14th Jul 2022 23:39 -  1 year ago
Description : TWEAKED took V's advice. another vox its multi layered to try give it some hype but its difficult when your voice is shit :)) but im having fun. wrote it pretty quick added reverb and delay all different on each of the layers. be as hard as you like ive got thick skin, there might be to much going on, you tell me though, i dedicate it to you all, its because of you im still here, could of give a bit more distortion on the bass. put some cymbal crashes in and a few percs to give it variety

Comments (17)

If you have time take a listen and give dimestop some feedback.

pseudoble 24th Jul 2022 23:32 -  1 year ago
Wow mate - super catchy - sounding better and better - good on you. I can see a film clip with you dancing to this one.
dimestop replied 25th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
haha thanks mate, i enjoyed this one the words are pretty true also, i did only come to get some music ideas for a dance video, but you were all great and im still here and tbf i now do music more than anything. although i still dance everyday, ive not done any vids for ages. cheers for the comment Ian
crucethus 20th Jul 2022 06:26 -  1 year ago
Intro was cool mate!. Ok some serious notes at :45, take that delay off and go it clean. that advice was given to me on remixes by an Australian DJ friend and it rang true on a remix I did for Robert O'Connor. Do not be afraid to mix up the vocal FX treatments. That being said, it's a cool tune. I am a big fan of Sly and Robbie's work throughout the years, esp their work with Grace Jones, No Doubt, and their dub work.
dimestop replied 20th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thanks for the feedback mate, now that was a name from the past Sly and Robbie, i liked them too. i am finding my way around all this and trying new things all the time, i too think the delay could be taken off in places but my voice needs a little help i think. been watching videos about the different singing scales, i watched Bobby McFerrin explaning the power of the pentatonic scale 5 notes C D E G A thats were i think i need to be singing, eventually id like to think i could just EQ my vox, nothing else. i have been doing lots of research and learning things ive never ever heard of. i enjoy writing but now im trying to do things in a more regular way short hooks make them melodic and catchy they dont necessarily need lyrics just random words and ad-libs, repetition, getting a good chorus thats easy to remember with the verse giving the depth and back story to engage the listener and keep them interested. i never thought for one moment i would go this deep in to production but this place has changed me so much, i appreciate all the feedback and help i want to be better for me so try to be different, i also now understand what you were saying about my chorus in Sunrise being really good, at the time i was like what does he mean it can be so good, although i want to be my own person tbf all your feedback has been priceless
BeatMaker4real 17th Jul 2022 01:53 -  1 year ago
Great track dimestop, you elevated bro since the last time I was around, sounds like you having fun with it..
dimestop replied 17th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
BM its good to see you about bro. i know it can get a bit stale here at times, but dont give up, explore all avenues but stay about your music is well liked fam. i have a few ideas i would like to do a community project to stimulate us, theres an abundance of talent here, we could do something big support will be needed though, thanks for checking on me, its appreciated. if you like the elevation on this, heres one you missed, im sure you'll no it but not like this i wrote the bars too :))
kingmt77 16th Jul 2022 23:06 -  1 year ago
Paul, the tweaks and adjustments you’ve made has brightened up the overall mix and brought a greater clarity to your vocals in comparison to your very first upload of this track. A marked and quite noticeable improvement my friend.

