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Tags : | Rock | 6.76 MB | Featured | Mixcraft

Description : Drums Bass lead
LINHO25 noluvmusic Lupuz89 MichaelMarais rvjubeats abelouis

Description : me on guitars and bass thrown in FL for drums

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.11 MB | Mixcraft

Description : This is a mixture of myself and loops from here this tune would not of came about without the help of loopmakers so cheers to them for there part in this creation. bass drums and lead cyberflares rest as follows
lenoxbeatmaker clout PurplHitBeats Prodbyrae nofuk elijahbcrouch raphaelaenselm sushilbawa

Description : Found this acapella on soundcloud when I was high one night and my mate didn't think I could turn it into Drum n Bass... made in 2017

Description : wavy sound, I'd like to put a mad screaming/emo rap on this track. I used a loop from AasisBeats - Gunna X Lil Baby x Pvlace inspired PART 1
I really looking for some feedback as well as some constructive and beneficial criticism.
I have some difficult to build and mix my bass track as u can hear. Feel free to give me some tips or anything you have that can improve my skills.

Description : me on guitars and bass threw it in fl for the drums

Description : My first attempt at melodic bass/melodic dubstep.

The vocals were provided by Kizzy Lotus from Soundcloud.

Description : Jynxz: arrangement, drum programming, synth, loops
Micky: editing, guitar, bass, drum loops, mix

Tags : | Deep House | 6.25 MB | Acid Pro

Description : ...
I hope I haven't spoiled this precious voice much. Thank you very much for this great acapella (daw capture)

acapella Abba Father by Patricia Edwards
bass-loop bdenney-groove

Description : Hyperpop Vocals fused with Drum and Bass and a heavy buildup.
Searching for Hyperpop Vocalists.

Tags : | Rock | 5.09 MB | Reaper

Description : TRIGGER WARNING! Controversial theme & Vocal track. It's a remake of one of my earliest tracks. If it's "better" is debatable. The original has a lo-fi, cheap AM radio sound that suits the theme. I didn't alter this much from the original. It has a bass line rather than a Reese. This version definitely sounds "bigger." Disclaimer: I DO NOT SYMPATHIZE WITH THE THIRD REICH.

Description : A throwback to those heady disco days, slap bass, ripping guitars, rhythmic brass, and funked guitar sounds! Break out your platform shoes and hit the floor man!

Description : Ambient breaking into dnb I guess. All loops (except for 1 synth by my 7 yo daughter) so I can’t take much credit for this. Free demo loops from Loopmasters and LM loops from:
the inimitable blindwolf2; ambient bass loop - danke; arax; l-3436512-0214678; apollo; drmistersir; looperman-l-0291301-0226917; looperman-l-2972616-0231648; jakebur4; looperman-l-0337508-0047278; buffalonugalus; mmedia

Description : Sample i used ;

Soleixlune vocal
Post rock guitar
Rock basic drum loop /w double bass
Rock basic drum loop /w double bass ver 2
Rock coldplay rythm guitar strings

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Description : This is a remake of a track Micky and I posted a few months ago. I added Synth to it. The track is built off a Bass and Drum track Micky made.
I wrote/arranged the track and played Synth.

Description : Acapella by @officialkmrs fit pretty well with an original piece I did.

I did a little moving around of your verse to fit the length of the tune

vocals - KMRS
Guitars, bass, drum machine - Monkwee

Description : Put a lot of sub bass on this track . The vocal is from a sample pack and the plucks are spire vst

Description : Cyber flares flared up the chorus pedal and worked the bass and drums all of which he fucking killed.

Description : instrumental composed By David P ( Divady )
with fl studio..VST kontakt ( hybrid key )Nexus 3 ( pads ,bass & synth ) Solina Arturia ( strings ) Addictive drums ..

Tags : | Blues | 5.40 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : Short dirty blues song. AD 2 for drums, bass, guitars, and vocal myself.

Description : UK Trap, 90's Gangsta Rap, 70's soundtrack with a bit of Rammstein in the Chorus. Cross genre :D Made for a complex 8 bar rapper to quickly move flows to bass, hats and snare. Theme is ambivalence to some complex world problems we have with local to global issues, yet.. we blame the other. No blood on our hands right? Wrong :D

Tags : | Techno | 2.11 MB | Reaper

Description : not sure about this one. Words: Alex Gendler “How to recognise a dystopia”. Synth, electric guitar – me. Other synth, kick, bass and drum loops Loopmasters free demos and 1 x LM synth looperman-l-2592210-0216585-quota-130bpm-blend-beats.wav

Description : this will take you from chilled to hyper

Tags : | Trance | 8.01 MB | Cubase

Description : A song consisting of a few traces of bass and a dynamic beat. Music typically club-style DJ.

Tags : | Trap | 1.77 MB | FL Studio

Description : 150 bpm

Tracks 1 - 25 of 5985
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