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Description : you wanted me to sing again (thanks Manuela, Rita, Angel)

this is everything ive got guys, stepped up on everything, especially vocal and production, i almost didn't realise it was me :)) this ones for the ladies
lyrics are up if you want to sing along

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  1. T576
    T576 on Mon 17th Apr 2023 - 12 months ago

    dime you killed this one. You took me back to my old Motown days. I'm a old G. and I know real Soul when I hear it. Well put together. PEACE. T576 OUT.

    Reply by dimestop

    Thankyou bro, I was pleased with how this came out, one of my better efforts. Cheers for the stop off, the listen and the comment, much appreciated T576

  2. BrXm
    BrXm on Fri 17th Mar 2023 - 1 year ago

    I love the beginnings vocals, would you mind if i used it in my beat? I could send it to you when i release it if you want?

    Reply by dimestop

    of course you can use it young 'un, just give me credit in your description, you dont have to send it me, you can always bring it to featured so we can here what you done, whatever suits you bro. if you want the vocal stems i'll send them and you can edit accordingly send a mail to my private in my profile and i'll send you it. just a reminder if your posting to other social media sites make sure theres no copyright issues its on soundcloud under me but i may post it in other place later, some others have had issues with this before, they get a copyright warning and its their work.
    thanks for the listen anyway im glad you liked it and wanna use it.

  3. Mykael
    Mykael on Tue 14th Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    You do realize your voice is perfectly suited for your music, don't ya? I throughly enjoyed this track--very soulful. You're for has a very distinctive quality to it, which is a VERY good thing. Keep sangin'!



    Reply by dimestop

    thankyou Mykael, i appreciate your comment bro you being a singer too. i'll never be great but i do try. but i enjoy myself which is the real love, thanks for the listen mate

  4. xxsgwxx
    xxsgwxx on Mon 6th Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    broooo i need this sample

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks for the listen bro, the beat was free on YT just my vocal and production

  5. 2Sisters
    2Sisters on Sat 4th Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    I also wanted to congratulate you on your new grandfather's delights. Greetings to you and to the parents-to-be, Manuela

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks Manuela its been a great start to the year, long may it continue

  6. Micky
    Micky on Fri 3rd Feb 2023 - 1 year ago

    My dear Paul, I don't want to use a lot of words here - everything has already been said. Just a wonderful track - you're making huge progress. Cheers, Micky

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks for the stop off and listen Micky, glad you liked the track and from somebody as good as you it means a lot cheers

  7. pseudoble
    pseudoble on Thu 26th Jan 2023 - 1 year ago

    Well mate - for someone who is not a singer you are singing pretty darn well and the production on this one is exceptional too - not sure how easy it is to do a proper vocal out of a studio but I think you know more about that than me by the sound of it!
    Nice classic rnb/ lofi hip hop sound on the backing track too - not sure how you put that together or what youve tweaked but it's a hand in glove fit.

    Havent been here for a while and seems you havent either so hope you and the family are well. All good things - Ian

    Reply by dimestop

    hi Ian thanks for the listen and great comment. ive not been around for a month or so, ive gave music to much attention and took my eye of nailing the perfect job, priorities haha. ive found a great position and almost at the end of the interview process, its looking extremely positive, and a good salary to boot. this is were all my attention is at the moment, then hopefully i'll be back even stronger with new inspiration :))
    hope your well and the family are great, best wishes mate

  8. BananaLu
    BananaLu on Sun 25th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    hey dimestop, what a beat. You really stepped up your game with production. Theres some golden Era hip hop vibes with your beat.
    Got to keep on searching. Theres some unique and honest moments in your voice. if i should decscribe it, outsider art. You own your style and creates with those high reverb wizard beans some psychedelic layers.

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks for the listen Lu, nice to see you around, ive been pushing myself a lot of late and enjoying myself writing songs and collabing with others, hope your well bro

  9. DJLyger
    DJLyger on Thu 22nd Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    im loving this alote keep it up

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks DJL i appreciate your stop off and comment, i will return the favour and check you out bro, love hip-hop but i'll have a sing to most genres

  10. theHumps
    theHumps on Wed 21st Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Great to see someone come here and watch their growth and development. Well done Paul!

