Tags : | Funk | 11.88 MB | Samplitude

Description : 2. Pre-release from "My funky Live"


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  1. kingmt77
    kingmt77 on Fri 14th Apr 2023 - 1 year ago

    Manuela. So you need to know this is my favorite of all time. Sublime! Had to listen and share that again. Have a wonderful weekend.


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    Yes, I also think that we did a good job with this song. As someone really says: "The music is always as good as the musicians who play the music". And everything just worked out well with the song. Unfortunately, you don't always have it. I also think it's one of our best albums. Greetings and a nice weekend to you too Manuela.

  2. Dirtzilla
    Dirtzilla on Wed 12th Apr 2023 - 1 year ago

    All I can say is, Great Job

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    And thank you very much for saying it! Greetings Manuela

    CINCOCENT on Wed 15th Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    Great work and quality sound. Excellent vocals

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    Hello CC, I am pleased about your visit and thank you for your praise! Greetings Manuela

  4. RockhouseAsylum
    RockhouseAsylum on Wed 15th Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    SOOOO DOPE!!!!!!

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    Thank you for your visit and your message.

  5. crucethus
    crucethus on Sun 12th Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    Sublime. I would want to see you and your band in a live venue, Come to Canada!!!. So good!

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    Hello and thank you for your great compliment! We really haven't been to Canada yet. About time * smile Greetings Manuela

  6. BeatMaker4real
    BeatMaker4real on Thu 9th Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    Great work on the track ManuSandBand.
    I normally don't listen from start to finish on a track, but this one was over before I realized..actually left me wanting more.

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello, well then the honor is even greater when the song is so entertaining* Smile. Thank you for your visit and your kind words. Greetings Manuela

  7. ProdTRAPDOC
    ProdTRAPDOC on Wed 8th Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    Very nice! The guitar tone is great, the bass is nice and funky, and it all is very cohesive and just a vibe. Andd everyone loves a sax solo, and the keys are quite nice. Just an enjoyable song.

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    Thank you very much for your visit and your positive feedback. I am very happy when a song is liked by the listeners. Greetings Manuela

  8. theHumps
    theHumps on Tue 7th Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    Oh, this is fantastic! Well mixed, lots of space in the mix, which I like. So many nice individual musical tidbits on every instrument. The singing was great, sweet, sassy and with lots of confidence.

    Well done again to you and the band!


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    Thanks Wayne for taking the time to listen to the song. I am very glad that you like it. Greetings Manuela

  9. Spxdey
    Spxdey on Fri 3rd Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    I quite like this Track, Keep up with the creativity!

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    Thanks for your visit and the online words. Liebe Gre Manuela

  10. dimestop
    dimestop on Thu 2nd Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    Manu funky sexy sassy, made me feel young, that sax, i love the vocal the melodies, to be fair its all so on point, my first listen on LM since mid December im smiling to the song, but smiling inside as ive started the year positive with a new job today, good salary and a job im qualified to do, hence my absence. but im back. as for the band, guys you nailed it, great drums, and guitar, first fav of the year

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    You can't imagine how happy I am to see you here again!!!!!! I was worried. It would not have been long before I would have written you an email. I'm also glad you found a new job. Just nice to have you here with us again. I really missed you. Glad you like the song. All the best to you and your loved ones for the new year. Best regards, Manuela

  11. Micky
    Micky on Thu 2nd Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    Hey Manu, yes indeed... that's the way it should sound. You can tell right away that there are experienced musicians at work and, my goodness, the way you sing it is absolutely admirable. There really is no wish left unfulfilled. A completely successful track! And of course a fav.
    Warm greetings fom Micky

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello Micky, nice that you like the song. And thank you very much for your great praise and the favorite. Greetings Manuela

  12. Maj2
    Maj2 on Thu 2nd Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    kleine Partymaus auf Englisch nennen wir sie Partytier.
    Nun denn, Partytier, ich hoffe, du gehst dieses Wochenende nicht ohne mich feiern.
    Ich dachte, Sie brauchen zweifellos einen weiteren Favoriten fr diesen wunderschnen Track.
    Ich habe einen Track mit dem Partylwe im Hinterkopf gemacht.

