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Description : So guys another vocal from me, again a freebie tune from YouTube so I'm indulging my rights. I've used all the advice you've all inputted over my recent work and put it all into practice, I think it's paid off. This is semi bio-graphical, guys I DONT feel as bad as I've portrayed :)) here but used times in life where my emotions have interfered. There's feeling in this one and I'm proud of my vocal for the first time, no fx, just a little delay. Sang in bathroom for accoustic effect

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  1. bringerofDOOM
    bringerofDOOM on Tue 10th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    I was curious if your hearing was even, part of the reason why I suggested the hearing test.

    Couple things, and this is from a combination of multiple conflicting opinions and my own experience.

    Generally I mix all tracks in mono. The frequency range of 50 to 15K only leaves so much room for each instrument to sit in a frequency range. Because of this, I arrange sounds in the traditional sense (bass, tenor, also, soprano), even if it's dubstep.

    I rarely use panning at all (I would rather use a stereo spreader or chorus), and this is usually to achieve a specific stereo effect, or if I have two voices in the same frequency range that need to be spatially separated to properly hear both (which I usually don't).

    It all goes back to the sound engineering. Pick good quality sounds that all sit in their own separate range, and often you don't have to worry about panning, or EQ. All this shelving the YouTube "pros" do is taking a good chunk of the timbre info away, which then has to be compensated for with a hundred tracks of layering.

    Obviously these are opinions, but I think the professionals would corroborate the info (about half, the other half would hate every word).

    Hope it helps.

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks for all of this info mate I've started to read things I had no idea of and hopeful one day I'll be able to pay back to others when I'm experienced enough I hasten to add. I'm bringing my new one later, it's bold, that don't give a fuck attitude again, a hatful of vocals and shout-outs too, your opinion and comments along with Cru and others are vitally important to me as I progress you are some of the biggest players within our pack here on featured and your ears words and particularly the critique it's constructive always and it's so valuable. We can all do with it, otherwise you'll just stagnate in your own stench, love ya bro :))

  2. bringerofDOOM
    bringerofDOOM on Tue 10th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Significantly better mix. Your vox are panned hard to the right. I would make the dead center.

    Great job overall.

    Reply by dimestop

    Yeh Doom it does need centering I've finally tuned my ear in, I think, my left side is slightly weaker than my right, that's across my whole body this stems from my car accident and being in a coma for 6 weeks. I had a partial paralysis down my left side, years of physio and pressure and drive from my dad to recover, he was hard on me, it brought tears to his eyes how much he pushed me.
    That's why he is my hero, to see me you would never ever have know, so on the next I've synced the panning slightly left to compensate, thanks again bro for everything you my guy

  3. crucethus
    crucethus on Tue 10th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Paul... taking in the advice...showing us the results.... fooking amazing mate. It's such a pleasure to see an artist grow in front of you. You have done an amazing job over the last few weeks, and this really shows you are growing and getting it. I sort of feel like a proud papa watching his son score the winning goal! I am impressed, keep on growing mate, you have the world in your palm now with that creativity you have.
    Your Friend, Steven

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks Steven, your a cool guy. Fantastic comment I feel flattered. I've found myself many mentors here I won't name anyone you all know who you are. I never expected to find such a giving group of guys just to be part of it is special. But later today I'm bringing my latest I'm extremely proud of it I've put all my knowledge and skill thus far into it. It's a tribute to you guys, with many shouts, my description will explain later well if 500 spaces is enough, thanks again for your support papa, I hope I score a hat trick with the next one ;))

  4. Alien
    Alien on Sun 8th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Excellent job on the vocals, and the soundtrack is magnificent.
    Very professional.
    Great talent!

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks man really appreciate the love Alien, were all great talent here on loops bro cos we dare. I have friends who've been writing an album for ten years, no vocals, just music wtf, they don't even share either. Keep bring your great work bro

  5. LJmbbremen
    LJmbbremen on Sat 7th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Hey Paul,
    that is real nice. Deep from the bottom. Great lyrics. Your voice is ace. Did you thought about to sing like you did in the beginning and at the end. I think if you play with high and low in another song this would be nice!