    Only you and Barry White can swoon the ladies with their velvet vocals!!


    Reply by dimestop

    thanks for your kind words Wayne, you said it'll get easier if you keep practising. im enjoying myself a lot more, me and Barry White in the same sentence, now i'll take that everyday and twice on a Sunday :))

  11. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Tue 20th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    You sound brilliant in this one mate.
    Well done

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks Maj, and cheers for what you done

  12. Zootman
    Zootman on Mon 19th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Hi Paul, I'm late to the party! It's a great backing track and I think your vox sit within it really well. Love the timbre of your voice as always. Lyrically it fits with the vibe of the music too. My only critical thought is maybe you should stretch out and try to find more variation in the melodies. That's difficult I know very well, having tried to sing myself. It's good bro, you take on stuff I wouldn't be brave enough to try, well done and happy holidays.

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks for checking it out Chris i need to start variation on my vocal, melodies and chorus really, things I'm working on. im sure i'll nail it one day :)) Cru wants me to go higher next time, so i'll keep trying, as you know i'll try anything, thanks for the feedback its appreciated bro

  13. Killick
    Killick on Mon 19th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    I'm so glad that Manu, Rita and Angel have been pushing you mate. Normally if I comment I try to be all loquacious and sh*t, but I'm just gonna be honest here:

    It's genuinely been a joy to watch you gain more confidence in your voice as time has passed, with each new track you let it shine a bit more. There are many ways to sing well and you've found a way that's uniquely yours. You should be proud.


    Reply by dimestop

    thanks so much Cam, coming from someone who works in opera, it means a lot. I'll never be great but i keep pushing myself to achieve my best, writing songs as got hold of me, so why not sing eh, its better than thinking, i can't do that. I'm proud of what I've brought because its all my words, self expression is the true meaning of singing AND the comments are positive, so that helps :))))

  14. Jynxz
    Jynxz on Sun 18th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    What's up Paul,
    Motown would have
    signed you on the spot!
    If you keep cranking them
    out perhaps you could start
    your own label. This track is
    100% on point.
    Great track. Faved..

    Reply by dimestop

    haha thankyou mate, its nice to see you around, hope your good, im enjoying myself singing more now ive grown in confidence and to have you stop off and comment is great. have a great Christmas and new year Robbie

  15. LJmbbremen
    LJmbbremen on Sat 17th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Hey Paul,
    this a great song. Love the beginning.
    Have a gift for you!

    Reply by dimestop

    thankyou so much Matthias, nice gift, love what you've done with it, i loved every minute a little different from this one :))

  16. 2Sisters
    2Sisters on Sat 17th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    I can feel that you are very proud of your children and grandchildren and wish you a wonderful time with them. My children 15 and 17, both girls and my husband want to kidnap me to Dresden starting tomorrow and give me a Christmas surprise there. I am very excited about what awaits me. Then on Friday we go back home. Manuela

    Reply by dimestop

    they are the dearest things in my life Manuela, my children are both successful aged 30 and 24 my son being the oldest but when you become a grandparent you are gifted with a love that you have never ever felt, im sure your parents know what i mean.
    so you have two teenagers, i remember them years worry[ng they weren't up to no good haha. enjoy Dresden and your surprise have a safe trip

  17. SpeakUpProd
    SpeakUpProd on Sat 17th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    its so great mate, lovely to hear the work you put in it, and i am excited what you show up in the future. greets

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks bro just commented on your beautiful track, im in a good writing form at present and yes i would love a go on it. thanks for your kind words and listen much appreciated

  18. 2Sisters
    2Sisters on Sat 17th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Thank you for everything! Paul. I wish you and all the people you love (also soft me) a Merry Christmas. May I ask how old your grandchildren are?

