22nd May 2022 23:07 -  2 years ago
Description : Cyberflares created the beat I did the lyrics and the heartbeat/nuke thing. I'd like for this to be an animated movie and a video game one day!

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If you have time take a listen and give CaptainSour69 some feedback.

Cyberflares 23rd May 2022 13:49 -  2 years ago
Ive watched many a documentary with mr Degrasse in it :) your poetic work is second to none man on there own and with music sitting behind them is perfect it may no be everyones cup of tea but its a special brew to me pal thank you kindly for sharing your excellent work as always man.
well chuffed i am :):):)
CaptainSour69 replied 23rd May 2022 - 2 years ago
Ahhh Robin Hood himself! thank you for that beautiful and amazing comment. "My poetic work is second to none" that has been my favorite comment so far by anyone for poetry is my favorite thing I do... I love writing it, I love reading it, I love rapping/singing it! It's awesome! I'm happy you are so blown away by this song man... that beat though, Midnight Run... ooooooh such fire I had to use it and look what it made, our little baby! You are welcome brother Robin.
Zootman 23rd May 2022 12:15 -  2 years ago
but there's a catch,,, ah shit there's always a catch. Demented but with an internal logic. Loved the words in the perf and on the page. I only got the explosion from the left side, was that intentional?
CaptainSour69 replied 23rd May 2022 - 2 years ago
the catch is Good! Touchdown Saints! The perf? do you mean the adlibs? The lyrics were my favorite part, but Robin definitely centered here. The left ear huh, no that was accidental but I do think it sounds good like that, its more serene and works with the double heartbeat more
pseudoble 22nd May 2022 23:45 -  2 years ago
Kinda nuts - I like your voice and like Robin's melodic dream lofi sound and his richly textured rhythm and kinda splashy drum sound - great outtake too : )
CaptainSour69 replied 23rd May 2022 - 2 years ago
Thank you Pseudoble! means a lot that you enjoyed it too. I love Robin's splashy drum sound ~ he knows how hit em hi hats.

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