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Description : 30 Dec: Master
Some of you will still know "Olaf's Jazz Combo." If you don't, you can listen to our song "Our Love" again.
They're at it again on this new funky song, reinforced by:
Vocal: Manuela Boekels
Guitars: Peter Schninkel, Ben Perl
Keys Angelica Schwanitz
Bass: Paul Scherner
Drums: Ulli Stein (yes the song has 2 drummers)
the great Pete Townson (trumpet solo)

Furthermore, the True Sister Cheerleaders

Claudia and Kathi (Smile)

Have fun!!

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  1. EricMilligan
    EricMilligan on Tue 16th Jan 2024 - 2 months ago


    I share and totally agree with your attitude about the value and importance of the music that LM members post here. I have long felt that its the creative effort that is so important, regardless of the genre, selection of instruments, use of technology, production skills, etc.

    And you are right, support and recognition are really important. It does take some courage to post ones creative efforts here. But, helpful, constructive feedback from LM members is one of the most valuable benefits that this site offers to all of us.

    I really have never seen harsh criticism of anybodys tracks here. I think LM members, from across the world, are very respectful of each other, which makes this a really nice place to be. :)

  2. EricMilligan
    EricMilligan on Sun 14th Jan 2024 - 3 months ago

    Hi, Manuela:

    As is usual, this track from the 2Sisters is a joy to listen to. Your group is, frankly, a bit of an anomaly here on Looperman because you have very accomplished musicians playing real instruments in a real band! Amazing! A very funky track. Your vocals, as usual, are great. Mix was nicely done. I saw that there has been a bit of back and forth in the comments about the balance with the vocals and the bass. I thing the vocals are sitting perfectly in the mix. I liked the bass. Might experiment with some compression to tighten it up a bit, but I'm not certain about that. I must also comment on the very tasty guitar work and, most definitely on the trumpet. Trumpet was great! It put a very satisfying finish on the track.

    Regards from Ottawa,


    Reply by 2Sisters

    Thank you Eric and best wishes to Ottawa. I hope you survived the snow chaos?
    Actually, we don't fit here. I'm aware. On the other hand, perhaps this contrast we offer here is good for LM. And there are also some other good musicians here who play "real" instruments and are very good at it. But I have also often said that I have great respect for every single person here who has the courage to not only realize their ideas, publish their songs and also face criticism! I know there is a lot of heart and soul in every song. No matter what music they make, no matter how they make music, no matter if there are big mistakes in the mix and master, no matter... no matter... Every single person here deserves recognition! Sometimes I feel sorry when I criticize. I know that every artist thrives on applause. Maybe sometimes I choose my words too harshly. This may also make me sound arrogant. But it is not like that. I just try to help in my own way. Always with nice but also honest words.
    I just wanted to get rid of that. *smile
    Eric, those sentences were general and not really for you. I just hope it gets read and maybe says something about my attitude here.
    Best regards

  3. Zivonmusic
    Zivonmusic on Sun 14th Jan 2024 - 3 months ago

    As a jazz fan, I am biased toward this sound generally speaking.

    Manuela, I actually dont think anything in the vocals should be brought down necesarily. in fact I believe at times the sizzle on the snare overpowers some of the lower notes you reach. (This may be intentional..?)

    Overall I am a fan of the track

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello Z, thank you for listening and the nice comment. Maybe that answers your question a little. I like dirty drum sounds *smile. Now seriously. I think if you played the song live, some frequencies would overlap slightly. I think that with a band you should be careful and not overdo it with filters. In my opinion, that would destroy the song character that we as musicians actually want to convey. In other words, clinically pure doesnt suit us. But I can understand that people who come from a different music genre have difficulties with our attitude. For the most part, we are all studio musicians who earn their money by making music for others and by subordinating ourselves musically. The customer sets the tone, so to speak. Thats why were happy to be able to do what we want from time to time. This resulted in this loose formation that you can hear here at LM. So with a lot of seriousness in the matter, but still just for fun!
    Nice to have a new fan. I love my fans *smile
    Best regards

  4. MichaelMayo
    MichaelMayo on Sun 14th Jan 2024 - 3 months ago

    To be clear just removing some of the bass on the vocals for females I usually would remove up to 200 Mark. However use your ears. Cause what happens is when you play it on a loud speaker or some car speakers it's going to sound muddy

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Thank you again for your valued feedback. Of course, we also listen to our songs on several different sound systems. This goes without saying and is what every productive musician should do. In my previous answer I also told you that not everything is 100%. But to what extent this bothers everyone is probably different. Nobody has ever talked about the muddy sound, whatever you mean by that. And no one has ever mentioned that my voice has too much bass. Maybe you have particularly good ears or are so spoiled and convinced by your mixing and mastering approach of your own sound (by the way, a completely different sound and a completely different style of music than we make) that you feel that way. But that doesn't matter. Every opinion is important to us. On the other hand, if we changed our songs because of every single opinion, then our songs would never be finished.
    Thank you and kind regards again

  5. MichaelMayo
    MichaelMayo on Sun 14th Jan 2024 - 3 months ago

    This is really good but the only thing I suggest is to bring the vocals up alittle bit and get rid of the low end a tad for the muddy sound!