dimestop replied 16th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thanks Mark three hrs with my headset mixing chopping overlaying, my ears were bleeding, i knew i was close but again not just right taking V's advice on board and a sleep i tweaked it to get it more balanced im glad you could spot the improvement, i know how to de=ease but because i like to jazz my lyrics up with overlays and doubles with different fx on other layers i tend to get clipping even with low pass filters and the compression takes some of the pronunciations away but now a can pan around add saturation separate and change the latency to get much crisper vocals. your feedback is important to me as you know and we've got plans afoot maybe if we can get interest :))
dubjoka 16th Jul 2022 22:39 -  1 year ago
well worth a stop to your page once again keep at it bro
dimestop replied 16th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
great to see your name around again bro, hope we gonna get something fresh from you. thanks for stopping off im happy you think im worthy thankyou
Alien 16th Jul 2022 00:45 -  1 year ago
Vocals sound pretty good layered like that with a reverb, it gives it a great reggae feel I really like. I would probably eq the vocal track a little because the of the reverb it's sometimes a little muddy...(idk I think, lol)
Well done bro, def a worthy track. I enjoyed listening to it.
dimestop replied 16th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thanks for the listen bro and the feedback, ive tweaked it a couple times i tried to keep the main vocal clean no fx and keep the panning delay reverb on the layered tracks and used stereo separation and increased the latency on each individually. i did use a low pass filter on the master , my ears are bleeding from listen to hey hey haha, im glad you had a good listen Alien
DijamMusic 15th Jul 2022 23:10 -  1 year ago
Your voice sounds great, and it mixed well with the surrounding instrumental.
Overall, great work.
Well done Paul.
See you soon.
dimestop replied 16th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
hey Mate so good to receive a comment from you, ive come on a little bit confidence wise, you take things nice an steady and we will collab again when your fighting fit, your a close mate, speak soon. this was a bit of an anthem to LM you get shouts didnt want you to miss it. Paul
BaoBou 15th Jul 2022 22:52 -  1 year ago
Might be one of your best tracks buddy. Very well done!
dimestop replied 15th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thankyou BB i really appreciate that comment. i used everything that the guys have taught me since ive been here, so to read that is testament to our community and the way we do things. your a big part to bro, im amazed what crazy taste of music i have now and the weirdest how i now listen to music whether it be LM or radio, i do like this one my son will here it tomorrow, he thinks im shit :)))) mind you he does say im a cracking song writer, same as my daughter they here their dad
they said you could be drake but youd still be our dad haha
RitajustRita 15th Jul 2022 22:50 -  1 year ago
Dimestop dimestop yeahhhh!!
Everytime it starts to sound better Paul.
I like what yo do with your voice .
Its nice that you get advice here what to do and how and that you learn from that with succes.
It is noticeable that you understand what is being explained.
I don't understand it and I don't know if it's because of my bad English or because I don't know the music terms.
What Valve is explaining to you?? i dont understand it.
But you didd a good job in 2 years Paul.
see where you are now from nothing.
dimestop replied 15th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
Rita as you know a few of us bonded on here and have grown our friendships immeasurable, we play active rolls our community has lost a few but we've gained a few aces too, were still a strong bunch and we are all able to critique too because we want whats best for everyone, the helpful detailed comments and fixes from highly talented individuals have been priceless for me, and you lady we will put it down to bad English :))
wat V uitlegde was al mijn zang 8 lagen waren centraal, dus ze waren modderig en knippend dus houd je hoofdstem gecentreerd en pan de lagen van links naar rechts stereo scheiding geeft de woorden duidelijkheid en duidelijke definitie daarom gezien de hele songbreedte

hope that was a help, thanks for your support, every minute i gave you is worth it
xstokes 15th Jul 2022 21:53 -  1 year ago
sounds like ball, Paul! hazy, humid mix, bro it’s sweaty but like in a good way! no knob-twiddling beats the real warmth of your vox, you always bring on the right energy.
dimestop replied 15th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
cheers mate i get what your saying sweaty yeh, bags of energy, just seen your latest up i'll be on that soon bro, thanks for the listen
ValveDriver 15th Jul 2022 19:51 -  1 year ago
That right there is exactly what I was talking about!

Yeah, this sounds much better. The vocals are separated from each other, but still work together. The bass is much more centered giving the panned vocals room to play. The levels seem to be more balanced, too. I don't notice any clipping.

Excellent work, my friend!
dimestop replied 15th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
i really am grateful V, constructive criticism with the answers should be a bedrock among us, thanks for givin it a second whirl, everybody's time is important so thanks again your lesson in stereo separation and panning was excellent, i will take this forward on all my work. you actually here a physical difference with even the smallest amounts added and a huge difference visually in the waveform
MagneticRecords 15th Jul 2022 18:48 -  1 year ago
Hello my friend. This one is great. I love it.
dimestop replied 15th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thanks Magnetic i appreciate you listening multi layered to try get some hype, its sounds more balanced now ive tweaked it a bit. will be on your new one later excpect a comment :)) bro
Pnnywze 15th Jul 2022 16:49 -  1 year ago
Sound has always been my biggest connection to the world, and how I connect myself to it. The best music, to me, brings the strongest emotional response/cues. This track gave me that-specifically, for whatever reason it made me recall a childhood memory I'd forgotten, and that feeling lasted through the whole song. Excellent job man.

