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Description : Fierce Chill Trap with female chant fx risers that will bring chills up spine. Country Guitar to set the mood.

Description : Was feeling ill the last few days, but started to feel better today and thought, well hell, I'll make a tune to celebrate.

Indian chant vocal is from 2nick8.

Chill, bloomonkey

Description : style electro house, demande de colab (chant), musique faite en 2 jours, dite-moi ce que vous en penser et partager la en masse =

electro house style, request for colab (singing), music made in 2 days, tell me what you think and share it please =)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.14 MB

Description : contains 5 Looperman Loops
1. Nobe28-Beautiful Ambient Trap Plucks
2. Minor2go godlike-1
3. Minor2go godlike-2
4. Morteh suicideboys cellphone fx
5. Trexanax treshaun514 vox chant 4
6.Synth Array by Lendy

Description : the track
Starts with a demonic chant in the background with offbeat drums
But slow, then tape stops after that some lp fades in the beat and the best 808 bassline. The drums are unusual but the flute is muffled to sound something else the bass is good
Im the only one is good makin this kind of beats atmostrap

If you wanna rap on my beat don't forget adding prod.Ghostxtatus

Tags : | Dance | 10.02 MB | Featured

Description : Thanks to Michael Lacroix, and eSoreni for the vocals.
Original chant vocal was at 85 bpm, but I tuned it to 128 bpm to fit with song. I made this song in about 2 days. I am still working on other projects so keep posted to see more.

Project started: 2/9/17
Total time spent on it: 11 hours 23 minutes.

Thanks for listening!

Tags : | Dance | 6.89 MB

Description : I wrote this song this weekend and recorded it last night with Sunny War on vocals and guitar. (We've got a backload of 10 or so songs but I'm a shiny-object kind of guy.) We kept almost the entire loop orchestration and there are some great loops here. The whole thing is built on looperman-l-0208341-0068163-drmistersir-lonesome-freaky 80 which runs throughout. Mixed with that for the first half is the crazy choral looperman-l-0911223-0101152-silencekills-key-5-pad-81-fs-min across 3 octaves. The musical bridge before the outro is built on the great loop looperman-l-1264531-0079769-arixxonsc-sequence-old-school-escape. My instruction to Sunny was "Play the guitar like it's wrestling with that loop." Sunny plays bass but we also kept looperman-l-1059144-0070847-ebaby8119-the-move-808-bass to go with it. Then there are a couple great bell loops and a choral chant loop at the end, and then of course all the drums. One of the rare times we've kept most of the loops and just wove Sunny's guitar into the orchestration. We even kept one of the guitar loops, looperman-l-1059144-0068323-ebaby8119-the-question, because it's perfect for that moment. I think this song launched a 4th album to be called PATH. Any comments or reactions are greatly appreciated. You're the first folks to hear any of this stuff and this community is instrumental (literally) in making it happen.

Description : I just wannet to make a dubstep CHANT track here

Description : This Track I Produced Is a Chatterbox Mix & I Was Going For a Hiphop Melody Using Strings, & Drum Loops. Added Both Hiphop & Trap Style Together, With Some Chant Vocals Creating a Beat.

If You Enjoy This Mix I Produced, Please Consider Sharing, Liking, Or Even Comment Your Honest Opinion On This Track, Lol Don't Worry You Won't Hurt My Feelings. TY

Description : This is the war chant

Description : This track ft New Sense (The final step) and Avonaco (Native chant).

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.88 MB

Description : Spiritual chill.The words Angelus Saltatio means hopefully Angel dance.If not,my bad.Latin is not my strong point.Chillout music with Gregorian chant.

Tags : | Ethnic | 4.92 MB

Description : a mix from ethnic and ambient

Tags : | Ambient | 6.78 MB | Featured

Description : Ok Imma be honest when I started this I was thinking about Spiritual Sex, but it morphed into this. Then again there is a spiritual quality to sex with the right person!

Have to give some props to people at looperman:

Petewain for the cool sitars
Minor-2-GO for one of the chants (Change the World)
Supersymmetry for monk chant in cave

Tags : | Reggae | 2.31 MB

Description : Reggae Dub Experimental Instrumental

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.71 MB

Description : Experimental chill track with a melodic echoing chant (sample that i chopped then put some FX on) i think anyone with an open mind to most genre's can enjoy this. Comments always apprecaited!

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 6.64 MB

Description : First off credit to HMNN for this awesome loop that kickstarted this whole track:

The style of this was inspired by Amon Tobin as I have been listening to a lot of his stuff lately.

This is my demo track for the 8DIO Sample Library "Free Radicals" . The majority of the ambient, bass and sound effect elements in this track are sounds from that library.

I was one of the sound designers who contributed to the "Free Radicals" crowd sourcing project.

The sounds I made for the instrument :

Parasitical Risers - Long - Key F1 (sounds like a Tibetan Chant)

Bacterial Hits - Shot - Bank 1 - D2 (The fan hit)

Rhythmic - E0 (A gated metal loop sound)

Parasitical Risers - Short - D#1 (sounds like mystic bells)

I was a great project, quite different than my normal video game sound design work.

Tags : | Rave | 3.05 MB | Colab Request

Description : i have not been on looperman in a long time. im back.


Tags : | Dance | 5.16 MB | Featured

Description : Some beats on 145bpm i put together with FL 9

props to Evrim for her lyrical vocals
Hummin by FutureAnalysis


Description : A slow reggae track for loopers! it use some instruments :) Also sing on it or rap, chant, tell a poum, whatever u want *:), like to have your recordings for my mix, that would be cool:) have fun

* not raw

Vocal collab sent in by Raslocks, a chilled out vibe from members of Collective Krown

Tags : | Rap | 2.94 MB

Description : Rap Instrumental with a reggea twist. To you rappers, you would have to slow flow this track. A reggea chant on the hook would be dope. I thought about Shyne the rapper and a Junior Reid collabo.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.09 MB

Description : Put together this morning, feel free to tell me what you think!


Tags : | Ethnic | 4.84 MB

Description : Ambiant, sample gregorian chant. percussion, piano, flute

Tags : | Rock | 2.87 MB

Description : an experimental track...backing me up on drums as always sony acid,played some guitar the rest are vocal fx,backing me up on vocals are my multiple personalities trying to harmonize.......thx for the spin.

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