30th Dec 2022 09:39 - 1 year ago
Description : Eine funky Soul Production. Ich hoffe ihr habt Spass daran.

1. Auskopplung aus dem neuen Album "My funky Live"

A funky soul production. I hope you enjoy it.


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If you have time take a listen and give 2Sisters some feedback.

FunkRick 2nd Jul 2023 19:06 - 11 months ago
Super Arbeit!
Grüße Rick
2Sisters replied 8th Jul 2023 - 11 months ago

Gruesse Manuela
dimestop 23rd Feb 2023 19:32 - 1 year ago
just catching up on a few missed tracks, great funky vibe, well done guys great production, great vocal Manu the instruments all have room to shine on this groovy track nice jazz edge too, top job as usual
2Sisters replied 9th Mar 2023 - 1 year ago
Hello Paul, I almost missed you here. Thanks for your nice comment. Greetings Manuela
Maj2 24th Jan 2023 21:58 - 1 year ago
Ich kann es kaum erwarten, dass einige Ihrer neuen Albumarbeiten hier hochgeladen werden. Viel Glück.
2Sisters replied 25th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Thank you Maj, but unfortunately that will probably take until the beginning of next month. Greetings Manuela
BaoBou 20th Jan 2023 10:09 - 1 year ago
I can totally appreciate the work needed!

I finally published my first EP, which was mostly a question of "ok, my last 4 songs are not bad, grab those, polish them up a bit, press publish, bye" and even that took ages.
I'm now planning to have a full album with better production (and hopefully better songs) in July and I'm trying desperately to let the amount of work not stress me out.

I'm super impressed with the quality I hear which is miles above what I even hope to achieve. You guys can be incredibly proud, whatever happens next!!
2Sisters replied 21st Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Hello, and sorry for just getting back to you now. But my life is going pretty fast at the moment. You are welcome to privately send me a link to your first publication. I would like to listen to your first work.

Don't let this song fool you. There are many collaborators behind this song. We are all studio musicians. I've been in business for more than 20 years.

you make good music You know who I'm comparing you to. *smile. The only advice I can give you is don't put yourself under pressure. Do it slowly but sensibly. The arrangement takes time, the implementation, the playing of the instruments and then, what many underestimate, the mix and the mastering. And if there's one shortcoming with you, it's the last two things.
If you think a song is finished, then put it in the drawer for several days, don't listen to it during this time. do anything else After this time you hear him with completely different ears. If you still think it's done, then it's done.
What we plan to do this year. Complete My funky live by May. Produce an album with Sarah by the summer, produce a 2 Sisters single in the fall, a couple of live stories and then the year is almost over. Unfortunately, not everything is allowed to appear in LM. And all this in addition to our obligations as studio musicians. Greetings Manuela
RitajustRita 19th Jan 2023 22:35 - 1 year ago
Hey kleine
Schauen Sie, was für ein Erfolg dieses Lied ist.
Du kannst wirklich so stolz auf dich und natürlich auch auf die Band sein.
Deine Stimme ist wunderschön und die Musik auch.
2Sisters replied 20th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Hallo Mom,

schoen dich wieder mal hier bei uns zu sehen. Ja, er hat gute klicks und downloadzahlen. Nicht nur hier. Wir haben ihn auch ins Songvoting gesetzt und ich bin mal gespannt auf welchen Platz er dort in den Charts landet naechsten Monat. Bisher hatten wir es ja mit Today auf Platz 13 geschafft. Unsere bisher beste Platzierung.

So muss wieder arbeiten

Liebe Grueße
BaoBou 18th Jan 2023 23:51 - 1 year ago
Having a musicgasm here in the first couple seconds, and then that amazing vocal. LOVE IT!!
2Sisters replied 20th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Hey my friend, where have you been hiding all this time *smile. Glad you're back and that you found me *lol
I can tell you that the song took us a lot of work to get to where it is now. We've been working on "My funky live" for almost half a year now. But the first results are slowly becoming apparent. I'm glad you like the song. Greetings Manuela
DeeJayNick 18th Jan 2023 20:56 - 1 year ago
Is it funk or funky! Nice music from a band, which makes it stand out imho.
2Sisters replied 20th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Thank you for your visit and your kind words. Greetings Manuela
secondnature1 17th Jan 2023 11:51 - 1 year ago
Very impressive, very smooth, very clean. Great work!
2Sisters replied 20th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Hello and thank you for your message. Don't be so humble *smile. Greetings Manuela
ripzore9191 14th Jan 2023 22:30 - 1 year ago
Honestly man this is incredibly well done.
Like people said the production qualtiy is on point.
The voice is clear and so are the instruments.
Well done honestly!
2Sisters replied 15th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Hello and thank you for your honest words! I wish you a nice Sunday, greetings Manuela
Killick 14th Jan 2023 01:24 - 1 year ago
Whoa, Manuela, holy crap, you blew it out of the park with this one. The production is on-point, all of the instruments have such a good sense of space and interact in with each other in such a musical and seamless way. The vocals too... Fantastic. You should be proud of yourself!

2Sisters replied 14th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Hello Nocke, nice that you like the song. Thank you for your message and your great praise! Greetings Manuela
theHumps 11th Jan 2023 04:48 - 1 year ago
This has a nice, funky, rnb feel to it with a bit of jazz thrown in for good measure. Upbeat and happy vibes! Well done to all that participated in the making of this track!


