21st Sep 2022 11:38 -  1 year ago
Description : First of all, Manuela has not been left by her husband *smile. Even if it sounds like it in this song.

A new song, almost unplugged. For all the fans who love honest guitars. Maybe BaoBou will unpack his guitar again *smile. Have fun with it. Greetings Angelica by ManuS

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If you have time take a listen and give 2Sisters some feedback.

PhillyBe 13th Sep 2023 16:19 -  8 months ago
I love this going to a B flat (maybe B flat, if not, sorry) Great one.
2Sisters replied 13th Sep 2023 - 8 months ago
Hello, good hearing! But to be precise it is F#.

Thanks for listening, best wishes Manuela
bbrossa 28th Nov 2022 18:48 -  1 year ago
Ich bin echt kein Countryfan, aber der Song hat Seele! Tolle Interpretation!
2Sisters replied 10th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago
Hallo und entschuldige, dass ich mich jetzt erst melde. Aber ich bin gerade erst über deinen Kommentar gestolpert. Danke fuer deine positiven Worte. Liebe Gruesse Manuela
pseudoble 15th Oct 2022 00:34 -  1 year ago
Gorgeous - sublime alt county rock, beautiful sound production, lovely vocal ... that tom tom sound creates an unusual beat
2Sisters replied 15th Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello and thank you for your time, your message and the great praise you made us! Kind regards Manu
crucethus 14th Oct 2022 17:46 -  1 year ago
ahh sorry, it's Ronde, looperman doesn't like accents I see.
Dutch group I accidentally found while searching IPTV stations online and found A Dutch Radio Station broadcasting at 6 am Dutch time this song.
2Sisters replied 15th Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello, I just watched the video and then researched something about the band. Great your comparison. He honors us! Greetings Manuela
crucethus 14th Oct 2022 08:11 -  1 year ago
I like how it trends from acoustic-like folk then a nice pacing of drums in the rock movement, that part reminds me a bit of rondé which I had stumbled upon by accident last year. A really nice song you have made, go you ;-)
2Sisters replied 14th Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello. glad you like the song! Unfortunately I don't know Rond. But I love acoustic instruments paired with rock instruments. But as many here know, we are musically very versatile. Kind regards Manu
Shaman77 9th Oct 2022 20:22 -  1 year ago
a beautiful song with beautiful music
2Sisters replied 13th Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Thank you for your visit and your message. Glad you like the song. Kind regards Manu
Shaman77 9th Oct 2022 20:21 -  1 year ago
I'm sorry, I have in my computer memory what I copied before, and in the comments I wanted to write that this is a whole musical journey)
2Sisters replied 13th Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello, well, computers do whatever they want *smile
Alien 6th Oct 2022 14:04 -  1 year ago
Wonderful track, the vocals are truly amazing. Great mix too.
2Sisters replied 7th Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello, thank you for your praise. But what would the song be without the good musicians? Best regards Manuela
ShortBusMusic 4th Oct 2022 11:23 -  1 year ago
Wow, this was like listening to a great country song on Sirius XM radio. Fantastic job and a song that would probably chart really well in the US. I don't know if you or your band ever tour Florida (or even Georgia or Alabama or Mississippi), but if you do and there is a place to look at your tour dates, I would love to see you perform live. Exceptional work and I am glad I stumbled onto your little corner of the world. I hope all is well.

2Sisters replied 4th Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello Bear, well nobody knows where it will lead us in this life. But so far nothing is planned in the USA. But who knows exactly *smile. Glad you like the song. We will probably release the song on Spotify in November. Maybe then he'll find lovers in the USA *smile. Thank you for your time and listening and for your great praise. Greetings Manuela
phantomproduction 3rd Oct 2022 21:06 -  1 year ago
Hi Manu, good piece, your voice does the job! I wish you all the best for your project!
Kisses Michael
2Sisters replied 4th Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello Michael, nice to see you here and thanks for the compliment. I appreciate that! Greetings Manuela
Mykael 25th Sep 2022 07:38 -  1 year ago
Hiya, Manuela!! I have a love affair with country music, which is why whips of the genre shows up in my original works so often. I am always hungry for new country music or country-pop, so thank you!!! It's a beautiful song, and your vocals are ear candy; the instrumentation is shear perfection to my ears. Well done!

2Sisters replied 2nd Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello Mykael. Nice that you also love the diversity of country music. I like her a lot too. We've released quite a few titles. All the best and greetings Manuela
MPOProduction 23rd Sep 2022 16:08 -  1 year ago
very nice track ... !
2Sisters replied 2nd Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello, sorry that I only now found the time to reply to your message. Thank you for your time dedicated to the song.

Kind regards Manu
Killick 23rd Sep 2022 03:08 -  1 year ago
Hey Manu, hope all is well with you and good luck with the tour! Hope you have a great run! It really feels like a lot of heart and meaning went into this song. Not to mention with the drum line there were a few rhythmic surprises that really caught me off guard which I always enjoy.

