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Tags : | House | 2.36 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : I wanted to create a House song but with the feeling of the start of a tense 80's action movie/ tv series. Tell me what you think :)
Tags : | Dance | 9.12 MB
Description : I have taken on the original sound of the '80s, when genres like Italo Disco or Synth Pop had been reigning on the dance floors throughout Europe and beyond. I've tried my best to keep that genuine and unique feel of the era and hopefully succeeded. So imagine it's a hot Summer afternoon back in 1987...
Tags : | Dance | 7.16 MB | Featured
Description : 80s soundtrack movie like tune. Very much so :-)
Tags : | Electronic | 6.46 MB
Description : 80s song
Description : Kind of 80s choppy funky light floaty chillout beat with some happy hooks
Tags : | Dubstep | 14.35 MB
Description : A song I've been working on for a day or two.
Its based on one of my earlier songs, essentially a remix of my own music. Featuring loads of lovely bass.~~~~
My music program of choice only crashed about 8 times when I was working on this song, *sigh*. The first crash was so bad it corrupted my savefile with no chance of extracting any data from the file.~~~~
But atleast I hadn't been working for 6 hours on it, oh wait yes I had. I was quite mad, but I made it once, it can be done again but quicker.~~~~So I spent several hours today remaking the work I had already made.~~~~I got hold of several drum samples from 80s synths, so I could make something that sounds like this. I find the 80s style 'toms' very fascinating, that *doof* sound, haha.~~~~I think it was worth the trouble of making this song.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.97 MB
Description : So who doesn't love 80s?!
I just love the Synthwave 80s inspired music and here's my attempt to create one.
The track is also featured on the YouTube channel - 'The 80s Guy'
Description : Hoping to find someone to lay down some vocals. Probably not the typical genre that one might be used to. Male, female or both. Female-maybe a Sade style sultry jazz voice. Male-old Kool and the Gang (Fresh), Commodores (Brickhouse), Dazz Band (Whip It). Not really putting limitations on things though. Song is just the rough basics. I plan on adding a guitar lead and other synths based on the vocal. Nothing is set in stone, so I can arrange the song to suit what you have in mind. The guitar and bass are live, 80s synths are from scratch, drums a combo of keyboard and filling in the midi blocks :) If you are interested, email me at with "Vocal Collab:your user name" in the subject and leave a comment on here because I am terrible at checking my email. Big thanks in advance!
Description : just another mash up again, been working on some tracks but i end up coming back to do some mash ups. this one i think is by far the best mashup loops i did so face and it almost reminds me of the game gta vice city 80s theme. but anywho the credit goes to these guys for the loops Cod2Pac, DJmase13, and ZSB410. go to www.soundcloud.com/eric-richtofen for more mashups
Description : 80s stuff made using hardware synths, drum machines and a sampler.

Recorded live.

Some vocals would be cool! Leave a comment if you want to collaborate. And I'll send you the instrumental.
Tags : | Electronic | 862.31 KB
Description : The Walking Dead main theme in synthpop version. 80's baby!
Tags : | Electronic | 2.30 MB
Description : synthpop, 80s
Description : Dirty, filthy, gritty and distorted 90's grunge just like we grew up on.
Recorded the parts all in one take drunk as fuck and captured a crazy vibe.
Can easily satisfy your filthy needs for the day.
Tags : | Pop | 4.86 MB
Description : Wow! 1 yr on Looperman. Here's a remix I did for Dream Shore, an 80s inspired producer from Florida. It is 1 of 3 remixes released in advance of Dream Shore's Thoughts Of Choice EP. You can hear all the remixes here https://retropromenade.bandcamp.com/album/thoughts-of-choice-maxi-single if you want. Enjoy some retro pop sounds!
Tags : | Trap | 6.66 MB
Description : Upbeat with soft intro, 80s style percussion, and deep 808. Feedback is always helpful and much appreciated. Please like and share if you enjoy. Find me on SoundCloud as CaLBi.
Description : For those times you just want to stand up and scream: `Screw Bread! I only want the cheese!`

This little piece of hardware from the 80´s costs almost 1800 big ones (If you are lucky! (And you are not) ) But it will bring the 80´s sound to your living room! Not only does it not have midi, it also might be a little dusty and definately crackles sometimes. But boy is it awesome!!!!!!! (Trust me i am a expert in awesome) It will be the best 2 grand you will ever spend. Period.

But until then, you have this mp3.
Tags : | Pop | 6.66 MB
Description : Use the great acapella from Minette Fourie to create this early 80s influenced Electro Pop track
(Eurythmics, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Depeche Mode)
Tags : | Rock | 2.01 MB
Description : im not to up to date with this music, even thou when I was a child, it caught my ear, not to many bands around anymore like this one....legends, I love the song and decided to try my hand at flipping it as gospel.....but don't be to mad at me, people destroy classics every day, just change it for a milli second family, to dream on a song
Tags : | Disco | 9.25 MB
Description : This is a kind of funk-disco-big band number that will make you think of the 70s and 80s, if you're old enough. It has all those vintage sounds so popular in this genre. I tried to maintain the sounds of the time while still enabling some updating. Even if you had never liked disco, give this one a try. It may surprise you.
Tags : | Pop | 3.28 MB
Description : recreative of 80s synthpop , I love so dearly
I was inspired by the human league and animation
and the epic 80s synthpop , this is my fav song I've ever made
Tags : | Electronic | 2.93 MB
Description : RETRO 80s
Tags : | Cinematic | 2.53 MB
Description : 80s symfonisch liedje
- drum moet anders
-gitaar moet er nog bij
Description : This is an old hip hop beat I made.
Tags : | Electro | 8.83 MB
Description : Instrumental electro pop with an late 70s early 80s vibe
Tags : | House | 5.67 MB
Description : SO who doesn't love 80s-90s groovy melodies and tunes!!!

Damn happy with the result this track.The name itself suggests that I tried to go deep into 80s-90s House Music which is and will always be fabulous.
The melody and chord progression on this one is really nice.The tune's bright and at the same time a little dark/sad.Bass-line is damn groovy.Payed awesome attention on beats and percussion here.Also added some vinyl distortion so as to reproduce the original effect of old songs.
Mastering and mixing is really good this time.
Plz comment and give feedback.
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