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Description : Made this track this morning. Please give me feedback on what works what doesn't. Also, if it fits any genre of music, or reminds you of a group or Dj, etc.

Haven't written the lyrics (or recorded them yet), so enjoy the beat and vocal sample (PS: The sample is my original).
Thanks for the love and support.

Tags : | Jungle | 6.66 MB

Description : looperman_acapella_150969_551

Description : More Old Skool Style Jungle Bizness,Plenty of Bass, Rough Beatz,a cut from an acapella by mmatvei, ragga samples ect... All Feedback is appreciated & returned. ENJOY!!!

Tags : | Jungle | 5.98 MB | Featured

Description : (remastered) Break out the massage oils,vics, jolly ranchers, ect... A smoothed out rollah with a bit of old skool jungle flavah.I found the lyrics online (not sure who the artist is). All feedback is appreciated & returned. ENJOY!!!
Downloads & ring tones + others available at http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_257743

Tags : | Jungle | 4.97 MB

Description : A def. Jungle roller, plenty of Bass, Indian voxes, Ragga voxes, ect... All Feedback is appreciated & returned. Enjoy!!!

Tags : | Jungle | 1.53 MB

Description : Another old school jungle style track. Starts off dark and scary, ends kind of hopeful but still has the hard edge. I used the old drum rolls 4 bridging sections together.

Tags : | Jungle | 1.01 MB

Description : This track was made to kind of go along with some of my other jungle sounding stuff. If u liked "Ben-N-Bean", you'll probably like this one,

Tags : | Jungle | 3.26 MB

Description : This is some experiment track!!!
I take Tech Step beat Oldskool jungle and some nuskool effect sound.

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Description : This tune is a product of RRREEEAAALLLLYLYLY wanting to put out a vibe and not having alot of time. This was some jungle speed(FL MASTER SET BPM 195) production. I wont tell you how long it took to make. lol. you probably wouldnt believe it. Just having some fun.

Tags : | Jungle | 6.69 MB | Featured

Description : Turn it UP*****Time to get deep into the jungle. -Ok, so many of you are insisting i up the ante on the bass. This was a little frustrating, considering the tune has so many layers and wave changes. This is an issue when your running multiple channels on a renta-center laptop that i WOULD have upgraded if it werent for oBama's tax on SMOKES! LOL, im playin. but anyway... i added more sub, and i dont think its distorted (i hope) and djvex suggested a fade out so i did that too. I hope you guys like it. _and thank u djcp1 for help on the bass. BOH*...

Oh yeah///i should also add that the vocals on this track were from an artist on this site. If you have no idea. Or, which i would prefer. You MIGHT have the lead goes something like this: Yo' we double dutch dragons." ANYWAY thanks for the vocs' i would thank you personally but infact///am a little too inhebraited at the moment and apolligize but i will be back @ the rgularly scheduled time which is? idk either LOL. PEACE///

Tags : | Jungle | 5.17 MB

Description : Put on your dancing shoes & get ready to start skankin' to the grimey sounds of DJCP1. A Hardcore Ragga Jungle/SKA hybrid (If you want to call it that. I didn't really know what to type down).. All feedback is appreciated & returned,ENJOY!!!

Description : Ahhh Junglist People Roll Up yer Spliffs!!! ragga dub style jungle,ragga bass lines, plenty of amens,ect... perfect for blazin'. All feedback is appreciated & returned. ENJOY!!!
Downloads & ring tones + others available at http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_257743

Description : This id real raggajungle with russian vocal.
Vocal - "
No fuck the (some) animals.
No fuck the (some) animals.
I'm malecula man
" =)))
Real simply, but very funy XDDDD

Tags : | Jungle | 4.86 MB | Featured

Description : SSOOMMEE GGOOOODD SSTTUUFF. Atleast i think so. Some deep jungle sh*t,,,...Maybe a lil' old schoolishhhhh. enjoi

Tags : | Jungle | 2.77 MB

Description : I did it =))). New track for loopermans.
Thanks for Cutty Ranks for acapella.
And turn on your Sub!!!!!!!!

Description : I'm find a good acapella. And make a jungle mix.
I think, i have a good mix. Like a oldschool/jungle
Thanks Unknow, whom sing this acapella =))))
This track about Kokane)))))..... i think =)))).

Tags : | Jungle | 3.59 MB | Featured

Description : Have fun with this music)))). Sunny jungle)))

Description : I decided i felt more comfortable listing this joint in the jungle cat. just flexing more amen style here. Went drum craazzzy. I am very fond of this one. Very intense hardcore sound, just what i was going for. BOHHH!

Tags : | Jungle | 4.22 MB

Description : "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding" -Kahli Gibran A bit on the dark side... Rough Beatz,various Jungle Riddims, Ragga Bass lines & vox...a sample from "Hellraiser", ect.. All feed back is appreciated & returned. ENJOY!!!

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Description : Fear of the heart.

Tags : | Jungle | 7.27 MB | Featured

Description : lost in the darkness of emotion.

Acapella sample "what am i to do" By PAUL
1 other sample loop from website

Tags : | Jungle | 4.32 MB

Description : I don't really know how to describe this one... it kind of reminds me of a Breakbeat Kaos track.I started this one after watching an Underground flick "Zeitgeist" which brings to light the hidden infrastructure & agendas of Government & Religion.The creators of "Zeitgeist" who used their real names in the credits are now dead.R.I.P. If you are interested in viewing the flick go to http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/dloads.htm . All feedback is appreciated & returned...ENJOY!!!

Tags : | Jungle | 3.91 MB

Description : JUNGLE, RAGGA DUB STYLE!!! tribal drums,ragga bass lines,roughbeatz, a nice lil' bell melody, Lyrics provided by MR. Doll ,ect... I'm not really sure what else to write. I pissed people off with this one. Guess they should try reading books instead of thumping them. ENJOY!!!

Description : AHHHHH JUNGLIST!!!!!!!!! Well... I started this track out of anger. If not for the Beautiful Godess energy; I wouldn't have been able to finish this track. I can honestly say ..."I feel Blessed"!!!Strictly Hardcore JUNGLE Those who really listen to my music know I'm not a candy kid.Acapella samples from Eazy E & KRS One, Hard Bass, Rough Beatz, a nice lil' melody I put together with old DNB sound fxs, ect... All feedback is appreciated & returned. ENJOY!!!

Tags : | Jungle | 5.69 MB | Featured

Description : Bollywood Sound Track pumped with the hard tribal beats.....

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