27th May 2022 12:28 - 2 years ago
Description : Hej eveyone!
For the first time in my career I am really satisfied with drum tracking quality and overal drum mix. After switching to passive pickups I decided to give JMC800 one more chance, it isn't my dream guitar tone, but I am ok with it (Mesa Grid Slammer stomp used as overdrive). Dingwall NG3 bass into Darkglass Alpha Omega 900 head. Piano parts recorded on SCHIMMEL KONZERT280 grand piano placed in Finnish National Opera and Ballet.
Let me know your thoughts!

Comments (19)

If you have time take a listen and give thechockehold some feedback.

Shaman77 6th Nov 2022 17:13 - 1 year ago
Yes the sound is really perfect
RuslanG 30th Jun 2022 07:54 - 2 years ago
BaoBou 15th Jun 2022 16:56 - 2 years ago
Wow, you got access to some amazing gear and locations :D that would mean nothing if you wouldn't have the talent, the skill and the musicality, and you have that in spades.
Yours is one of those tracks where I like saying: it's not my style but I love hearing it because it's so well done. Kudos!
phantomproduction 13th Jun 2022 09:51 - 2 years ago
Hi dude, one more listen and still "on the ass"! me who loves drums that hit, HUGE SOUND AND COMPOSITION, I LOVE IT!!!
RitajustRita 13th Jun 2022 06:55 - 2 years ago
Much talent here on LM thats for sure.
You can certainly be satisfied with the drums and this whole track .
xstokes 3rd Jun 2022 22:25 - 2 years ago
i agree, the drums sound great and the dynamics between instruments echoes in a canyon of black holes. majestic music, my friend!
AnalogDisc 30th May 2022 16:33 - 2 years ago
oh my! i would defiantely would kill demons to this.... :)
Cool work! Cheers!
Nodog 28th May 2022 16:30 - 2 years ago
Chokehold for sure grab it by the neck and wring it out this held me from the start KICKASS. Best regards Robbie
phantomproduction 28th May 2022 09:28 - 2 years ago
FUCKNNNNNN! it's good !!!
EXCELLENT especially like me when you like BIG sound!!
respect dude!!!
crucethus 28th May 2022 01:59 - 2 years ago
Hej, Rått. Impressive tune. As the Stanley Cup playoffs are getting deep here in Canada I could hear this tune used as a highlight reel song on Hockey Night in Canada, which is a real honor here. I really like how you use the bass line to anchor minor 7th chords on the guitar strums and picks to really create the gravitas and raw meat of the tune. And the breakdown with the piano was sublime and so tasteful. I really enjoyed my listen tonight both as a punter and as a musician for two entirely different reasons. Well done.
thechockehold replied 28th May 2022 - 2 years ago
Thank YOU, sir! Realy means a lot from you. I was super dissapointed when leafs were kicked off, Flames are preatty surprising this season. Thanks again!
terryjmhitsong 28th May 2022 01:56 - 2 years ago
pseudoble 28th May 2022 00:57 - 2 years ago
Fantastic - really big sound with a lot happening but great definition to every instrument and superb sound production.
To top it all - its a killer composition too - brilliant work. Congratulations : )
kingmt77 27th May 2022 23:58 - 2 years ago
Nice one thats especially beefy @0.53. Well done.

thechockehold replied 28th May 2022 - 2 years ago
dimestop 27th May 2022 23:42 - 2 years ago
wow, this is so fooking great bro, given im no expert and metal is not my first choice, i know good music and production when i here it, this is head bangingly good the drums are solid and both lead and bass are fantastic, i cant give any more feedback certainly about your playing and fx your talented for sure, i dont play any other than drums and thats only occasionally now anyway. but what metal i have listened to, this is right up there with it, this is a rarity here on featured, please bring more to this old hip-hop freak with such eclectic taste in music, great sound and production too.
thechockehold replied 28th May 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks man, appriciate your feedback!
Danke 27th May 2022 20:49 - 2 years ago
Ahhh my man!

The bass sound blewed the rest of my hair off my head ... I headbanged all the way ... what an utopian mood, progressive heaven right here ...
all my hats off, Danke
thechockehold replied 28th May 2022 - 2 years ago
Oh, thank you for your kind words my friend? it really means a lot from such an inspirational person such as you are!
Zootman 27th May 2022 19:38 - 2 years ago
Fantastic, full sonic immersion.
thechockehold replied 28th May 2022 - 2 years ago
StarTravels 27th May 2022 18:12 - 2 years ago
Man, absolute madness. It immediately put me in a trance. I might have wanted to hear the drums clearer somehow, but that may be due to my headphones or just my listening habits - but it works great either way! And what superb guitar work. A non-stop full service!
Cyberflares 27th May 2022 16:18 - 2 years ago
this was a masterclass of a tune man every instrument sounded bang on time and in its place just a dam good listen cheers.
thechockehold replied 27th May 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks Man!
bringerofDOOM 27th May 2022 14:30 - 2 years ago
Good metal track. I see what you mean by the guitar tone. It has a certain "unwanted fatness" that I think you were trying to get with of with passive pickups. I don't use active pickups because I beat the hell out of my Gretsch (on medium strings).

Try using you distortion only as the compressor. Also, you can turn down the volume just a hair and that will act as a false compressor.

Also, post cabinet emulators might be your best friend.

Remember, it's not the gear, it's the ear. A good guitar player can improvise a solo with a piece of wire and a broken bottle, to the delight of an audience.

Obviously faved, metal/rock of this quality is super rare here.
thechockehold replied 27th May 2022 - 2 years ago
Tnx fro kind words? means a lot. Yeah its never about the gear. At the begging this project was all about blast beats and hardcore brakedowns and all of my needs were overed by Soldano head, decimator stomp and couple OD pedals. But then, when you decided to consume satan little less often and add some nuances to your music it all has begun. Changing Oranges and Marshalls searching for IT, while trying not to buy some BOUTIQUE bullshit head is a stuggle. Thanks again!

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