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello and good morning. Thanks for listening and your suggestion. We had a long conversation about this very topic before we uploaded the song here. The opinion about lowering the bass and raising the vowels is absolutely opposite. Many people think it's good the way it is, others think it should be done the way you suggest. We don't yet know whether and how we will change it. Thank you for expressing your opinion on this. It is very important for us to receive constructive criticism. That is why we are here.
    Kind regards and have a nice Sunday Manuela

    CINCOCENT on Sat 13th Jan 2024 - 3 months ago

    Have something you might like but you have to come quick cuz you know how quick I am it has female vocals lol

    CINCOCENT on Sun 7th Jan 2024 - 3 months ago

    Ok my friend u ready lol
    Because I wasn't I had to take down had to remaster to many errors. But it's up and ready

    CINCOCENT on Sat 6th Jan 2024 - 3 months ago

    Thank you for the inspiration again cuz you did inspire me to do another reggaeton track. So when you get time. :)

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello CC, which song do you mean?

  9. ThomasDoubleYou
    ThomasDoubleYou on Fri 5th Jan 2024 - 3 months ago

    is there a vocal loop without the back music ? the whole thing could be more fun when set on beat

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Guten Morgen Thomas, es handelt sich hier bei diesem Song nicht um Loops sondern um echte Studioaufnahmen, also eingesungen und eingespielt. Wir produzieren leider keine Loops. Tut mir leid, dass wir mit unserem Song deinen Geschmack nicht getroffen haben.
    Liebe Gruesse Manuela

  10. Pnnywze
    Pnnywze on Thu 4th Jan 2024 - 3 months ago

    I can't help but smile every time I listen to your songs, Manuela. Just from the things you've said about my music and others, I picture u as a very wise and smiling person. (especially when you're performing) I very much wish to see you perform, our genres can seem very far apart, but only us musicians kno that inspiration comes from the least likely places sometimes. My music has a very dark vibe overall, but even I have to let the light shine through sometimes. It's easy for me to take my experiences and go to dark places, but that's why music like yours exists. To bring me sunshine and, most of all, hope. Thank you Manuela.

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello Aaron, Happy New Year to you too! I now understand your smile and take it as a compliment. *smile. Thanks for the kind words! But you know, calling a woman "wise" makes her feel very old *lol. So please be very careful with compliments like this *smile.
    But seriously. I think it's great when people take what I write seriously. It's also supposed to be a help for all the people who participate in this community. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more rare here. Kind regards, Manuela

  11. Pnnywze
    Pnnywze on Thu 4th Jan 2024 - 3 months ago

    I can't help but smile

    Reply by 2Sisters

    mmh?? *smile

  12. ripzore9191
    ripzore9191 on Mon 25th Dec 2023 - 3 months ago

    This is so damn good. Excuse the language very very well made.

    Reply by 2Sisters

    hello, thank you for your message. There is nothing to apologize for when it comes to language *Smile
    Kind regards, Manuela

    CINCOCENT on Mon 25th Dec 2023 - 3 months ago

    I like this very upbeat. Your style goes perfect with this. Very commercial mainstream song! You go Manuela! What would be cool if you could do a cover by Berlin metro! You have a voice even for singing in Spanish

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello CC, thank you for your praise! But what do you mean by cover for the Berlin subway? Kind regards, Manuela

  14. Zootman
    Zootman on Fri 22nd Dec 2023 - 3 months ago

    Yeah, what a fun, light and happy sounding track. Are you singing quite low, or lower than usual? Tone sounds a little different, but hot! Band is smoking. If all fits amazing together. Like Wayne, I love the ending. faved and downloaded...

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Thanks for your kind words! Yes, I sing a little deeper here than in the last songs, but I do that more often. Luckily I have a voice to play with. And the effects *Smile do the rest. It's nice that my voice sounds hot *laughs.
    Have a nice weekend, Merry Christmas and best wishes

  15. xstokes
    xstokes on Thu 21st Dec 2023 - 3 months ago

    i love bands with 2 drummers, i wonder why there arent more. these guys are ace, and wowee sos the band! your delivery is great, youre really grilling that fella, stinging with the guitar, but the trumpet sounds like you make up. this is great!