2Sisters replied 11th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Hello Wayne, nice to see you here. Great that you like the song. I will gladly pass on your praise. Greetings Manuela
crucethus 9th Jan 2023 00:48 - 1 year ago
This tune is all that I needed tonight! Brilliant/ Some really cool unothodox chord changes that I loved (so sick of hearing the same old same old in pop music). Awesome Rhodes solo! then that sax and guitar counterpoint. Great stuff!
2Sisters replied 11th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Thank you for your visit and your message. I'm glad you like the song. Greetings Manuela
BONEZONMARZ 7th Jan 2023 17:27 - 1 year ago
this is so good! sounds like a classic. the vocals are really nice, they go so well with the instruments. well done!
2Sisters replied 8th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Hello, I think you very much for your listening and your message. I'm glad you like this song. Greetings Manuela
phantomproduction 3rd Jan 2023 12:45 - 1 year ago
Hi Manu, very nice job on the voice, very successful, as usual very professional! happy new year for you and team !
2Sisters replied 4th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Thank you Michael, I wish you the same! Greetings Manuela
DijamMusic 1st Jan 2023 17:49 - 1 year ago
Wow, My dear Manu Hello.
Happy new year to you too with this track and that voice of yours is the best new year starter for me Thank you.
As always, the music is great and your voice is the cherry on top of the best cake ever.
Wonderful Thank you.
2Sisters replied 1st Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Hello Maj, thank you for your visit and your great compliment! You know that means a lot to me. Greetings Manuela
Maj2 31st Dec 2022 22:52 - 1 year ago
My dear pretty Superstar.
Happy New Year to you too! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead!
2Sisters replied 1st Jan 2023 - 1 year ago
Thank you Maj, I wish you the same! Greetings Manuela
BeatMaker4real 31st Dec 2022 15:17 - 1 year ago
Crispy clean production Manu1978, nice work.
All of the instruments are sounding so cool in this.
2Sisters replied 31st Dec 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello, thank you for your message and your great compliment. Wish you all the best in the new year, regards Manuela
RitajustRita 31st Dec 2022 12:17 - 1 year ago
Wow Manuela im so proud on my little one from Germany.
This track is different from the others what i didd hear from you but you didd also a great job on this genre.
As always it sounds realy proffesional.
Well done little one!!!!

Its beautiful!!
2Sisters replied 31st Dec 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello mom, glad you like it. Glad to see you here again! I'll get in touch with you in the New Year. have a good start into the new year,
xstokes 31st Dec 2022 04:33 - 1 year ago
hello, Manuela! the band is tight and really jumps. i especially dig the drums and bass, they are fun listening. vox are vibrant, clear and delivered with soul and conviction. i enjoyed this a lot!
2Sisters replied 31st Dec 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello, thank you for listening and for your message. Glad you like the song! I also think we've found a nice rhythm here. Greetings and a happy new year to you and your loved ones, greetings Manuela
kingmt77 31st Dec 2022 00:01 - 1 year ago
Manuela. Thanks for tantalizing my ear buds. This is such a great production. I got that front and center at the venue feeling. Amazingly the technical critique flew out the window as I just simply enjoyed everything I heard. To sum this composition up……. Simply Funk And Soul at its finest. Hats off Manuela and crew. Faved.

2Sisters replied 31st Dec 2022 - 1 year ago
Hi Mark, as you know I really appreciate your work! That's why your opinion is extremely important to me! Thank you for your great praise! Happy New Year with your family. We are here earlier in 2023 than you *smile
CINCOCENT 30th Dec 2022 20:02 - 1 year ago
Wow your style is really similar to my friend Michael phantom productions. Really impressive intro how you introduce the variety of instruments and they almost sound like they were offbeat but they weren't they were a really good intro but I don't know anyways I got to keep listening. Wow your quality work is beyond pro wow you're good like your quality the way it sounds everything the vocals everything man damn really good job on this one
2Sisters replied 31st Dec 2022 - 1 year ago
Thank you very much for your great compliment. Yes Michael and I are big fans of live music. Nevertheless, I think we both work very differently. I see every song as a joint project between the individual musicians involved and not as an achievement by an individual. That's why I'm not available on my own *smile. Kind regards and Happy New Year Manuela
SpeakUpProd 30th Dec 2022 15:57 - 1 year ago
hey, the vocals sitting so nice in the mix. that oganic bass is just lovely and the brass is sooo nice, i was playing trumpet for 12 yeras, respect. lg und guten rutsch
2Sisters replied 30th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago
Hallo, ein grosses Danke fuer ein grosses Kompliment. Es freut mich immer, wenn erfahrene Musiker ein Lob da lassen. Das ehrt uns. Aber auch Kritik ist natuerlich willkommen. Liebe Gruesse und auch dir und deinen Liebsten einen guten Rutsch Manuela
BananaLu 30th Dec 2022 15:43 - 1 year ago
100% stank face activated. this is really warm production. I love how you give each instruments his own space. it´s kinda hard in funk, you used every inch of stereo space. i get very horny with basses in combination with keys. great eq balance with a hint of the past. Very nice vox on this as well. ich hoffe man hört mehr von dir. grüße von einer banane
2Sisters replied 30th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello Banana, thank you for your visit and your great compliment. I always try to see the stereo bandwidth as the stage. As on a stage, every musician should have their own place, which they can leave but always return to. Nice that you like the song. There will definitely be more in the new year. I wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year. Manuela
BotBeatsMusic 30th Dec 2022 10:33 - 1 year ago
Hallo Manu, das wünsche ich dir auch. Eine schöne Produktion, da hat wohl jemand alles aus Samplitude rausgeholt. Danke für Teilen!

Hello Manu, I wish you the same. A beautiful production, someone must have gotten everything out of Samplitude. Thanks for sharing!
2Sisters replied 30th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago
Hallo und ganz liebe Gruesse in die Hauptstadt*smile. Danke fuer deine Nachricht und deinen Kommentar. Wir arbeiten zwar hauptsächlich mit Samplitude, aber nicht ausschließlich.

Komm gut ins neue Jahr und bleib gesund


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