full track. I also did the sample and vocals on the track. The song is about depression. Many people suffer from it daily. Don't ever give up. There is always help.

Description : one of a few tracks i did when i was in a severe depression.

Description : Ыtill can not believe that X's gone, I still can not believe in such moments. Is the life of Onfroid worthy of Louis Vee's fucking bag. I do not believe in that. His music helped many to overcome depression and me also.This damn rockstar in its 20 made more than any of you.Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy - a new 2pac, a new legend. You always be in my heart.

Description : I dont know, it makes me feel good, like looking at a full moon

Tags : | Pop | 9.54 MB | Adult Content

Description : Losing my dad was a fxxking mess. This song for me is about depression, and being stuck in your mind, and wanting to escape.

Guitar and part of the drum loop from here, rest is me. Going to be on my new EP next month.

Description : Hey guys I'm back, If you sit back and listen to this, it takes away stress an depression. anti-stress

Description : I DID NOT make this track. I downloaded it from somebody here @denyjanuary ... the mans piano work is astonishing!!!! if you havent listented to it.. please do yourself a favour... So anyways.. i was (surprisingly) inspired by a new rapper XXXTENTACION - one of his tracks is him rhyming over a simple piano and i thought it was fantastic... I always get new tid bits of like "oh you can do that in hip hop" listening to other people.. I constantly box myself in to a certain formula of music, but hearing that allowed more doors and windows to be open

The name is called Dis Pair.. like dispair and/or saying This Pair like a couple.. in this case its me and depression.

anyways.. the piano is fucking great. DENYJANUARY please check him/her out..

and enjoy this! if anybody wants to make music together I would love to..


Description : A song i made about how my life treats me.

Made The Beat myself as well

Tags : | Trap | 6.86 MB

Description : This is the first beat in a long while that I actually started and finished from scratch in one setting. Been going through a lot personally, and making this beat really helped with my anxiety and depression. I don't even think this would classify as trap, but I'll put it in that category anyway. I like to consider most of my beats more focused on the instrumentation and composition. In other words, I guess you could say, my beats are a little more complex than usual.

Tags : | Weird | 8.17 MB

Description : Everything that reflects my recent mood - sadness, depression, melancholy and total bleakness. How long yet..?

Tags : | Ambient | 7.47 MB

Description : I wrote this song after i heard about
drake's album storyline concept and his battle with depression. this song is for anybody surviving the daily battles that is life; just know that you dont have to be alone!

Tags : | Trap | 12.76 MB

Description : A super dark and bassy track for those who like depression and causing earthquakes. Best listen from highly responsive sub systems.

Big thanks to KaloKid for the dealleviatingly dark bells, 7venth12 who produced the super wubby future bass drums, mrfunktastic for the dark trap strings.

Tags : | Rock | 6.07 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : into a deep depression after cocaine use recovery wrote this song.

Description : you can support me on patreon: yan_87
My latest record. Standart D-tuning. Needs depression melody vokal (like Korn) or hip-hop vocal like (Limp Bizkit)

Description : you can support me on patreon: yan_87
Depression staff... needs "crying" vocal
Standart D-tuning, Tempo 110

Tags : | Ambient | 2.29 MB

Description : Depression and sadness can sometimes serve as motivation for creativity as in the case of this track. A few months back I went through a period of loosing a few friends and co-workers. Attended a few funerals and as a result found myself reflecting on life. One night I had the urge to try to transfer my feelings into music and this is what came out. Some baratone guitar accompanied by synth and accapella.
Final EDIT: Further tweaking on levels and a slight change up in the timimg of the choir section.

Description : Description from Effluence:

This gives awarness for mental health issues. A mother struggling with post partum depression trying not drown her child see more on facebook:effluence

Description from Eighteen:

Many thanks to effluence for the vocals.

Description : They all tell a story of depression, but I liked to add comedy elements to it. The song is experimental electronica and dubstep with some voice from a text to speech program. Hope you like! It does contain explicit words like 'crap,' 'whore' and 'bloody.'

Tags : | Weird | 5.68 MB

Description : Depression crosses the mind and soul like a night train ...

Tags : | Electro | 5.14 MB

Description : A track about happiness, which I wrote after emerging a deep depression state and three suicidal episodes. It was a very rough time in my life. You can clearly feel the relief in the music.

This song is the opener of my Noyzemaker's «Transitions» album (August 2011).

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