Danke might have touched on this already, though I can't say I know what triola guitar means, so I'm not sure. But the playing style conjured images of John Fahey for me.
2Sisters replied 23rd Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello and thank you for your nice wishes!
I think "Danke" doesn't mean the instrument but the way it is played. "Triole" means playing 3 notes of the same length in one bar. In a 4/4 bar, a division into 3 tones of equal length is extremely difficult. But! These 3 tones are followed by a fourth. So you have to play with foresight. Mathematically, this means: The sum of the note lengths of the 3 tones of the same length gives the length of the fourth note in the same bar. (It's not mine, our guitarist Norbert explained to me) He also says that he doesn't always get it right. So he plays an unclean "triplet" from time to time. Hardly noticeable to the listener. For the accompanying musicians, however, this means that they have to keep time extremely precisely.
Greetings Manuela
DijamMusic 23rd Sep 2022 02:48 -  1 year ago
Wow, Manuela,
Eine weitere schwebende Traumstimme von dir auf diesem Track, obwohl das Genre Country ist.
Übrigens, selbst wenn dein Mann dich verlassen hat, sollte es keine große Sache sein, es gibt hier eine Million Typen, die bereit sind, den Boden zu küssen, auf dem du gehst.
Wie immer ein toller Track mit einer engelsgleichen Stimme.
Wirklich gut gemacht.
2Sisters replied 23rd Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hallo Maj, na du uebertreibst *smile. Obwohl das gut tut. Ich denke die meisten der Millionen Maenner haben mich zum Glueck noch nicht gesehen. Sonst wuerden es schlagartig weniger. *lach. Ich bin wie jede Frau, stur, exzentrisch, und auch wie die meisten der 50% weiblichen Menschen extrem unzufrieden mit meinem Aussehen. Deshalb halte ich meinen Mann auch fest, denn der hat mich so genommen, wie ich bin *smile.

Danke mal wieder für deinen Besuch und die nette Nachricht, liebe Gruesse Manuela
RitajustRita 23rd Sep 2022 02:38 -  1 year ago
Im happy to hear that it isnt about you lol.
Another great track and im still wondering about your good English pronunciation.
your voice is so clear and pure and i like how you say goodbey and allright with that end..dont no how to explain it.
Nice work Manuela.
Have much fun in Zanzibar and take care
2Sisters replied 23rd Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Thanks Rita, no I still have my husband and I'm holding him too *smile. So I get the texts written or translated. In principle, I read them off and get the pronunciation beaten in by the critical gentlemen here. That's okay. I have trouble speaking or writing spontaneously. I've had a few dropouts live there. But people love my "stumbling block language" *laughs. Rita take care of yourself too. We are far too few women here, I notice! Greetings Manuela
LJmbbremen 22nd Sep 2022 18:20 -  1 year ago
Sonne, Strand, Abend...Sonne rot.
Eine Frau laeuft an der Waterkant entlang, Bikini, langes weißes Hemd, Schuhe in der Hand und singt dieses Lied.
Bravo. Sehr schoenes Lied. Wundervoll.
Und diese Stimme........
2Sisters replied 23rd Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hallo Matthias, machst du mir gerade einen Vorschlag für ein Musikvideo? Auf jeden Fall hast du eine schöne Phantasie. Allerdings müsste man die Frau doubeln. Ziehe einen Bikini nur privat an *smile. Danke für dein Zuhören und deine Nachricht. Liebe Grüße Manuela
dimestop 22nd Sep 2022 14:23 -  1 year ago
beautiful track Manuela, its heartfelt the words are great on top of that lovely guitar and drum, good luck with the tour guys, you deserve everything you get, like BoaBou said if your ever in the UK, i'll get me a ticket for sure
2Sisters replied 22nd Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Thank you thank you ! We were in Scotland in early September. 14 days was great. Believe me I would give each of you a ticket. Greetings Manuela
BaoBou 21st Sep 2022 21:45 -  1 year ago
Didn't take my guitar... I poured myself a gin and tonic :)
Super sweet song! Ping me if you guys make it to London, I want to see your band live!
2Sisters replied 22nd Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
I hope you drank one for me *smile. Let's see where the time takes us everywhere. I am currently almost half a world away from London. Greetings Manuela
Danke 21st Sep 2022 19:51 -  1 year ago
Great track again Manuela ... with an interesting solution in the song ... you put a normal 4/4 drum on the triola guitar ... and it sounds good ... and your voice is crystal clear again ... for me it's a pop song by Amy MacDonald style ...
bravo again, Danke
2Sisters replied 22nd Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Thank you for your praise. You have a very good ear! The solution was unplanned. She has been tried. We wanted to close the circle at the beginning without losing all the drive from the second fast part.

Amy is not only a good musician but also a remarkable woman! I was able to meet her many years ago on the sidelines of a WDR Open Air concert in Kaldenkirchen. My friends say that if I wear my hair down I look a lot like her *smile. Kind regards Manuela (currently on tour in Zanzibar)

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