    Reply by dimestop

    i have three grandchildren Manuela two from my son George, one of each, Roman is two and a half, Mia is 1 and my daughter Cara had a little girl Isla 4 months ago. they are my pride and joy and make my world

  19. kingmt77
    kingmt77 on Sat 17th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Paul. Please receive this in the spirit of what I'm giving it. You say, "you're doing what you do mainly for fun". My paraphrase. Correct me If I'm wrong. All I can hear is seriousness. Yep, dopeness and seriousness. That track your vocals are flying on top of made me sit down! Plus, check this, you are increasing exponentially with the production and technical aspect of what you're doing. Reminds me of our sister Rita. This is way more than a hobby. And I dont BLOW SMOKE. I dont like your work...... I LOVE IT, MATE! Also wonderful work for the inspiration you drew from our 3 LADIES OF DISTINCTION, Peace.


    Reply by dimestop

    hey Mark thanks for such a wonderful comment. if i can explain now, when i first came i knew nothing, i listened for months before i posted a track or commented, i was too scared. i thought everybody was amazing and i would never be able to be like any of you. but everyone welcomed me with open arms, i was amazed, i never ever assumed i would sing rap or whatever and when i first did, i was expecting the worst. it never came. but ive learnt how music can touch others, it stirs my heart. it was fun until i realised I CAN make myself sound half decent learning the production side. it is my hobby still but i take it far more serious now and your right its not fun anymore. i want the best results these days. i dont need to correct you because your right mate im serious about everything now. you the ladies and a host of others have brought out the best in me, you've also taught me everything ive learnt, along with YouTube vids :)) to read people giving me praise as made me step up my game, i still have a lot to learn but take it from me, i will never under play what it means to me now, a GREAT DEAL, as do all my mates here. thanks again for the stop off and comment, im now of to listen to your latest

  20. RitajustRita
    RitajustRita on Fri 16th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Hey Paul here i am .
    When i opend LM i see whats new and then i see your new song ...well the others need to wait.
    I need to listen to My friend Paul and o my god when it starts!!
    So cool!!
    And then your singing and the lyrics.
    So beautiful and I feel honored...thank you Paul.
    I really appreciate you and how you stay true to your LM friends.
    The other way around is also the case, although I am sometimes less on LM.

    Reply by dimestop

    hi Rita, im such a loyal person in every sense of the word to loyal at times tbf. wish i had been loyal in my relationships though, i was a sucka for an attractive smile, i caused hurt and in doing so caused hurt to myself, maybe thats why i can write with such feeling and emotion, ive learnt the hard way and i seem to be able to choose the right words in lyrics. you are one of my oldest friends here on the loop we have grown together too. your support and encouragement have really helped me achieve more than i ever set out to do, im honoured to call you my friend and will always support you and our community and the talent hidden amongst us. your never late Rita but you are missed when your not around be sure of that

  21. 2Sisters
    2Sisters on Fri 16th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Hi Paul, I figured the good old days inspired you. Unfortunately, I'm too young to have experienced all this live. But I really enjoy listening to music from that period. Some things flow into my compositions, whether consciously or unconsciously. It's like fashion, somehow everything comes back at some point, albeit a little differently. And that's just as well! I noticed that you stayed below the clipping limit with a limiter. I also noticed that you held back with strong compressions and thus the song remained softer in terms of volume and tonal limitations. That's good for the song. Everything great! Greetings Manuela

    Reply by dimestop

    you see i do listen to all the advice passed on to me from the more experienced. hopefully I can pass it on someday :))
    glad you liked my poem too, it was just a 10 min thing when i read your description, and my Christmas will be filled with joy, i spend it with my grandchildren, they will be spoilt rotten just like my children when they were young, i do feel embarrassed about that though because many children go without which is sad. have a happy Christmas with your family Manuela

  22. 2Sisters
    2Sisters on Fri 16th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Hello Paul. To start with the last sentence of your text: You really didn't do anything wrong! Your voice just keeps getting better and better from song to song. You can tell that you've slowly become more confident singing. And you did an excellent job. A really great emotional soul. It reminds a bit of the Tamptation or Surpreams. The mix and mastering are excellent too. There is simply nothing to complain about for me, only lots of praise! Paul you know me very well by now. If something bothered me, I would write it too. Enjoy the festive season! Let's see what we girls can encourage you to do in the future *smile.