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello, I agree with you. Working with two drummers is something special and unfortunately rarely happens. Its also the exception for us. But the two drummers provide an exceptional drive that is particularly good for this song.
    Glad you like it and thank you for the kind words, best wishes, have a nice weekend and a peaceful, contemplative Christmas

  16. Danke
    Danke on Thu 21st Dec 2023 - 3 months ago

    Brilliant again ... love the retro sound, the solos, the groovy, the bass, the vocs, everything ... :-)
    uplifting, positive, dancy one ...
    thanx for the upload Manu ...
    Faved, dl and have a peaceful Christmas time !!!
    Congrats for your outstanding band, wish them long life in the music business ! :-)

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hi, Danke! Glad we met your taste again with this song. I think the song is a result of solid work by really good musicians that my sister and I have been able to work with for a long time now. I'm also looking forward to further projects.
    We will continue to work on your story as soon as Angelica returns from her vacation.
    Kind regards, have a nice weekend and happy, peaceful holidays

  17. joecramer
    joecramer on Wed 20th Dec 2023 - 3 months ago

    Ja Geiler Stoff.
    Alleine dafr das ihr zusammen Musik macht, als Gruppe, als Band, macht das ganze ja schon zu etwas besonderem. Und so herrlich wie das hier umgesetzt wurde, so frisch und frei aufgespielt und gesungen. Hach da sieht man die Leute frmlich in der lauen Sommernacht ber das Packet fegen. Toll, wirklich toll. Meinen tiefsten Respekt an WAHRE Musiker, Menschen die wie meisterliche Handwerker ihrer Berufung nachgehen und Musik nicht nur erstellen sondern ernsthaft MACHEN.
    Hab ich schon gesagt das ich es wirklich gut finde? Nein? Dann jetzt
    I really like it a lot!

    stay tuned

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hallo Joe, danke fuer das groe Lob! Ich freue mich wirklich sehr, dass dir der Song gefaellt. Ich bin auch froh, dass ich die Moeglichkeit habe ein Studio zu benutzen und mit so vielen guten Musikern zusammen arbeiten zu koennen. Das ist aber auch der Lohn harter Arbeit aus der Vergangenheit.
    Ich wuensche dir und deinen Lieben ein schoenes Wochenende und gesegnete besinnliche Feiertage,

  18. Micky
    Micky on Wed 20th Dec 2023 - 3 months ago

    Hey Manuela, das ist mal etwas anderes, als was man von dir bisher hier gehoert hat, und es geht mindestens genauso gut ins Ohr, ja, diesmal auch in die Beine. Deine Stimme ist wunderbar, auch auf so einem Rhythmuskonstrukt, und deine Band ist ebenfalls ber jeden Zweifel erhaben. Live springt da sicher ganz schnell der Funke zum Publikum ueber. Da kann ich nur applaudieren und nach mehr rufen :o)
    Liebe Gruesse,

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hallo Micky, danke fuer dein tolles Kompliment. Du hast recht, in letzter Zeit haben wir betreff Rhythmus und Geschwindigkeit etwas die Bremse angezogen *Smile. Alles hat eben seine Zeit. Aber fruehere Songs waren auch schon in der Art wie dieser.
    Liebe Gruesse, schoenes Wochenende und ruhige Feiertage wuensche ich dir und deinen Lieben!

  19. VicUrba
    VicUrba on Sat 16th Dec 2023 - 4 months ago

    wow amazing really catchy good work

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello, and thank you for your time and kind words.
    Kind regards, Manuela

  20. BaoBou
    BaoBou on Sat 16th Dec 2023 - 4 months ago

    Hey, that's a nice surprise, a bit more funky! Great track ladies!

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hi BaaBoo, if you knew how funky I can be. You'd be amazed. *laughs. Kind regards, Manuela

  21. JohnSmokey
    JohnSmokey on Sat 16th Dec 2023 - 4 months ago

    The band is great. Vocals are clean. I think this is a good track, a nice one for sure.

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello and thank you for your kind words.
    Kind regards, Manuela

  22. theHumps
    theHumps on Sat 16th Dec 2023 - 4 months ago

    Cool, upbeat, fun track! Great job to everyone who played. Especially loved the ending. I don't mean that in a bad way, the song ended, ha! I mean the ending was well thought out. In my old band, starts, breaks and endings were sacred to us, we tried to be as creative and as tight as we could in those parts of the song. Well done!


    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello Wayne, now I'm very glad that you explained the ending again *laughs. I've already had a fright *Smile. Yes, beginning, breaks and end are really very important and have to be worked out well. What happened to your band then? Wouldnt it be great to work with a band again?
    Thank you for your kind words, kind regards Manuela

  23. pseudoble
    pseudoble on Sat 16th Dec 2023 - 4 months ago

    what a lovely upbeat track, full of warmth and movement- great production, perfect instrumentation, nice vocal and lyric, and last but not least a killer trumpet solo - the icing on the cake for sure - brilliant

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello and good evening, you are right! The trumpet solo is very well played. It was played by a very experienced, internationally sought-after musician. It was an absolute stroke of luck for us that he worked on this song.
    Kind regards, Manuela

  24. dimestop
    dimestop on Fri 15th Dec 2023 - 4 months ago

    straight in to the action, great lyrics, well written and a catchy hook, Manuela you sound a little different on this track, your smoking hot, and the band sound super loved the guitar solo the drums were fresh and the trumpet was fly, this is a fav for me one of your best round of applause everyone

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello Paul, I'm very happy that you liked this song. We worked on it very intensively and for a long time. I realize that this is not a song for the majority of listeners, but rather a song for a few but specific listeners.
    Thank you for your great praise.
    Kind regards, Manuela

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