    Reply by dimestop

    Hey Matthias great to see you about, hope you and your family are good, I've been writing songs and singing a few of late, different sounding tracks and enjoying myself just practising, I still don't have faith in my vocal but I too think it's improving timing and controlling the breathing but it's fun. Got a load of new kit on order can't wait to start playing. Thanks for the time and listen bro, nice to receive a comment from you too

  6. pseudoble
    pseudoble on Sat 7th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Hey Paul - nice work mate - I need to catch up on what Ive missed but this is the best vocal performance I think I have heard from you and what the hell - your phone! I have lots of vox software mate if you want me to play with the stems and send them back to show you some options no worries - not saying it will be any better but might give you some ideas about options when you want to software shopping. Of course as lot of folks point out on LM less is very often more! This one has some very nice lyrics and definitely falls into the earworm category

    Reply by dimestop

    Hey mate was thinking of you yesterday, not like that :)) but you know what I mean. I was on SoundCloud catching a few of the guys new stuff. I was quite proud of this vocal tbf, and yeh my phone with a sock to muffle it. Was better than the mic i'm using. Can't wait for the new upgrade. I would appreciate if you'd send me some links to the voice software you use I can have a good luck and do some research on what I think will be best for me and my new set up, got far more storage space and Ram to work with so can run multiple options and you can never have to much software, but like you and others say less is more, this is the first time, hardly any fx on this just a little delay to add wetness, but recording in the bathroom was a massive help to the accoustic sound, doing the vocal in your car is supposed to be good to. Just looks strange sat in the carpark singing your head while people shopping :))

  7. theHumps
    theHumps on Sat 7th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    What? You use your phone as a mic to record your vocals? Really? Interesting. And new gear coming, that's awesome man!

    It sounds better each time you upload a track with you singing, progress.


    Reply by dimestop

    Hi Wayne yes this was my phone with a sock over it. First time, I have a mic a cheap plugin one not branded I just thought the processor is fast on my phone it was an experiment but I was surprised with the quality compared to my true mic. The new kit is coming so I'll have some fun settling with it and hopefully bringing better sounding productions, thanks for your super support of late, it's a huge help mate

  8. Angelusyeux777SC
    Angelusyeux777SC on Sat 7th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Hey Ds,

    This is AMAZING! love the lyrics & you have a great style the way you deliver your songs. Very impressed with what I'm hearing here, Absolutely gotta move on, don't wanna be stuck in the past clinging to regrets, ds, your right on the money & you should be super proud of what you have achieved so far. As I said on your other track you have found your voice & it's coming through loud and clear. Keep up the awesome work. Like this a lot. Bravo!

    Reply by dimestop

    Angel thanks for the listen and encouragement yet again, love your gladiator cover, nice harmonies. I can only learn more listening intently and improving hopefully my new kit will help, but from one writer to another, I'll never be as good as you, but I'll keep on at it, my timing and delivery are improving it felt more natural this time my breathing was more controlled still not perfect but it really is something you have to practise, my new condensor mic will help :))

  9. BeatMaker4real
    BeatMaker4real on Sat 7th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Man, dimestop you getting it up there..you gonna really kill it when that new equipment comes in...
    This already sounds good though, nice work.
    Lyrical master..

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks mate I'm really looking forward to my new kit coming, but like I said before, your music started this bro, Sunrise had a massive effect on me and I have know explaination as to why, it was an instrumental. I sang occasionally really to give others encouragement who are good, but just don't have the nerve, if I can get away with it, they might think ok I'm better :)) as I think I'm awful. It's so mad, it's now engulfed me, I just want to write a nice lyric I'll never be the best, but I can get closer to decent if I keep practising and the kit upgrade should help thanks again for your time bro and keep dropping your dreamy way fam

  10. Jynxz
    Jynxz on Sat 7th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    What's up Paul
    Whoa.. That first Vocal intro scared me for a second.
    Nothing beats the creative spirit.
    You have some interesting lyrics on this track.
    I would have never guessed you were using a phone
    for a Mic.
    Great track..

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks for the time Robbie, I'm getting new stuff and excited about it but yep because my phone has a great processor I went with a sock and boom bang for your buck eh but I've got a cardioid condenser on order :)) really enjoying writing lyrics at the mo and my vocals are getting better, timing wise

  11. JohnSmokey
    JohnSmokey on Sat 7th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Nice track Pual, you're just letting it rip for real. Melody is right on. My only criticism is that I'm getting the vocals heavy out of the right side of my headphones.

    Voice sounds really good though.


    Reply by dimestop

    Hey Johnnie I uploaded the wrong one, I had three files, I've swapped it probably as you were listening,I was listening too and spotted it immediately, thanks for giving me a check out again
    Check this out bro

  12. xstokes
    xstokes on Fri 6th May 2022 - 1 month ago

    wow, paul, much as i liked the heard-thru-a-wall quality of the prev release, this is hella. i really like your phrasing, man, and theres just so much character in your voice. double ace!

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks for checking me again bro really appreciate your lovely comment. I am proud of the vocal, I think the bathroom accoustics helped too, but I thought out of the box, still old equipment until my new arrives but my phone has a Snapdragon processor so used my phone as my mic. putt a sneaker sock over it for a muffler, I think it worked minimal FX on mastering, I think this is my most professional sounding and the lyric ain't bad eh

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