    Greetings Manuela

    Reply by dimestop

    hi Manuela you girls are always a positive source for my confidence, there's no machoism from any of you. and of course you should always be truthful, your always constructive in your critique which is a huge help to anyone wanting to improve. i did use a limiter properly this time and adjusted the low and mid regions, also used 4 different reverbs as apposed to 1. engineering is a craft in itself and makes a massive difference to the finished product as you know. i grew up listening to the Beatles dad, and Motown was a fav of my mum. the Temptations and the Supremes Diana Ross Patti Labelle Marvin Gaye the Commodores to Teddy Pendergrass to Al green among other soul stars were always great to listen to. thanks for your time lady, its always appreciated.

  23. BeatMaker4real
    BeatMaker4real on Fri 16th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Nice work on the track dimestop, you moving on up.

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks bro, i appreciate your feedback, i understand you got to put the work in on production to get a more polished sound. ive still got some learning but im improving, long may it continue

  24. dubjoka
    dubjoka on Fri 16th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    bro this is great loved it real nice work

    Reply by dimestop

    cheers dubjoka, ive just tightened the vocal mix a little. thanks for the time bro, just checked your latest and commented its fire

  25. phantomproduction
    phantomproduction on Fri 16th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    very very good Paul, a very soulful composition and a voice that does the job very well! nice track !

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks for listening and commenting Michael. you always support our community with your feedback. i was really happy with this soulful piece, im glad you though it was good, it means a lot mate

  26. Angelusyeux777SC
    Angelusyeux777SC on Fri 16th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    I had to come listen to this before my morning run! wow Paul, you sound good! fella on this fresh! beat yeah my kind of music & I like how crystal clear I can hear those authentic warm vocals of yours and not to mention your lyrical prowess is on fleek! thanks for a mention you never leave us girls out what a Gent! :) Keep singing it up P, your confidence is admirable.

    The world loves a trier and you have improved with your singing by the bucket loads, ~My fedora's Off~ for this one and hearted as my nodd of approval, I myself am thinking of doing a little rapping on a track if I get time now I'm no rapper but I sure as hell know how to rhyme, I may even get my son if he gets time to rap, he's bad@ss but like me busy with work & his little family but hey, I digress. In any case like I have said the world loves triers & that is how we build confidence too by stepping out of that comfort zone.
    well done you & you should be proud of yourself Bravo!

    Reply by dimestop

    thankyou Angel, you girls have always encouraged me to sing and that gives me confidence. i worked a lot more on production on this, my voice sounds warmer and clear. thanks for the fav too. and im sure you will be able to rap, you are a great singer, so rapping will be no problem for you. it'll be good to hear you. and a duet with your son now that would be cool, i do love to hear a girl spitting on a track.

  27. ClickbaitCabaret
    ClickbaitCabaret on Fri 16th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Great vocalmix. It rests in the groove just right. Good one.

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks for the listen and comment Clickbait, i was quite happy with the mix on this one

  28. crucethus
    crucethus on Fri 16th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Pain does hurt ehh? I realized your go-to singing phrases start on Bb then down to A then up to C and Back to Bb. Next song I want you to stretch out to the High F after the C and see what that brings for you. A little out of your comfort zone next leap thing ;-)

    Reply by dimestop

    notes and chords i wouldn't have a clue bro, i just sang, if it sounds ok, that's fine with me :)) don't know weather i could go high though, but that's my next task i suppose, thanks for giving it your ears your comments mean a lot.

  29. BaoBou
    BaoBou on Fri 16th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Good job Paul, and you really stepped up the production side of things :) Well done you!

    Reply by dimestop

    thanks bro, wanted to get some warmth in to the vocal, much bigger production 6 EQ's 4 reverbs low and mid filters overdrive, all driven through 3 compressors, supermassive and patcher were a big help too plug-ins im getting more familiar with, glad you noticed thanks fella

  30. Maj2
    Maj2 on Fri 16th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    Wow, Paul.
    I almost didn't recognise your voice in the intro HAHA.
    No, mate, you've done brilliantly here I like it.
    I really like it.
    you can easily say this is Paul.
    I love it.
    Great job mate.
    Well done.

    Reply by dimestop

    haha, thanks Maj pushed the boat out on this, brushed up on production, and was pretty pleased with how this came together. thought i did a good job in the mix too

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