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Doch, mache ich ohne dich! *lol.
    Morgen geh ich mit meiner aeltesten Tochter, meiner Schwester und einer Freundin in die Duesseldorfer Altstadt feiern.
    Ich hoffe, du bist nicht boese, dass ich dich nicht mitnehme ?*smile
    Danke fuer dein Lob und den Favoriten.

    Liebe Gruesse Manuela

  13. LJmbbremen
    LJmbbremen on Tue 31st Jan 2023 - 1 year ago

    Sowas kann man doch nicht singen, mit dieser Musik, diesem Klang. Wirklich jetzt, das Lied hat mich gerade umgehauen. Wahnsinn.
    Darf ich mal fragen, ob ich mal eine Stimme/Songteile von dir gekauft habe?

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hallo Mathias, dass ist durchaus moeglich. Wir arbeiten hauptberuflich fr einen Musikverlag. Aber hier veroeffentliche Songteile nicht. Andere vor allen Dingen meine Stimme ja. Ich wei ja nicht wo du kaufst.
    Schoen das es dir gefaellt.
    Liebe Gruesse Manuela

  14. shroomer24
    shroomer24 on Tue 31st Jan 2023 - 1 year ago

    Love the groove on the drums

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Thank you for your praise. Greetings Manuela

  15. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Mon 30th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago

    My dear Manu.
    You are the best funk singer of LM.
    I can see what BaoBou means but I think it is the mix itself.
    Your voice needs to be at least 2 to 3 decibels in the front.
    Other than that you are the top lady.
    Well done.

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello Maj, thank you for your visit and your message. I'm glad you like the song. It's easy to be the best funk singer on LM. There aren't that many *smile

  16. Danke
    Danke on Mon 30th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago

    very positive and live sounded ( cause it's live ... :-) music ...
    guitar is very cool ...
    your voice is absolute professional and the band too ...
    great production ...

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello Danke, thank you for your visit and your message. The song took a lot of work, but we are all the happier that it turned out so well. Greetings Manuela

  17. phantomproduction
    phantomproduction on Mon 30th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago

    very professional as usual and that fucking voice! very cool track , all my respect Miss !

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Thank you Michael, I'm glad you found your way to me and left this message. Kind regards, Mauela

  18. kingmt77
    kingmt77 on Mon 30th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago

    Manuela! So this is way way too good! An extremely powerful presence both vocally and musically. Again you put respect on my ears. Wow:)! Now Im going to try to recover from what I just heard! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Have a bossed up week.



    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello and thank you for your visit. You know I have a lot of respect for your great work. So I'm really happy that you like the song. Greetings Manuela

  19. RitajustRita
    RitajustRita on Mon 30th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago

    My little one is going funky.
    Another 1 to be proud of and I am certainly proud of you.
    I don't hear any over-processing of your voice like BaoBou, but that might be due to the different headphones.
    Ist dir wieder sehr gut gelungen Partymaus

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello Mom, thank you for visiting. Yes I'm funky *lol. As you know, I'm also the party mouse *smile. I still have after-effects from Saturday *lol Greetings Manuela

  20. BaoBou
    BaoBou on Sun 29th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago

    Lovely funky track with a great sax mixed in!
    The vocals seem a bit over processed to me? I also thought you might take the "anything you like" bits to go a bit crazy and add some flourishes?
    Nevertheless, this tracks is an obvious 11/10 for me, I just think you can get it to 12 out of 10 ;)

    And send me a link to the album when it's out, I want it!

    Reply by 2Sisters

    Hello BaoBou. glad you like the song. I admit we dug deep into the vocal effects box. But I like it that way. Of course you could have played a bit more with the chorus towards the end. But that will definitely come with the next song. Greetings Manuela

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