17th Jan 2024 04:29 - 5 months ago
Description : roast my first attempt at shoegaze

tags duster my bloody valentine ekkstacy

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If you have time take a listen and give ripvanwillow some feedback.

MikuNakano 11th Jun 2024 04:55 - 1 week ago
deftones type
Danke 18th Jan 2024 15:23 - 5 months ago
incredible ethereal mood you created here ... fantastic track, it is flying, waving ...
BONEZONMARZ 18th Jan 2024 00:11 - 5 months ago
so bad i had to play it twice lol
BONEZONMARZ 18th Jan 2024 00:10 - 5 months ago
oh yeah.. so bad.. so bad i had to favourite it..

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13th Apr 2013 12:56 - 11 years ago
Tags :
Description : Quick horror track.
30th Apr 2015 00:07 - 9 years ago
Description : The try was to make an old punk song in a modern style. But i think it ends to something thats sounds like made by a 80´s indy band in a garage. I realy love that. The base of this version is free to use and work on. There is also the pella for download. This is my own workversion for the "free style and sound collabaration". All infos under ---- loops used jet -- xyilent-xyilent-fast-bass-pluck.WAV -- jwkofficial-future-house-bass.WAV -- mrfunktastic-ein-haus-hard-arse-bass.wav -- soluna-deep-down-drums.wav and some selfplayed synth
5th Feb 2022 06:08 - 2 years ago
Description : Iḿ feeling Nostalgic for the nineties. sort of electronic and grungey, definitely GEN-X material
18th Jan 2024 01:49 - 5 months ago
Description : Maybe grunge?
See lyrics for Bobo's thoughts on rampant consumerism and get lost in a wall of sound for a few minutes. Dont blame us we are just two stone heads on an island in the pacific its hard to do anything like this.
Bobo - lyric, vocal, lead and bass synth
Wataya - main and bass guitar, samples, fx and mix
6th Apr 2018 03:55 - 6 years ago
Tags :
Description : when she just tear your heart out and make it hurt sooo bad lol just kidding have you checked our bank account lately ..
18th Sep 2022 14:53 - 1 year ago
Description : song by 2nick8
music by koram wat
22nd May 2022 23:07 - 2 years ago
Description : Cyberflares created the beat I did the lyrics and the heartbeat/nuke thing. I'd like for this to be an animated movie and a video game one day!
5th Mar 2019 09:27 - 5 years ago
Description : This is the full version of a song I did earlier. Vocals by Miper and Tante Meli. I wanted to do a little more with it but I ran out of time. Hope you enjoy!
24th Jan 2019 11:00 - 5 years ago
Description : This is another song I wrote yesterday and recorded today. Its about how im feeling right now. What im thinking and dreaming.
17th Sep 2022 21:31 - 1 year ago
Description : Music By EMIM and vocals By callmedezz
8th Jun 2024 22:28 - 1 week ago
Description : This is "Beautiful Disaster". an instrumental in my new EP.