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Description : BROSTEP!!!!!!! (but i broke the intrnational rules of glitch hop) Not glitch hop but DUBSTEP AT 100 BPM

imm weird

Description : not skrillex i promise. Also You Are Allowed To Use This In Youtube Videos

Description : B00M! Brostep / Dubstep

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Description : Brostep
No samples
Power music

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Description : So, I have only today before I'm going to be gone for eight weeks. During the last two weeks I've come to realize that I'm NOT going to be able to finish I Am The One in time, let alone all the videos and the YouTube/Soundcloud total release of my EP. So, in lieu of that, have a track I've been working on for a bit. I recently discovered Music Maker Jam, so I took the loops from the Brostep soundpool and mixed them to make this song. Hope you enjoy! Not going on the EP by the way, so it's free to download.

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Description : fist crack at hyperstep/dubstep/brostep/whatevverstep

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Description : Enjoy this brostep and dubstep track I made!

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Description : Welp, this is gonna be released on my soundcloud soon and by soon I mean Holloween so I thought I would let you guys see it early because I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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Description : A brostep song.

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Description : Epicness

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Description : New dub song. Leave feedback. if anything sounds detuned or something i know, still working out stuff :D. And i know what song it sounds like at the drop, but all is fair in love and brostep right? This just a preview

Support -

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Description : I named it drugstep because of its addicting "brostep" sound and plus any song that contains somewhat of bass in it is addicting to me. Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy :)

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Description : Dubstep/brostep track I was working on really, really hard. This is the first time I use acapella in one of my songs. Thanks to Farisha for amazing vocals:, I know she released it two years ago but I just had to give a try. Tell me what you think, every your comment is much appreciated :)
*** You can reupload this on your youtube or soundcloud channel (for promotion), but you can't say you made it. If you reupload, please let me know about it. *** FREE DOWNLOAD N ENJOY!

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Description : Sort of a dubstep/brostep track at 110 bpm with lots of deadly lazers! :D

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Description : My 4th dubstep song ever. This time something in KillTheNoise style :) Reggae dubstep with a lot of brostep elements. No loops used, everything is made by me. Hope you'll enjoy, if you have time your comments are always welcome :)

Description : This one was more of a complextro experiment. It was meant to be a bit of brostep, I think it turned out pretty well, however i'd really like to know what you think.

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.75 MB

Description : For EquinoxDaredevil, Hey, I have made a more extended version of this for which I got an idea for it. You can save the MP3 File and at the end should be a build up and then the drop. If you can try to make the drop atleast sound like Brostep or you can try to add some beams for which maybe you have heared when someone skratches on their turn table its the sound is woo woo woo woowoowooo woo woo on Dubstep, Maybe search for Doctor P-Big Boss and Devin Martin- Killbot. The bass should MAYBE get even heavier as the sound continues but thats your decision. The melody is perfect.

Description : Romy Harmony (Human) Gasc@t Brostep Remix.

Description : My friend is watching this move about a psycho lady named bertha. Apparently she goes on killing sprees and eats people... so my friend and I had the grand idea to compose a song about bertha to play for the class.

Produced with massive; I recorded some sweet screemo vocals to compliment the brutalness!

Description : newest track, hits soo fuckin hard

On sale now

Its a combination of industrial, Brostep, Dub, Hip Hop and metal

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