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Description : I made this awhile ago and was wondering if I should upload it or not..... I remixed the game select screen of Mario 64 with a breakbeat style beat. Used a midi to help create my sounds. Has monster bass but you cant hear it through headphones because its too low a frequency I think.PLEASE I ENCOURAGE YOU TO LISTEN TO IT IN A SYSTEM WITH GREAT SUBS. Please tell me what you think....THX

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Description : Features my beerin-bow, a one-string bow with a gourd on it to acoustically amplify the sound-----it looks like a bow and arrow and it is from Brazil. (Who knows, maybe it's the first string instrument?) It is played with a stick (or arrow) and it is fretted with a small stone. I added percussion, my one-string bass, penny-whistle and a couple of flute tracks.
This tune will make you feel like you're eating coke-leaves while jumping around a campfire in the jungle.

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Description : [Used to be "RN26]

love the piano on this, but could never make it go where i thought it should. i dunno...do you?

[Jungle? DnB? Cinematic?]

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Description : More Ragga Jungle . I'm not really sure who is singing o the track , The vox showed up as a linkshot in one of my librarys. Let me know what you think & I'll return the favor. Respect.
download & ring tone + others available at http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_257743

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Description : Punishing Jungle Techno! Really hard stuff not for the faint hearted. Made this about 2 years ago, am thinking of remixing it soon.

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Description : Kind of electro jungle. I finally found this digging around all my saved files on disk, and surprisingly I found it. This was one of my first attempts at Acid Pro back in probably 1999 or 2000 or so. This has a mixture of drum loops, drum one shots, synth sounds, and my own keyboard stuff. Pretty much anything I needed at the time. I lost the master so I cant change sound quality or anything but this sounds good enough IMO. Except the ending was cut off somehow so I had to fade it out. I made this back when I was with the band Filthy Few, and I was really into the group Dead can Dance. I write mostly death metal now.

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Description : A new track with a distinct oldskool jungle flavour. Inspired by an interview by Nneka on a local German TV network.
The track was made 90% in Reason 4.0 then exported as a wav and imported into Acid where I added an additional 2 layers of FX and a heavy dose of post processing via Isotope's Ozone 4 in order to give the whole sound a wider feel.
The use of distortion although intentional, is a little overstated in parts (a lesson learned) I know and I will strive to improve the mastering levels for my next track.

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Description : i played all instruments like bass,guitars and midi controller with xpand plug in
on a drum loop that inspired me.
i tried to make it groove...hope i'll like it

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Description : Song that mixes Hip Hop, Club, Rock and Reggae. Theme is how jacked up the world is and that it's time to give the power back to the people, thus: Power To The People. Feels a bit like C&C Music Factor meets Snap meets Tu Pac, Meets Marley meets Lenny Kravitz.

Description : heres a track i made a few years ago. i tried to use as many of the mainstream jungle samples as i could! (yes, i was THAT excited about getting the pack). ive changed/lost/had stolen laptops since this was made so i dont have the track on fl studio. it does however have a small amount of swearing at the end. dont know if this changes anything but just as a heads up! hope you enjoy it!

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Description : More jungle bizzness with a bit of old skool flavah...thinking about pressing dis' one with a few others so let me know what you think.
Alla Junglist! Downloads & ring tones + others available at http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_257743

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Description : sometimes its better to move ;-)

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Description : this is my first track finished on my mpc 1000, that i bought three weeks ago. i leached every sample, mainly on soulseek, that i then played in to tracks. Then i played those track live on a real time software recorder simply on 1 track, and then just converted it. i have used +- 20 samples on 12 tracks. i used as little effectts as possible.

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Description : ...reggae / junglist kinda ting.....fanx

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Description : i like it

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Description : Thought of how the roots of a willow tree might feel when it sees its baby grow. Starting from such a young age to watch it grow into something more extravagant then itself. Only to end where it began.

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Description : Laid-back kind of jungle track.. Pretty cool track, I really like making this kind of ambient sort of jungle..The bass line is kind of repetitive, think i could of added a reese in there but i'm kind of sick of them at the moment so it's clean.. Ton of FX and hip hop samples. And as usual produced in FL 8 and post prod. done in Audition.

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Description : Got an idea and ran with it.. Haven't uploaded anything in a while so I thought what the heck..Compressed, limited and normalized the final product (not in that order) didn't clip and I'm pretty happy with this.. very jazzy be boppy.. if you're going to fast forward, then do it to like :53 or so, that's when it starts picking up, gets really groovy..love,peace and chicken grease--jazzy jack ripper

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Description : Newschool jungle with dist guitar and crazy vocals!!!

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Description : Used alot of sounds from this site so thx everyone. Made this song after watching a bunch of crazy shamans on TV. Its got a fast jungle/techno kinda feel to it. Used Fruitloops 8. "We all go a little mad sometimes." " Dont You?"

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Description : Probably the most innovative, and risky track I've ever produced. If u even knew all the magic tricks i did to pull this one off.... ud freak. This is 4 all the UK crowd who have been diggin my tracks and leaving reviews and support. U know who u are. CHEERS MATES.Oh yeah the guitar rift was from this site composed by "djerc7" of course i completely disected it and restructured the sample. Make sure u check out the original sample and compare it with my FULL LENGTH TRAK!!!!!!! It will shed some light.

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Description : Leaning on your friends and talents are the best ailment durring times of trouble. Cheers to JDOT,CHEEVUS, and LOOPERMAN in itself. The latest tracks I uploaded were the remedy to get me through these tough times. I used a realy beutiful vocal from this site, I hope she can 4 give me, i 4got her name. It's realy quite lovely though. Hope u like it. I been going through a rough time but they say a lot of artists produce their best stuff durring times of depression and the suffering of a great loss. Hope u like it. IN MEMORY OF MY LITTLE NEPHEW WHO DIED RECENTLY AT 4 or 5 YRS OLD. he was really my cousin but he always called me UNCLE. The cutest kid i ever seen in my life!!! Promise!!

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Description : Hard Jammin' Jungle...that's the best way for me to describe this one. Another miraculous feat, considering the state of my PC.

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