On a side note, vocal mixing is only slightly less difficult than rocket science, I have to be in a certain mood to even try. You're certainly improving on that front and using the feedback that u receive, and it shows.
dimestop replied 15th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thanks Aaron ive just give it another tidy up main vox is cleaner now slightly altered a couple of muddy lyrics too, but thanks for your time and feedback, youve had a health start here, another good guy, and your dead right about being your connection it gives lots if you embrace it like we have here im glad it brought a memory music tends to stir your thoughts and for our kind its always a bonus on the inspiration you get
phantomproduction 15th Jul 2022 09:45 -  1 year ago
Hi Paul, your voice does the job on this style of music, good view of the stereo voices, good job!
dimestop replied 15th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thanks Michael its a lot better after taking V's advice and it certainly widens the mix, all part of my learning towards a cleaner sound. i sometimes think my work is a little muddy in places certainly when i listen to some of you who have the mastering edge, yet everyone gives me so much time and advice, one of the main reasons i comment and try play an active roll, ive learnt from the best here on how to build an outstanding community that benefits us all
Jkingz 15th Jul 2022 07:41 -  1 year ago
Awesome dimestop, you can tell you have fun making your mixes :) good use of panning and depth with your vox at different heights in the mix. Love the 808 sounding bass and the rolling 16ths, good job
dimestop replied 15th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thanks James your feed back is important, as is everyone's here, we all doing what we love, and the community has only helped me improve since i started this journey. and i only came for a day really, just to get an idea about a dance video i was doing but everybody here was unbelievable, i couldnt leave, started putting stuff together, i was hooked, now i do more music than i do dance
Zootman 15th Jul 2022 04:08 -  1 year ago
Hey Paul, vox sounding confident on this one and better production too. A botanist friend once told me if you say something with confidence people will believe you. Think that's true with music too. Sounds like you to valve drivers advice, stereo field sounds pretty good to me.
dimestop replied 15th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thanks Chris, i agree with if you say something with confidence people will believe you. i took V's advice about stereo separation and panning, the wave looks totally different now and the difference is easily heard. i am happy with the feedback i had from everyone. when you have your headset on for hours mastering it can be tough you start hearing things different as you tire out taking a break and coming back fresh is the way forward i think using that advice the vocals are much clearer and it gives me a good template now, feedback is vitally important good or bad as it keeps your feet on the ground as you become better all round, thanks for your positive comment mate
ValveDriver 15th Jul 2022 00:37 -  1 year ago
Alright brother, here's my take on it:

Stereo separation and panning are your friend. (except when it's bass.) You have multiple layers on the vocals. Take the main vocal line and keep it centered. But the background layers with the effects, pan them out or give them stereo separation. Not only will it widen up the track, but it will make it easier to understand the lyrics. You said "...there might be too much going on..", doing this will help with that. With everything sitting in the center, it can get kind of crowded.
Remember that part I said up there about "Except when it's bass" what I mean by that is that the bass is generally the concrete foundation of frequencies that all the others dance upon. Keep that bad boy centered. You have to be careful with bass, though. It can get real loud real fast. When that happens, it starts clipping (going above 0db) and you get a distortion that isn't supposed to be there, or it totally Godzillas the shit out of your mix. You know, it stomps all over it.
I tell ya what, Dime. You have fun when you make your tracks and it shows. I think if you play around with panning, stereo, and levels, you could be knocking these even further out of the park.

Keep it up, mister!
Take care.
dimestop replied 15th Jul 2022 - 1 year ago
thanks for the feedback V, ive already used so much on it and i took the stereo separator of after pissing about with it. i'll have a play with it tmro and check the panning on some of the presets i used should have checked but had my headset on for 3 hrs my ears are knackered now its just after 1.35 am UK im off to bed mate
and yeh i always have a laugh with the music, i dont take my self serious at all i feel in love with it 2 years ago i never knew a thing. now im trying everything having a ball invested good money in it too and wanna improve for me nobody else, but ive made so many great friends here, your like my family now, i cant give it up, so i'll keep trying my best mate :))

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