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Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.14 MB | Featured

Description : This is not a fully Hip Hop song... Its a crossbreed as I've come to find out that most of my music is... I stayed up till 4 am making this... It's my first piece of work made on FL Studio 9... I will never go back to Magix again haha. It actually sounds a little Celtic to me... You wanna copy Just ask me to send it

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.66 MB

Description : Woke up with this forming in my head. Mountain music with a Celtic flair. I feel like dancin'........ Shortened to be able to upload.

Tags : | Ambient | 3.11 MB | Featured

Description : Kind of a evanescense type sound to it thnx to vocals from Holly . Also threw kind of a celtic vibe break in there with tripped out flutey sounds i created. check it out.

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.87 MB

Description : A unique opportunity arose for me last weekend to meet one of my all time saxophone hero's. I had arranged for all of my pupils on woodwind to have master classes with Snake Davis. Now some of you might know him, but I can imagine the majority of you are saying WHO! Well this guy plays with the cream, Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse,Lisa Stansfield,M People ect.... One of the things which came out of these five sessions was the ability to play solo, no band or instruments, just one saxophone holding a melody/solo with chord changes, and making sure it sounds good. So hey ho I gave it a bash this morning and recorded this first time through, I'm really happy with it and if you all agree, then I will chop it into loops so you can all play as well, cheers Slap...

Tags : | Techno | 3.10 MB

Description : A hard driving Instrumental Techno/Acid/Rock/Folk fusion track (I've given birth to another bastard song without a main genre). I used the Silver Synth (emulates the Roland TB-303 Bassline) used in ACID music. Same thang I used in "Never Here". I Love the TB-303 sound. Anyways, I used a lot of different loops on this one be it for percussion or sound FX (loops used Techo). Drum loops are Dance/rock style... There's a crafty breakdown near the end, where things transition from different loop styles. I have three electric guitar tracks playing a hard driving scotish-irish folk dirge hook, just cranked with distortion and a little chorus. This is totally a fusion of styles thing. This was something I was experimenting with and was not trying to make into a full length song. Enjoy! BTW, the song is named after somebody who was the inspiration behind me learning to play anything Irish/Scotish/Celtic sounding... Again, another song I can't figure out where it best falls under....

Tracks 26 - 30 of 30
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