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Tags : | Disco | 16.00 MB | FL Studio

Description : Here is a long 80s vibe Synthwave track.

Enjoy =)

Description : Smell of 80s

Description : A little 80s Rock

Description : Hi guys had a few weeks break but returning with this, it's still the topic of conversation worldwide. I sampled a controversial track from the '80s mashed it up added some of me edited newsreel and put famous names on vox for a little fun. It was actually a well thought out piece, I had a lot of ideas and although a tough subject to cover I hope you think its a bit of fun vox wise, but with a serious side, COVID isn't a joking matter whatever your opinion, IT'S the new war were ALL fighting

Tags : | Electronic | 2.07 MB | LMMS

Description : Inspired by 80s Film Music like Terminator & John Carpenter's The Thing.

Tags : | Pop | 5.66 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : So this is a new version of my first uploaded song here, but it got actually turned into a nonsense fun song that I wrote when I was bored and wanted just to have fun. The lyrics were written in Hungarian, so probably you won't understand it, but I think it sounds good

I need feedback please :DD (especially on the vox (pitch, etc....))

Description : So I made this today. It's my 83rd demo. I know it's a bit short, and it doesn't have a bridge. I wanted to make it sound like an 80's song but in a modern way. I hope the compression is good enough and the mix isn't too loud. And I also hope that the beat is enjoyable.

If you like it, you can use it anywhere, you can sing on it, or even request the midi or the stems from me, but please if you use this beat, don't forget to mention my name: (ft. Rivus)

The song is in G Major and 100 BPM

Description : Few weeks ago I found an old box full of notebooks of lyrics that my dad had written in the 70s and 80s. We played in a few bands together over the years, but never had the chance to write together before he passed a few years ago.

I wrote this song using some of his lyrics and some of my own. Think it turned out into a really cool, special song.

Music is me and some handy Splice loops.

Description : Greetings community, This is a track that symbolises my birth year. I was listening to some eighties music. And i did get inspirered by it. And this is what came out of that inspiration. The track is based on 80s & synthwave elements, that were back in the days very popular among the 80s. The fun part is this type of music was one of the reasons i started creating my own tracks as well. So let me know what you think of it in the comment section. One love all

Tags : | Punk | 5.86 MB | Samplitude

Description : Retro-Ozzie-Punk!

Description : Hey everyone, back again! Looking for some feedback on this new tune. I Learned a whole bunch making this thing, would love to know what y'all think of it. Constructive criticisms, and or if you liked it or not. If you have a fun title suggestion I'd love to hear that as well. Thanks again for the listen, I appreciate it.

Tags : | Pop | 4.46 MB | FL Studio

Description : Wrote and sang this topline vocals on an 80s synthwave instrumental by IAVI

Tags : | Electronic | 6.27 MB | Reaper

Description : Another track from my 'Variance' playlist, an unashamedly 80s/90s amalgamation attempt. The vocal is from a sample pack, everything else is me. Hope anyone who likes that sort of thing likes it. Feedback always welcome.

Description : Long time lurker first time poster, pretty new to production n stuff, this is my first track in Ableton Live.
was going for a darkwave/synthwave sound, reminiscent of Justice, Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, ect.
Looking for some feed back, constructive criticisms or even just your thoughts if you liked it or not. This is just a rough cut on this current WIP, just the bones of it if you will.. If you have some cool title suggestions, would love to hear those too.
Thanks for listening.

Tags : | Dance | 5.65 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Well i have made all kinds of music in the past but never 80s or 80s retro this is my first tell me what you think or how i did

Description : Here is the next Track from my Own Production.

Please Support me on Soundcloud/Spotify and Youtube.

Special thanks to my Buddy "doon_muc" on Instagram.

He had made the cover :)

Description : This a song from 2017. It has a Wave- Sound like from the 80s

Description : electro 80s French disco somewhat smasher
Follow me on soundcloud ->imola80

Description : Electro 80s nostalgic

Tags : | Dance | 8.24 MB | Ableton Live

Description : recent track of mine, 80s nostalgic vibe mixed with a litte hint of D`nB, sorry for the terrible lyrics...I`m clearly not a native speaker

Hope you enjoy and wish a sunny day!
You can follow me on soundcloud/imola80 .... with you I have at least one follower ;-)

Tags : | Pop | 3.93 MB | FL Studio

Description : Enjoy

Description : This is my version of Lady Gaga's Free Woman song. Hope you guys like.

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.24 MB | Cubase

Description : This is a bit of an oldie I thought I would share, slightly different to my normal style. It's darker, minimal with some ominous choral type pads. Reminds me of one of my favourite bands of the late 70s early 80s called bauhaus.
Would love to hear your thoughts...

Description : Made this track in the 80s style with an acapella which doesn't exist here anymore?
Sorry, didn't write down who sang it.
If you recognise the voice, let me know :) Would like to say thanks.

If you would like to master this track, please do!

Description : Although I really enjoy all types of music, R&B is the genre I love the most. Frustratingly, it is also the genre where I know that the tracks I create are very far from the quality I strive for. Part of it is the superior musicianship that goes into really good R&B tracks. And, part of it is the vocal that I hear in my head but can never hope to create in the track. The Rhodes piano lead provides a sense of what the melody line would be. Incomplete song, but I'm posting it anyway.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 150