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Tags : | Acoustic | 3.86 MB | Featured

Description : My lates acoustic tune. once again made only with freeware and my acoustic guitar. the drums are original. Check it out

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.77 MB

Description : This is my first acoustic song in a long time, did this cus my electric guitar is in the shop :S getting setup cus the weather in canada messes with it bad! at anyrate, wrote this for the lady friend for fun, tell me what you think.

the recording quality is crap, so please dont comment on that, lol it was a live take, with a couple of tracks over top. haha

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.71 MB | Featured

Description : smooth track,acoustic with a electronic feel,autotuned tyhe hook and some of the vocals sounds good,nice track for ya chickie,holla

Tags : | Blues | 2.05 MB

Description : A bluesy instrumental track with 3 guitar parts that I first recorded on a TASCAM DP02 - Lead work with a Fender Custom Tele, Rhythm on a Epi Sheraton II (with new seymour duncan 59' pups), and a Martin DM for some acoustic. I also played the bass. I downloaded all the tracks to Music Maker 14 and I did some double tracking and added FX digitally -but I didn't play the drum parts, they were some loops I found online.

Tags : | Ambient | 1.27 MB

Description : I figured I had these guitars collecting dust, thought I'd put them to to use, so there you go. Roland Juno plus acoustic and electric where's my cigarettes?

Tags : | Fusion | 7.17 MB | Featured

Description : Still learning

Tags : | Rock | 5.33 MB

Description : Hi peeps, well here`s another one for you to critique, Frank haas has added a real guitar solo.

Vocals by Me ,
Horns- Machfive 2 French Horns Ensemble,
Strings-Cakewalk`s Studio Instrument ,
BGV`s-Voices of Passion-American singer ,
Drums-Ministry of Rock, a mixture of the Black kit and Octaplus kit ,
Electric Guitars-Ministry of Rock`s- Telecaster,
Acoustic Guitars-Musiclab`s RealGuitar,
Bass-Ministry of Rock`s-Musicman HBC,
Pad-KorePlayer-Transmissions from Space,

Hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!

Tags : | Rock | 6.22 MB

Description : BLACK AS NIGHT Part II: Fade To Black
from an upcoming release. The song TEARS comes from the same 'work' this comes from. The file has been lowered to a 128bps just for size issues -- it's about 7 mins long.

Voices/Electric Bass/Electric Guitars/Synthesisers/Acoustic Guitar/Drumz/Loop Arrangements - Steven St.Thomas

Production and mixing is a little bit of mishmosh between multitrack-analogue/digital and PC augmentations. My favourite plug-ins tend to be anything by GVST, some Voxengo stuff, BOOT EQ and KarmaFX, and the KT Granulator. I don't use it in this song, I just love the KT Granulator.

Tags : | Ambient | 6.31 MB

Description : Wrote this track in early 2008 and apart from the drum loop
everything else was played by me using a couple of electro acoustic guitars and a Roland Juno G workstation.
Recorded over a weekend using Sonar LE and mastered on Magix Music Studio. Endless cups of coffee and cigarettes helped the creative process.

Tags : | Blues | 3.11 MB

Description : this is me and my dad.
the drums are made in FL by me also the bass.
the acoustic guitar "solo" in the background is me (I know I aint so good with it but we didnt "practice")
my dad is playing my electric guitar for the main riff. and is also the vocal (wich is NOT serious :D)
its recorded 3 times.
1. Main riff
2. Acoustic "solo"
3. Vocal
thought I upload for fun :D just to see how the quality of my microphone was when recording

Tags : | Breakbeat | 2.32 MB

Description : With this one i used slowed down dnb samples and rock samples
from ejay

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.18 MB

Description : did this track with cyryus08
she did acoustic guitar and drums where i did the electric work and vocals

tell us what you think :)

Description : a comedic acoustic song about Jesus.

Tags : | Folk | 5.64 MB

Description : Acoustic song i wrote when i was AWAY.
I wrote it out of loneliness. so i'm sharing it with everyone. I updated this song by adding a cello in the second part of the song ... i think im done with it now...
please keep reviewing so we know where were at.

i got advice about eq'ing and mic usage. thanks so much... i'm still working on it, but it IS fun.

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.93 MB

Description : This is a new song I wrote for my future wife, Beverly. I added the drums as a secondary thing. Originally, it was just me and my Cort Acoustic. It's all one take so it isn't the greatest but I figured I'd post it and see what people think. :D

Tags : | Weird | 6.65 MB | Featured

Description : Some samples put together in Acid. Main backing track is a couple of Sonic Foundry FX guitars cut together to make a repeating figure in A with some atonal filigree. Very standard chord progs. Mostly acoustic instrument loops. Maybe some elves. Please, someone tell me what genre this is.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.26 MB

Description : starts off with an acoustic guitar, with a custom made hip hop beat..and some strings to fill the air more and a solid bass.

take a hear ^_^

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.58 MB

Description : 2 Electro-Acoustic Guitars. Rhythm plays a swing jazz maybe more rock sort of progression. with additional lead riffs.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.94 MB

Description : an acoustic buildup towards a heavy climax..
Anyone out there with a powerful voice wanna
put some vocals to it?

Tags : | Ska | 5.07 MB | Featured

Description : A bit of organ, a selection of great acoustic guitar loops courtesy of the Looperman community. I couldn't find a bassline that suited the track so I skipped the bass.

Comments and critiques appreciated.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.80 MB

Description : 2002 year track. Almost whole made by manual edit of simple waves is sound editor. The hats made by my mouth with acoustic mirror effect with some hat, so it sounds like hat. Everything else is manypulation of something simple made in fm signal generator

I never did anything like that ever after.

OK. I tell u secret. It was sound forge 4.5 fm generator I made all this waves + wah wah and vibrato at the start with something I forgot(i not have any source files of music I made before 2009.)

The arangment was made in Acid 2.0 then i made some fixes in acid 4.0 so i think it is older track than 2002 actually, maybe 2001. BTW I liked acid very much. It was so handy.

There also was some live recorded distortion changes for that vibrato like monotonous sound.

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.35 MB

Description : 4 Electro-acoustic guitars on this track. One of which is purely percussion bringing in a base beat .....the title is the inspiration for this one.....nuff said.

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.34 MB | Featured

Description : acoustic song with a loud bass hit. I wrote the lyrics for the chorus and got my friend to sing it. But I've been unable to write down some new GOOD lyrics for verses. If anyone wants to volunteer to write/sing I'd be very grateful!

Feelin' inside, the way I use to be
Feelin' inside, the way that you should be
This simple state of mind, is nothin' but a dreamery
is nothin' but a dreamery
a simple dreamery

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.16 MB

Description : Acoustic electric guitar tracking over a drum vamp. Finger picking chord progression. Add lamenting lead, Mix to taste, let simmer, serve slightly chilled.

Tags : | Rock | 2.53 MB

Description : CHALLENGE! My buddy and wrote and recorded this song in about an hour yesterday and I am at a loss for a melody or lyrics. Anyone wanna take a crack at it feel free! Also this is my first acoustic recording venture (as you can see from the first MIDI one, not going so well LOL) so let me know what you think or if you have any advice for this NOOB!!!

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